Biden addresses joint sessions of Congress

26 Apr 2021 Washington DC, United States

Biden's First 100 Days Of Water

The first 100 days of an American presidency set the tone for an administration as well as its priorities. Joseph Biden has linked his climate agenda to job creation at home and to...

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30 Apr 2021 KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo

Rhetoric Escalates As GERD Talks Fail To Make Progress

Ethiopia has called for a meeting of the African Union as tripartite talks fail again,plans to recommence reservoir filling in July's rainy season. Egypt and Sudan have insisted up...

Water and Climate Change

29 Apr 2021 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Henk Ovink

Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Netherlands talks to us about his work, the Netherlands' unique approach to valuing water and the need for global c...

4 May 2021 STIRLING, United Kingdom

Andrew Tyler, Stirling University

Video interview: A new academic Chair has been appointed as part of Scotland's Hydro Nation initiative. Professor Andrew Tyler of the University of Stirling talks about the need to...

28 Apr 2021 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Boris Johnson Leaders Summit on Climate

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges more ambition in NDCs ahead of Glasgow conference. Event is widely anticipated by global water community. Greta Thunberg does not plan to atte...

30 Apr 2021 SANTA BARBARA, California

Mount Everest

Satellite imagery has revealed a 30 Percent reduction in snow pollution resulting from particulate matter, leading to the cleanest snow in 20 years. The findings could have far-rea...

16 Apr 2021 Chennai, India

Heavy monsoon rainfall

New research predictsthat Indian monsoons will become stronger and more chaotic without collective climate action from policy makers across the globe.Scientists warnthat increased ...

18 Mar 2021 NAIROBI, Kenya

COP26: African Leaders Urged To Unite Over Climate Change

Investment in analysis and warning capacities, and a common position over climate change security challenges.

17 Apr 2021 JARARTA, Indonesia

Cyclone Seroja Kills Hundreds In Indonesia

Flash floods and landslides in East Timor force mass evacuations and destroy COVID PPE storage facility.

10 Apr 2021 NANJING

China: Flood Risk To New "Silk Road"

Global warming is greening the deserts of Xinjiang as rising temperatures lead to doubling of rainfall over half a century. Scientists warn infrastructure planning and quality stan...

12 Mar 2021 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Philippines Georeserve Project Wins Water ChangeMakers Award

More than 350 individuals and groups from over 80 countries submitted their change journeys, highlighting the water decisions they have made to improve climate resilience.

30 Mar 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Joe Biden Mar 2021

Key milestone on the road to COP26 focuses on six key themes with specific water impacts: infrastructure issues, event preparedness, nature-based solutions, resilience and global s...

21 Feb 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

Partha Dasgupta

"Nature is our home. Good economics demands we manage it better,” said Cambridge University economist Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta on 2 February as he presented his highly anticip...

Water Risk and Responsibility

7 Apr 2021 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

ICT Supply Chain Faces High Flooding Risk

Key river basins that are particularly vulnerable include Taihu, Dong and Zhu in China; Danube and Rhine in Europe; Colorado and Upper Mississippi in the United States.

16 Apr 2021 GENEVA, Switzerland

WWF Chart

New guides from WWF and H and M Group offer a practical guide to understand the strategic importance of water in corporate value chains to create meaningful targets and goals that ...

12 Mar 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

CDP Report

The financial impact of water risk could amount to $301 Billion USD versus $55 Billion USD to address those risks, according to a new report.

6 Mar 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

The Corporate Cost Of Inaction Against Water Risk

The financial impact of water risk could amount to $301 Billion USD versus $55 Billion USD to address those risks, according to the 2020 Global Water Report issued 3 March by the C...

10 Apr 2021 SHOPIAN

Kashmir Farmers Suffer As Rivers Illegally Mined

Irrigation canals and water channels in the apple-rich belts of Shopian are running dry due to continuing illegal mining of rivers.

