Edinburgh, Scotland

It is with very deep sadness that I inform you that David Duncan, founder and CEO of OOSKAnews passed away after a brief and serious illness on 11 January. David had lived in both the United States and Edinburgh, Scotland.

David Duncan May, 2021

David’s experience in news gathering and journalism led him to establish OOSKAnews in 2006, to fill a “gap” in readily available, actionable information about issues on water. His efforts focused on regions of the world where reliable information is often hard to source. Data is targeted for decision-makers in the water community: governments, think tanks, multi-lateral institutions, public and private sector companies, international NGO’s, water associations, academics, youth groups.

The underlying ethos of the company is to expand the global discourse on all water issues: water security, quantity and quality, corporate risk, government policy, science and technology, transnational hydropolitics, and climate change.

David was an active advocate for water issues and his insight, persistence, curiosity and “nose” to report on the “unknown unknowns” informs all matters at OOSKAnews.

Publications, interviews, and panel discussions must be relevant and accessible not only for those who are engaged full time in resolving water issues but also for those professionals and non-professionals who are intellectually curious. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to continue the flow of the information from all parts of the world to all parts of the world.

David’s is a great loss to his family, the company and the wider water community. He will be greatly missed.

Kathleen Morris, Director of Operations


“OOSKA” is a phonetic spelling of the Scottish word “uisge”. Uisge beatha is the Scottish Gaelic term for "water of life" with uisge simply meaning water and beatha meaning life. Over time and through common use in Scotland, uisge beatha was shortened and "uisge" became known as "whisky".


Donations to WaterAid UK in memory of David would be welcome. Any made before 15 February 2022 will be doubled by the UK Government:


27 Jan 2022 MONTREAL, Canada

ISW Issues Call For Proposals

The engagement of young people in the sustainable and inclusive management of water resources is at the core of the priorities of Senegal, the host country of the 9th World Water F...

18 Nov 2021 Glasgow, Scotland

Video Interview: Sulton Rahimzoda

COP26 - Special Envoy Of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the High-Level Panel on Water and Climate Talks to "The Water Diplomat' / OOSKAnews.

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Water and Climate Change

7 Jan 2022 JAKARTA, Indonesia

Unusual Storms Trigger Deadly Indonesian Volcanic Activity

Experts acknowledge heavy rain caused "lava dome" collapse which consequently triggered unusually forceful volcano eruption.

18 Jan 2022 LHOKSUKON, Indonesia

Catastrophic Floods In Aceh Region

Heavy rain displaces 30,000; deforestation contributing factor to mudslides; downslope rice crop failure feared

5 Nov 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

Report and Video: Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Impact - Youth Action In The Water And Climate Nexus

"Youth in Action for Water Solutions". View the session online: Leading can come in various forms as the path towards a sustainable future is not one but several paths towards t...

2 Nov 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

Report And Video: Experts Engage On Water Solutions For Our Changing Climate

In the search for water solutions as our planet's climate changes, the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) together with the University of Strathclyde, the University ...

6 Jan 2022 TEHRAN, Iran

Drought-stricken Southeast Iran Hit By Floods

Unprecedented decade-long drought, followed by sudden heavy rain, deals irreparable blow to Southeastern Iran economy.

12 Jan 2022 JOHOR, Malaysia

Johor Flooding: Crown Prince To Find ‘Permanent Solution’

Intermittent downpour in the southern state at the beginning of the year, saw more than 5,000 residents displaced and housed at 79 temporary relief centres that had been opened to ...

7 Nov 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

Water And Climate Coalition Launches In Glasgow

The governments of Tajikistan and Hungary are spearheading a new water and climate coalition, announced at COP26, to create an integrated monitoring framework on water and climate ...

19 Oct 2021 CORVALLIS OR, United States

John H Matthews

How far water has moved in the climate agenda, and what is different in Glasgow from past climate conferences? We hear from John Matthews, Executive Director of the Alliance for...

