26 Apr 2022 DUSHANBE, Tajikistan

What Is "Run Blue"?

200 marathons in 12 months involving 200 million people to raise publicawareness of water related issues and, most importantly, inspire action on water. To complete by 22 March 202...

15 Feb 2022 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

The Road To New York 2023

The 9th World Water Forum in Dakar 21-26 March and the Dushanbe Water Process 6-9 June 2022 will set the stage for the major UN Conference on water to be held in New York in 2023. ...

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Water Policy and Human Rights

25 Feb 2022 ABUJA, Nigeria

Nigeria: Government Pushing For Water Resources Bill

Previously rejected National Water Resources Bill to transfer of control from states to federal government has been updated to reflect findings of Water Resources Commission but cr...

5 Mar 2022 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa

South Africa To Resurrect Public Reporting Of Water And Sanitation

The resurrection of the certification programmes for water and wastewater form part of Operation Vulindlela, a coordinated programme within president Ramaphosa’s government to reve...

25 Feb 2022 FLINT MI, United States

Flint: Contractor Culpability To Be Tested In US Court Flint

Trial will go to federal court to investigate negligence claims against two engineering contractors for their role in the Flint water contamination, despite denying involvement.

24 Feb 2022 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Trilateral Statement Urges Intergovernmental Action

Statement calls fora nexus approach that optimizes resource use,encourages governments to create practical and innovative solutions to water, food, and energy challenges

24 Feb 2022 NEW YORK NY, United States

The Sahel, Somalia Face Food Shortages In "Lean Season"

Conflict, extreme weather and COVID-19 restrictions have put immense pressure on The Sahel and Somalia. Experts warn of widespread food crisis in coming months

12 Feb 2022 NEW YORK NY, United States

Humanitarian Crisis In Syria Expands

UN Relief Coordinator calls on Security Council to address growing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Early recovery programs needed to address water and food shortages, restore sewage ...

11 Feb 2022 LONDON, United Kingdom

Legal Challenge To Utility Immunity

The English Appeals court has permitted Manchester Shipping Canal Limited to pursue its claim against United Utilities' right to discharge untreated storm water. Environmental Law ...

27 Jan 2022 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

Pakistan: President Calls For Improved Efficiency

Pakistan president calls for technological solutions for water monitoring and efficiency improvements.

16 Jan 2022 JUBA, South Sudan

Tension De-escalation In South Sudan

Efforts to minimize fatal attacks and implement Marial Bai Agreement to allocate resources and implement procedures for mobile courts in dispute settlement.

Water Risk and Responsibility

22 Mar 2022 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

Major Lithium Deposit Discovered On Tibetan Plateau

Possible lithium exploitation found on a Tibet plateau has raised concerns with environmentalists for the deleterious effect on both water and natural resources in the region.

30 Mar 2022 DODOMA, Tanzania

Tanzania: Government Investigates Mara River Pollution

Bad smells emanating from the Talek River, a tributary of the Mara River, that runs through the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya have experts puzzled as to cause.

6 Mar 2022 THE HAGUE, Netherlands

Security In The Bay Of Bengal

The regional coastline along the Bay of Bengal is home to about 25% of the world's population. Climate-related disruption throughout the region is threatening livelihoods and state...

11 Feb 2022 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Cybersecurity Initiative Expanded To Include Water Sector

Thee Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative (ICSCI) has been expanded to include water and wastewater sectors. Private company participation is encouraged to monitor r...

10 Feb 2022 ROME, Italy

FAO Report: State Of Worlds' Land And Water Resources

Current agricultural practices are neither sustainable nor appropriate for today’s farming challenges and failure to apply technological developments could result in failure to pro...

2 Feb 2022 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

Trillion Ton Iceberg Melts: Impacts Unpredictable

Scientists closely observe melting of A68a as it breaks off Larsen-C Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula and travels towards Argentina. Fears for flora and fauna unrealized.

6 Jan 2022 LONDON, United Kingdom

Rio Tinto Expands Lithium Production

Metals and mining giant adds assets to its lithium portfolio in anticipation of rising demand for lithium used in EV production.