16 Mar 2021 TAIPEI, China

Central Processing Unit

Taiwan government orders reduction of water consumption in face of worst drought in 56 years. Microchip manufacturing sector hard hit.

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Water Policy and Human Rights

17 Apr 2021 ALOR SETAR, Malaysia

Malaysian States In Water Stand-off

Interstate squabbling escalates in competition for water resources. NGO coalition pleas for mediation and unity to protect forest from land clearing and logging.

30 Apr 2021 OTTOWA, Canada

Canadian Trade Union Urges Pension Investor To Withdraw From Brazilian Water Deal

Canada Pension Plan Investments comes under fire for its participation in privatisation of Brazilian public water utility. Trade union CUPE calls out "outrageous" use of "workers' ...

12 Mar 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Antony Blinken

In a reversal of Trump-era policy, US secretary of state Antony Blinken has announced the intention of the Biden administration to “reengage immediately and robustly” with the coun...

12 Mar 2021 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa

South Africa map

A report by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on extensive, multiyear wastewater and sewage pollution of the Vaal River system identifies multiple serious failures ...

1 Apr 2021 VATICAN CITY, Italy

Pope Francis World Water Day

Pope addresses the value of water on World Water Day 2021 and stresses food security and water quality are inextricably linked. Pleads for an end to wastage.

16 Mar 2021 GENEVA, Switzerland

Women in Water Diplomacy: Middle East and North Africa - New Report

Issues of women’s participation and gender equalityin governance of shared waters have received insufficient attention.

OOSKAnews Voices

20 Mar 2021 VANCOUVER, Canada

Alexis Morgan, WWF

On World Water Day 2021, Alexis Morgan discusses our framing of, and language around the value of water.

9 Mar 2021 DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania


Guest Article - His Excellency President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, fourth President of the Republic of Tanzania, writes as Chair of Global Water Partnership's Southern Africa - Africa...

24 Aug 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

OOSKAnews Voices - Stress Testing The Resilience Of Cities: The COVID-19 Shock And The Vital Role of Water

OOSKAnews Voices is a series of guest columns written by participants in different parts of the international water community. In this article, Dr. Fred Boltz discusses the resi...

Infrastructure and Investment

26 Apr 2021 Washington DC, United States

Biden addresses joint sessions of Congress

The first 100 days of an American presidency set the tone for an administration as well as its priorities. Joseph Biden has linked his climate agenda to job creation at home and to...

30 Apr 2021 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa

Lindiwe Sisulu

"Import" criticised amid claims that South Africa has brought in Cuban workers across a number of sectors for twenty years, with little evidence they have done anything significant...

7 Apr 2021 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

Pakistan Hydro Facility Receives ADB Funding

The 300 MW hydropower facility in Khyber Province is expected to be commissioned in 2027. Community development programs are planned to enhance resilience.

19 Apr 2021 PARIS, France

Veolia logo

Peace has been declared in a French water battle that saw two of its leading players at loggerheads for more than six months. The proposedmerger agreement will create a group with ...

22 Apr 2021 CHANDIGARH, India

World Bank And Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Support Punjab Drinking Water

Tube wells will be replaced with treated surface water, offeringcontinuous supply of potable water to growing cities of Amritsar and Ludhiana.

19 Apr 2021 Lilongwe

Women collect water in Malawi

Projects in Balaka and Machinga districts, scheduled to commence in March 22 for completion by August 2023, will help to relieve "pathetic" situation. Soft loan to be repaid over 2...

23 Apr 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Multimilion MCC Water Investment For Mongolia Capital

Clock starts on implementation of Mongolia Water Compact. Five-year construction schedule for advanced water purification plant, wastewater recycling and construction of additional...

20 Jul 2009 NAIROBI, Kenya

Chinese Firm Wins Tender for Boreholes in Kenyan Towns

A Chinese firm, Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Company Ltd., has won a range of tenders for large-scale water supply and treatment works in Kenyan cities. The Beijin...