2 Nov 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Three US Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Climate Change Impacts

Effects of climate change will increase competition for water resources, causing food scarcity and heightening social tensions around the world within 20 to 30 years.

4 Nov 2021 DUNDEE, United Kingdom

From Scotland - Climate Change and Water: The Missing Agenda At This Climate Conference

Climate Change and Water: The Missing Agenda at COP26. UNESCO Centres gather. Link to Video and Full Agenda are below.

Water Risk and Responsibility

6 Jan 2022 LONDON, United Kingdom

Rio Tinto Expands Lithium Production

Metals and mining giant adds assets to its lithium portfolio in anticipation of rising demand for lithium used in EV production.

16 Jan 2022 SANTIAGO, Chile

Court Extends Groundwater Extraction Halt

BHP's Cerro Colorado mine was ordered to halt water withdrawals for additional 90 period: local landowner prevails in complaint over impact of excessive withdrawals on aquifer.

2 Nov 2021 Washington DC, United States

United States: Intelligence Advisory Issued Following Ongoing Cyber Attacks On Nation's Water Infrastructure

Advisory discloses three previously unreported ransomware attacks which hit facilities in Nevada, Maine, and California earlier this year.

15 Nov 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

New Climate Risk Assessment Tool For Mortgage Lenders Released

Thirty-four million UK residential and commercial addresses assessed for climate risk exposure: mortgage lenders and borrowers at risk of sharply increasing insurance costs before ...

16 Apr 2021 GENEVA, Switzerland

WWF Chart

New guides from WWF and H and M Group offer a practical guide to understand the strategic importance of water in corporate value chains to create meaningful targets and goals that ...

25 Oct 2021 BEIJING, China

Record Rainfall In China Caused Chaos In Coal Markets

Authorities curtailed energy usage at factories and ports while ramping up efforts at additional coal production.

7 Apr 2021 EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

ICT Supply Chain Faces High Flooding Risk

Key river basins that are particularly vulnerable include Taihu, Dong and Zhu in China; Danube and Rhine in Europe; Colorado and Upper Mississippi in the United States.

10 Oct 2021 SYDNEY, Australia

NSW Government Faces Legal Action Over Murray-Darling Water Plan

Precedent-setting legal action as NGO takes government to court over sharing plan

11 May 2021 Palo Alto

Tesla's Mysterious Acquisition Could Cut Water Consumption In Battery Production

Electric vehicle battery production is a thirsty business, and Tesla claims to have found a way to address this. Patent applications provide clues as to how. Added mystery surround...

10 Apr 2021 SHOPIAN

Kashmir Farmers Suffer As Rivers Illegally Mined

Irrigation canals and water channels in the apple-rich belts of Shopian are running dry due to continuing illegal mining of rivers.

16 Mar 2021 TAIPEI, China

Central Processing Unit

Taiwan government orders reduction of water consumption in face of worst drought in 56 years. Microchip manufacturing sector hard hit.

12 Mar 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

CDP Report

The financial impact of water risk could amount to $301 Billion USD versus $55 Billion USD to address those risks, according to a new report.

Water Policy and Human Rights

27 Jan 2022 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

Pakistan: President Calls For Improved Efficiency

Pakistan president calls for technological solutions for water monitoring and efficiency improvements.

8 Jan 2022 RUNDU, Namibia

Communal Land Board Halts Illegal Water Drilling

The company were only granted permission to extract water in June 2021, 6 months after operations had already begun. ReconAfrica has been accusedof unsafewastewater disposal, drill...

16 Jan 2022 JUBA, South Sudan

Tension De-escalation In South Sudan

Efforts to minimize fatal attacks and implement Marial Bai Agreement to allocate resources and implement procedures for mobile courts in dispute settlement.

12 Jan 2022 NEW DELHI, India

Performance Audit Reveals Discrepancies In India’s Groundwater Management Regulations And Implementation

Groundwater extraction had increased from 58 per cent to 63 per cent between the period of 2004-2017, with a sharp decline in the number of assessment units considered safe. Violat...