Water and Climate Change

22 Mar 2022 RABAT, Morocco

Morocco Water Sector Audit Calls For Doubling Efforts

Morocco’s water scarcity problems have been acknowledged by the Moroccan Court of Accounts which has made recommendations for new measures to tackle the problem in its newly releas...

30 Mar 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Water Aid Report: Groundwater Is Key To Climate Resilience In Africa

A new joint research report by the British Geological Survey and UK-based NGO, Water Aid, has positioned groundwater as a neglected defence against climate change. The researchers ...

5 Apr 2022 PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Cambodia: Three Year Drought, Upstream Dam Construction Affects Phnom Penh Water Supply

Ongoing drought, coupled with rising global temperatures and extensive dam construction upstream in China and Laos have left thousands of residents in Cambodia's capital without su...

1 Apr 2022 BENGALURU, India

Glacier Retreat Likely To Cause Water Shortage In The Ganges

Analysis of satellite images and field observations reveals that that the number of glaciers in the Alaknanda river basin hasincreased from 98 to 116 in the past 30 years. Bigger g...

1 Mar 2022 LISBON, Portugal

Drought In Portugal Intensifies

Emergency allocation to assist cattle farmers; Portugal and Spain appeal to European Union for assistance

14 Feb 2022 ROME, Italy

Drought Threatens Millions In Horn Of Africa

Twelve to 14 million people affected; mounting livestock losses; donor community has committed only 2 percent of requirements.

14 Feb 2022 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina

Parana River Hits 80-year Record Low Level

Historic drought has affected commodity transportation on the river, regional ecosystems, fishing industry and tourism and power production. Continuation of below-normal levels of ...


15 Mar 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

TWD Training for Journalists

In advance of the opening of World Water Forum 9, The Water Diplomat organized orientation and training for journalists. Video, power point, and extra reading materials are availab...

15 Feb 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Diplomacy Talks -- Full English Transcript Interview: Abdoulaye Sene, Executive Secretary, 9th World Water Forum

In anexclusive interview with The Water Diplomat, Abdoulaye Sene, Executive Secretary of the 9th World Water Forum offers diplomatic insight into the goals and objectives of the "W...

18 Nov 2021 Glasgow, Scotland

Video Interview: Sulton Rahimzoda

COP26 - Special Envoy Of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the High-Level Panel on Water and Climate Talks to "The Water Diplomat' / OOSKAnews.

15 Feb 2022 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

The Road To New York 2023

The 9th World Water Forum in Dakar 21-26 March and the Dushanbe Water Process 6-9 June 2022 will set the stage for the major UN Conference on water to be held in New York in 2023. ...

14 Feb 2022 DUSHANBE, Tajikistan

First Announcement Of The Dushanbe Water Decade Conference

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in cooperation with the United Nations from June 6 to 9, 2022 in Dushanbe is holding the Second High-Level International Conference on ...

OOSKAnews Voices

9 Mar 2021 DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania


Guest Article - His Excellency President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, fourth President of the Republic of Tanzania, writes as Chair of Global Water Partnership's Southern Africa - Africa...

12 May 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

SDGs: Leadership And Sustainable Policies Required

Even developed countries will find it difficult to meet their Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Guest article by Professor Asit Biswas and Professor Cecilia Tortajada.

11 Feb 2022 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

Renee M-N 2022

Diplomacy Talksand OOSKAnews Voices are a series of guest columns written by participants in different parts of the international water community. Dr. Renee Martin-Nagle, specia...

20 Mar 2021 VANCOUVER, Canada

Alexis Morgan, WWF

On World Water Day 2021, Alexis Morgan discusses our framing of, and language around the value of water.

24 Aug 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

OOSKAnews Voices - Stress Testing The Resilience Of Cities: The COVID-19 Shock And The Vital Role of Water

OOSKAnews Voices is a series of guest columns written by participants in different parts of the international water community. In this article, Dr. Fred Boltz discusses the resi...

Infrastructure and Investment

1 Apr 2022 ACCRA, Ghana

Ghana: Focus On Strategic Management Of Water Resources

At a media briefing, Water Resources Commission underscores importance sensible exploitation of groundwater resources and overall importance in socio-economic development of the co...