7 Apr 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

Growing Concern Over Levels Of Sewage Discharge Into UK Rivers

Sewage discharge into England and Wales rivers doubled in 2020. Storm overflows are associated with climate change.

8 Apr 2021 VILNIUS, Lithuania

EIB Finances Vilnius Water System Upgrades

Major upgrades and renovations to ensure long-term sustainability and environmental improvements in water and wastewater networks and treatment facilities.

8 Apr 2021 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

First DEWA Project Using Independent Water Producer (IWP) Model

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) signs water purchase agreement with Utico FZC, boosts water capacity and clean energy goals.

Watch / Listen

29 Apr 2021 video

Henk Ovink

Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Netherlands discusses his work, the Netherlands' unique approach to valuing water and the need for global cooperati...

5 May 2021 video

Andrew Tyler, Stirling University

Professor Andrew Tyler is a man with a water mission. As newly appointed academic Chair, part of the Scotland Hydro Nation initiative, Andrew will bring together distinct water com...

26 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

On World Water Day 2021 (22 March), OOSKAnews hosted a live-streamed aquaNOW Audience panel show: "Exploring the Non-Market Value of Water to Society". Our occasion was part of Sco...

12 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

OOSKAnews hosted a livestreamed "aquaNOW Audiences" panel show on Thursday 11 March, 2021 with the theme "Blue Thinking for a Green Economic Recovery". aquaNOW Audiences are pa...

12 Mar 2021 video

Alexis Morgan

David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews talks to Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, WWF about "Rising to Resilience: How Water Stewardship Can Help Business Build Climate Res...

Transnational Issues

16 Apr 2021 TOKYO, Japan

Water storage tanks at Fukushima nuclear plant

The Fukushima nuclear plant is running out of space to store radioactive water following its destruction in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Plans by owners TEPCOto begin dischargi...

7 Apr 2021 NEW DELHI, India

Dam on Chenab River

India maintains its position that construction activities on the Chenab River are treaty-compliant. Pakistan requests information share re planned projects.

23 Apr 2021 VIENTIANE, Laos

Mekong River: Chinese Dam Releases Threaten Downstream Ecosystems, Livelihoods

Unexpected changes in river levels and the clarity of the water have raised concerns about nesting fish and birds. Pattern of "unnatural" fluctuation observed.

30 Apr 2021 KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo

Rhetoric Escalates As GERD Talks Fail To Make Progress

Ethiopia has called for a meeting of the African Union as tripartite talks fail again,plans to recommence reservoir filling in July's rainy season. Egypt and Sudan have insisted up...

7 Apr 2021 TEL AVIV, Israel

Jordan River

Water Sharing Arrangement Sates Back To 1994 Peace Treaty. Jordan Drought Continues. Natanyahu's Fractious Relationship With King Abdullah.

4 Mar 2021 ARUSHA, Tanzania

Transboundary Cooperation In The Lake Victoria Basin

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has urged the Council of Ministers of its parent organisation the East African Community (EAC) to push forward on transboundary harmoni...

4 Mar 2021 KYIV

Ukrainian Crimea Sovereignty Must Precede Renewal Of Water Supply

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov believes that Ukraine must not supply water to the temporarily occupied Crimea until the country restores its sovereignty over ...

Environment and Ecosystems

1 Apr 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

WWDR 2021

UN report emphasises the need to broaden the notion of the value of water beyond monetary concepts of price and cost. Supply and sanitation services, the economy, the environment, ...

19 Apr 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

US Supreme Court Decision On Prolonged Interstate Water Dispute

The US State of Georgia's river water use has been held not responsible for reduction in oyster bed volumes; Florida held responsible for inadequate protection of species.

1 Apr 2021 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Sandra Postel

Sandra Postel's work involves raising awareness of global water threats including how global warming disrupts the water cycle and how water use and management degrade freshwater ec...

18 Mar 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

UN Adopts Environmental-Ecosystem Economic Accounting Approach

Wetlands and water filtration ecosystems to be incorporated into calculations that impact policy and decision-making.


Biden To Review Trump Changes To Lead And Copper Rule

US administrationimplements 90-day delay inreview of the Revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) in drinking water to allow consultation period.

8 Apr 2021 PASADENA CA, United States

Soil Moisture Is Key Factor In Carbon Uptake Variability From Land Ecosystems

Soil moisture causes changes to the temperature and humidity near the surface of plants which affects the photosynthesis process and in turn alters carbon absorption rates from lan...

Water and Conflict

4 May 2021 BISKEK, Kyrgyzstan

Batken Province

Disputes over water pumping station surveillance equipment quickly escalated into armed skirmish; over 50 dead and 150 injured on 28 April. 1 May Ceasefire. Tensions continue.

29 Apr 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

Vietnam foreign minister Bui Thank Son chairs UN Security Council debate

UN Security Council seeks to reinforce existing international humanitarian law on the protection of critical infrastructure in conflict zones amid increases in intentional damage w...

22 Apr 2021 KYIV, Ukraine

Current Conflict, Historic Nuclear Blast: The Double Threats To Eastern Ukraine Water Supply

A million people lose fresh water supply as more infrastructuredamaged in conflict. Continuingrisk of radioactive contamination in flooded mine

17 Mar 2021 New YORK NY, United States

Antonio Guterres

Conflict reduces access to vital resources like water and electricity,and also drives hunger. UN Secretary General briefs Security Council.

10 Feb 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

US Withdrawal Of Military Support To Saudis Offers Hope For Yemen

US President Joe Biden has announced that he is “ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales”, in a move intended to bri...

8 Feb 2021 WAGENIGEN, Netherlands

Ramsar Convention “Has Not Been Able To Keep Up With Growing (Wetlands) Threats"

From wetland rejuvenation along the Ganga to beach-cleaning in Senegal, the 50th World Wetlands Day saw several initiatives launched in recognition of the value to nature and human...

9 Feb 2021 TRIPOLI, Libya

Millions Of People At Risk Of Water Shortage, WASH Crisis In Libya

Four million Libyans face imminent water shortage if new solutions are not implemented to tackle declining water, sanitation and health (WASH) conditions in the conflict-torn count...

9 Jan 2021 Maputo, Mozambique

UNICEF Launches Mozambique Appeal For $52.8 Million USD

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched a 2021 appeal for $52.8 Million USD to address the most urgent and growing humanitarian crisis across Mozambique. The campa...

Water and Health

10 Apr 2021 ABUJA

Nigeria Cholera Outbreak Reports: More Than 1,700 Cases

The suspected outbreak has remained persistent, occurring annually mostly during the rainy season and more often in areas with poor sanitation, overcrowding, lack of clean food and...

22 Apr 2021 Mogadishu

Displaced persons camp in Dinsoor Somalia 2017

Somalia teeters on the brink of another humanitarian disaster as the country continues to struggle with drought, devastating locusts and the effects of COVID-19. "If the rains d...

21 Apr 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

United States: Thousands Of Lives Could Have Been Saved By Nationwide Suspension Of Water Cutoffs During COVID Crisis

A nationwide moratorium on water shut-offs during COVID crisis would have saved lives and prevented infections. Minorities disproportionately effected. Calls for Biden admini...

12 Mar 2021 BRUSSELS, Belgium

EU flag

European Commission is pushing hard for nature-based solutions and cross-border cooperation.

20 Apr 2021 BALTIMORE MD,United States

How Road Salts Contaminate Freshwater Resources, Threaten Human Health

Environmental risks associated with using salts on our roads is just as significant as other major issues such as acid rain and lead, and requires the same level of regulation from...

17 Mar 2021 MOGADISHU, Somalia

Floods, Locusts, Disease: Somalia's Humanitarian Crisis

Increasingly erratic and prolonged adverse weather patterns have contributed to Somalia's humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by conflict, disease and poor social protection.