23 Mar 2022 PRETORIA, South Africa

South Africa: National Infrastructure Plan 2050 Sets Water Priorities

South Africa set to impose further water sanctions across its metropolitan cities in attempt to alleviate water stress across the country

6 Mar 2022 LONDON, United Kingdom

Impact Of Microcredit Examined

Households in India otherwise ineligible for government sanitation subsidies can access it through a "bridge" offered by microfinance. The two forms of investment work together to ...

8 Mar 2022 BASRA, Iraq

European Union, UNICEF and ENI Launch $7 Million USD Safe Water Project

Safe water project received funding from EU and UNICEF; 850,000 benefit

30 Mar 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

High Level Panel Launches Blue Peace Financing Initiative

The Blue Peace Financing Initiative was launched by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), in partnership with River Ba...

5 Apr 2022 NAIROBI, Kenya

New $150 Million USD Water Infrastructure Investment For Kenya Towns

Regional investment in distribution network and sewerage system will alleviate supply issues, produce biogas, and assist in power production. An estimated 350,000 people to benefit...

23 Mar 2022 NAIROBI, Kenya

$30 Billion USD For Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP)

The new investment project will focus on the development of water infrastructure critically needed to address Africa’s growing socio-economic needs and meet Africa's goal to achiev...

16 Mar 2022 DHAKA, Bangladesh

Dhaka: Sustainable Water Project Gets Injection

Additional funding for water supply project will improveaccess and quality of inclusive water supply services and promote environmentally sustainable surface water supply in Dhaka....

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Launch Of High-Level Panel On Water Investments In Africa

Panel to guide investment mobilisation and develop a water investment scorecard to track progress, establish a blended investment platform, strengthen the enabling environment, add...

Watch / Listen

14 Mar 2022 video

World Water Forum 9, Training For Journalists

In advance of the 9th World Water Forum, The Water Diplomat co-hosted a training session for journalists.  Documents and supporting presentations include:   Bac...

29 Apr 2021 video

Henk Ovink

Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Netherlands discusses his work, the Netherlands' unique approach to valuing water and the need for global cooperati...

5 May 2021 video

Andrew Tyler, Stirling University

Professor Andrew Tyler is a man with a water mission. As newly appointed academic Chair, part of the Scotland Hydro Nation initiative, Andrew will bring together distinct water com...

26 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

On World Water Day 2021 (22 March), OOSKAnews hosted a live-streamed aquaNOW Audience panel show: "Exploring the Non-Market Value of Water to Society". Our occasion was part of Sco...

12 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

OOSKAnews hosted a livestreamed "aquaNOW Audiences" panel show on Thursday 11 March, 2021 with the theme "Blue Thinking for a Green Economic Recovery". aquaNOW Audiences are pa...

12 Mar 2021 video

Alexis Morgan

David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews talks to Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, WWF about "Rising to Resilience: How Water Stewardship Can Help Business Build Climate Res...

Transnational Issues

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Global Observatory On Water And Peace Launches First Report

Shared river and lake basins are home to 40% of the world's population. As water is shared across borders, new water governance and diplomacy approaches are needed.

30 Mar 2022 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

India, Pakistan Exchange Views At Indus Commission Meeting

Infrastructure development, data sharing data and release of (un)treated wastewater among topics discussed between India and Pakistan.

30 Mar 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

EU Launches Flagship Initiative On Transboundary Water Management In Africa

Water cooperation across borders is about proving that freshwater is not a symbol of conflict but a symbol of partnership and hope. In a speech at the World Water Forum, Ursula von...

8 Mar 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Water Security: The Heart Of 2022 Dakar Forum

Action framework of the content of the Dakar Forum 2022 is based on the intention to create coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals and to contribute directly to their ach...

24 Feb 2022 ESPOO, Finland

100 Years Of Water Diplomacy

Finnish-Russian transboundary water cooperation and diplomacy new examined. Post World War II special emphasis.