21 Jan 2021 LUSAKA, Zambia

Gender Equity Benefits of Piped Domestic Water In Sub-Saharan Africa

Women and girls in rural sub-Saharn Africa can benefit from up to 32 hours more time per month with availability of piped water supplies closer to home.This extra time dramatically...

More Water News - From The World's Media

1 May 2021 BANGKOK

Water Tensions Over Industrial Boom In Eastern Thailand

Thailand is embarking on an ambitious industrialisation drive along its eastern seaboard; local communities and conservationists fear water "conflict".

4 May 2021 TEL AVIV

Remaining Pollution Threat In Israel Streams

Since 1997, much research and monitoring has gone into addressing the primary pollutants in Israel’s streams: sewage, animal waste, agricultural drainage, and summer droughts.

1 May 2021 TAIPEI

Taiwan Earthquakes Linked To Seasonal Water Level Changes

Study finds correlation between seismic activity and fluctuations in the water cycle.

14 Apr 2021 CAPE TOWN

South Africa To Miss Water Sustainable Development Goal?

Poor economic growth, a water deficit, poor monitoring and data collection,increasing pollutionandwater stressworsened by climate change contribute.

14 Apr 2021 TEHRAN

Iran: Water, Electricity Projects Worth $122.5 Million USD

Major investments in water and power infrastructure in the Islamic Republic. Three provinces will benefit.

14 Apr 2021 ANKARA

Did Turkey Cut Off Water Supply To China Embassy?

Diplomatic and media bickering regarding what happened in Ankara. Xinjiang-related issues related?

10 Apr 2021 AUGUSTA ME

Removing Dams To Save The Atlantic Salmon

Dams, pollution and overfishing have extirpated Atlantic salmon from all the rivers in the Northeast US except in Maine. There is an extinction risk. Conservationists call for dam ...

10 Apr 2021 DAMMAN

Saudi Utility Completes Five Water, Environmental Projects Worth $28.8 Million USD

Projects benefit12,000 people, includeimplementation of more than 130km of main and subsidiary networks, and household connections.

14 Apr 2021 HYDERABAD

Telangana Animals Flock To Forest "Saucer Pits"

Saucer pits dug and filled with water to keep wild animals hydrated and away from human population

Local Press Reports


Nestlé Illegally Extracting Public Water In California

Company alleged to continue pumping operations in violation of expired permits and California state law.

6 Apr 2021 CAPE TOWN

Humans Thrived in "Water-Rich" Kalahari Desert

New evidence of complex symbolic and technological behaviors at Ga-Mohana Hill in the Northern Cape, South Africa dating back 105,000 yearschallenges the idea that the origins of o...

6 Apr 2021 MEXICO CITY

Fuel Banditry Safety Threat To Mexico Water Pumping Plant

The Mexican army dug up parts of a gasoline pipeline and found illegal taps that led to a warehouse and vacant lots with hundreds of large tanks used to siphon off fuel; leakages s...

6 Apr 2021 OXFORD, United Kingdom

China Rice Crop Threat To Kazakhstan's Lake Balkhash Basin

The demise of the Aral Sea is a tragic tale often told. Less known is the peril facing Central Asia’s largest remaining lake, Balkhash in eastern Kazakhstan.

6 Apr 2021 SANTIAGO, Chile

New Ministry Of Water For Chile

Central Oversight Of 43 Chilean Water Authorities

10 Apr 2021 MUMBAI

India: Green Climate Fund Approves $137 Million Investment

By investing across the energy sector value chain, transport, and waste sectors, the program reduces GHG emissions and increases access to alternative water resources in India thro...

6 Apr 2021 VALLETTA

Malta: Funding For Sustainable Disposal Of Farm Waste, Production Of New Water

A $10.7 Million USDproject at Malta'sSant'Antnin plant will allow farmers to dispose of farm waste in a more sustainable way, which will in turn lead to an increase in the producti...