6 Mar 2022 MBOUMBA, Senegal

OMVS Launches ‘Voices of the River, Voices of Peace’ Initiative

Internationally renowned musicians, actors and artists from the four countries riparian to the Senegal River gathered for the 6th cultural festival since 2010. Geneva Water Hub par...

5 Mar 2022 TOKYO, Japan

IAEA To Inspect Fukushima Water Release Plans

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will monitor release and verify safety of Fukushima contaminated water release into South Pacific ocean.

7 Jan 2022 TOKYO, Japan

Radioactive Water Release Plans Announced

Plans to discharge treated but still contaminated water into sea submitted by Japan government to Nuclear Regulation Authority.

Environment and Ecosystems

23 Mar 2022 Tunis, TUNISIA

Tunisia: CERTE Calls For NAWAMED Feasibility Project To Implement Solutions

The three-year NAWAMED project is drawing to a close and Tunisia's national coordinator has called for implementation of nature-based solutions devised through technical and econom...

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Lessons In Transboundary Groundwater Management

UNECE and GWH examine successful aquifer arrangements in Africa, Europe and South America. Successful transboundary water management is fueled by transparent access to data.

8 Mar 2022 NAIROBI, Kenya

A global movement to control plasticpollution has emerged over the past decade to curb the exponential growth in the use ofplastics and the extreme environmental hazard created by ...

11 Feb 2022 KIGALI, Rwanda

Economic Importance Of Rwanda’s Muvumba River Affected By Pollution

Testing of Muvumba River water at several points throughout 2020 reveals significant deterioration in river water quality. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides, the encroachment of ...

13 Feb 2022 KAMPALA, Uganda

Regional Water Forum: Importance Of Groundwater For Resilience

IGAD organizes 2nd Water Dialogue Forum on "Groundwater For Resilience"; the axis of groundwater for peace and stability, groundwater for climate change and resilience to drought

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

World Water Development Report 2022 Dedicated To Groundwater

Groundwater, according to the WWDR 2022 report, has tremendous potential to satisfy social, economic and environmental needs, as well as being a vital resource to increase resilien...

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Water and Conflict

30 Mar 2022 KYIV, Ukraine

Siege of Mariupol: Water Services Cut, Infections Spread

Unrelenting attack on city's infrastructure has resulted in no water service and forced use of snow melt to meet water requirements. Fear that water sources may run out as winter c...

22 Mar 2022 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

WASH Services In Yemen To Receive Saudi Funding

Water and sanitation services in northwestern region of Yemen to benefit from Saudi relief funding of $5 Million USD. Resource rehabilitation and new toilets for displaced persons ...

5 Mar 2022 SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine

Russian Troops Bomb Dam

The canal, the key supply of water to the Crimea, was bombed on the first day of the attack. Restoration of the canal bed is expected to take 2 weeks but already water appears to b...

25 Feb 2022 DAMASCUS, Syria

Syria: Water Scarcity Assessed At A Granular Level

Prolonged periods of reduced rainfall in Syria in recent years has had a direct impact on vegetation growth and livestock farming adding to the destructive effects of war on infras...

24 Feb 2022 NAIROBI, Kenya

Fuel Blockade Halts Humanitarian Efforts In Tigray

The blockage of fuel deliveries by the Government of Ethiopia has severely curtailed humanitarian efforts in Tigray; numbers of affected people difficult to determine.

13 Feb 2022 BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan

Clashes At Tajik-Kyrgyz Border Resume

A continuation of deadly clashes at the Tajik-Kyrgyz border in the fertile Fergana Valley has resulted serious injuries on both sides of the border, with in two civilians reported ...

Water and Health

5 Apr 2022 BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo: Water-shedding Schedule Announced

Erratic rainfall, high demand combine to cause city council to impose water-shedding schedule on Bulawayo suburbs in order to curtail consumption. Human impact also believed to hav...

10 Feb 2022 NUKU'ALOFA, Tonga

Tonga Volcano Eruption Contaminates Water Supply; COVID-19 Variant Spreading Rapidly

Eruption sent a plume of ash into the upper atmosphere and triggered a tsunami. Water supplies have been contaminated by ash and saltwater intrusion; COVID-19 is spreading.

15 Jan 2022 ADEN, Yemen

Access To Improved WASH Services For 50,000 In Yemen

Japan's$1.2 million USD to the UNDP willhelp toimproveWASH services in five healthcare centres across two areas in the Hadramout region through the rehabilitation of sanitation fac...

7 Jan 2022 MOGADISHU, Somalia

Somalia WASH Cluster Calls For $53 Million USD Through May 2022

Rrgent funding required to tackle water scarcity, displacement and disease brought on by catastrophic drought affecting millions of people throughout the country. Seasonal rains ar...

21 Nov 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

Valuing Your Toilet On World Water Day

On World Toilet Day 2021, the UN reflects on the value of a toilet and calls for significant investment across the entire "sanitation chain" in order to achieve SDG6 by 2030.

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Lessons In Financing City Wide Inclusive Sanitation

In order to leave no-one behind, sanitation solutions need to offer a range of different technologies as well as different business models: including sewered and unsewered and cent...

3 Apr 2022 DAKAR, Senegal

Catholic And Islamic Leaders In Support Of The Right To Water

Human rights to safe water and sanitation emphasized: water is a common good, needed by all and owned by no one. Everyone must take steps to ensure sustainability and proper manage...

Special Report

11 May 2021 EDINBURGH, Scotland

Forever Chemicals In Firefighting Foam Are Causing a Forever Problem

Special Report: American authorities are battling to identify and address PFAS contamination of water from civilian and military sites around the world caused by legacy and current...

12 Feb 2022 SEATTLE WA, United States

PFAS Found In "Water-resistant" Soft Goods

PFAS “forever chemicals” that can cause cancer and immune system harm found in rain jackets, hiking pants, mattress pads, comforters, napkins, and tablecloths. Group calls for Wash...

More Water News - From The World's Media


The Link Between Well Water And Juvenile Delinquency

Research from Penn and other universities found that, compared to children with municipal water, those relying on private wells in the U.S. had a 21% higher risk of being reported ...

15 Mar 2022 BELGRADE

Privatization Of Water Institute: No Good Reason

The leading scientific research organization in Serbia was sold to a consortium of the Millennium team and the institute's directors for $2.73 Million USD. The sale is now being ov...

15 Mar 2022 TEHRAN

Iran: Water Transfer Project Approved In Parliament

The Iran parliament enacted the Legislation on Transfer of Water from Sea of Oman to Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The letter, signed by Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagh...

15 Mar 2022 DAR ES SALAAM

Tripartite Participation For Tanzania Water Project

Project to improve water quality and quantity as well as protection of watershed biodiversity to be funded by Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) and will be implemented by World Wild...

16 Mar 2022 ACCRA

Integrated Water And Land Management Training For Women

Dutch Ambassador to Ghana urges effective collaboration among experts in food security, land and water management, and agriculture to ensure adequate food production and supply to ...

16 Mar 2022 BAMAKO

Mali: First Ever Climate Risk Insurance Payout

This first-ever climate risk insurance payment in Mali will help WFP provide emergency and resilience-building support in a timely manner to those most vulnerable to climate extrem...

16 Mar 2022 DUBAI

Underground Water Storage Testing Commences

The underground facilities of the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project, once fully completed in 2025, will hold up to 6,000 million gallons of water.

16 Mar 2022 LONDON

Water Utilities In England And Wales To Reduce Effluent Discharge

Companies pledge to ensure storm overflows and sewage treatment works do not harm rivers, using Environment Agency measures. They also committed to improve public reporting on effo...

29 Mar 2022 DUBAI

Dubai Offers Shares In DEWA IPO

Dubai is following through on announcement to offer shares in 10 state-owned businesses. Listing considered one of largest ever in region.

29 Mar 2022 CAPE TOWN

Grant Funding For Water Security Projects In South Africa

Coca-Cola and its partners are investing in four projects with the overarching programmatic goal of increasing water security through improved upstream watershed management, resili...

1 Apr 2022 CAIRO

Egypt: "Qualitative Shift" In Water Resource Management

Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has been working to implement a research plan aimed at achieving a paradigm shift in the methods of managing water resources, as ...