6 Jan 2022 SANTIAGO, Chile

New Chilean Constitution Promises To Address Climate Change

Intensive natural resources exploitation, access to water and social inequality to be addressed in new constitution now in development

7 Jan 2022 OTTAWA, Canada

Canadian Courts Approve Settlement With First Nations

Legal settlement of two class-action lawsuit awards over $6 Billion USD plus damages to Canada's First Nations; includes creation ofa First Nations Advisory Committee on Safe Drink...

15 Nov 2021 BAGHDAD, Iraq

Iraq: Children, Young People At Highest Risk From Water Scarcity

Health, education, and exposure to deadly disease contribute to increased mental health issues. UNICEF calls for urgent investment in water aid, sanitation and hygiene systems, and...

27 May 2021 Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Clean water being used to wash hands

Four principles focus on specific action points in water security, management and access as well as transboundary issues. Provide a general framework for expansion of bank's role. ...

20 Jun 2021 Montreal, Canada

Girls in Madagascar making an artisanal water filter

"Global Youth Take Action" seeks a second cohort of projects to give youth groups the chance to implement grassroots water initiatives. Anexample from 2020 in Madagascar illustrate...

17 Apr 2021 ALOR SETAR, Malaysia

Malaysian States In Water Stand-off

Interstate squabbling escalates in competition for water resources. NGO coalition pleas for mediation and unity to protect forest from land clearing and logging.

30 Apr 2021 OTTOWA, Canada

Canadian Trade Union Urges Pension Investor To Withdraw From Brazilian Water Deal

Canada Pension Plan Investments comes under fire for its participation in privatisation of Brazilian public water utility. Trade union CUPE calls out "outrageous" use of "workers' ...

28 May 2021 Washington D.C., United States

Jeff Merkley outside the Capitol building

Bill, prompted by pandemic,would grant water and electric utilities, broadband providers $10 Million USD each in low-interest loans in exchange for a moratorium on shutoffs. Includ...

OOSKAnews Voices

12 May 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

SDGs: Leadership And Sustainable Policies Required

Even developed countries will find it difficult to meet their Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Guest article by Professor Asit Biswas and Professor Cecilia Tortajada.

20 Mar 2021 VANCOUVER, Canada

Alexis Morgan, WWF

On World Water Day 2021, Alexis Morgan discusses our framing of, and language around the value of water.

9 Mar 2021 DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania


Guest Article - His Excellency President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, fourth President of the Republic of Tanzania, writes as Chair of Global Water Partnership's Southern Africa - Africa...

24 Aug 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

OOSKAnews Voices - Stress Testing The Resilience Of Cities: The COVID-19 Shock And The Vital Role of Water

OOSKAnews Voices is a series of guest columns written by participants in different parts of the international water community. In this article, Dr. Fred Boltz discusses the resi...

Infrastructure and Investment

7 Jan 2022 RABAT, Morocco

AfDB Approves $79 Million USD For Moroccan Drinking Water Projects

Funding of several projects that strengthen water production systems and water treatment facilities will improve water security and sustainability throughout Morocco.

15 Jan 2022 WALNUT CREEK CA, United States

Grant To Develop More Efficient Nutrient Management System Funded

New $1 Million USD project funded partly funded byThe Water Research Foundation will research and develop more effective nutrient management in wastewater treatment systems.

15 Jan 2022 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Mind The Gap: Women Underrepresentd In Water Resources Management

New report from GWP concludes that, although gender has been integrated into policymaking in several countries, there is still a wide gap between policy and practice, and a long wa...

16 Jan 2022 CAIRO, Egypt

Irrigation canal refurbishment, water qualityimprovements, wastewater management and construction ofdesalination plants all part of 20 year plan. Nile River shortages anticipated

7 Jan 2022 WASHINGTON DC, United States

289 water and sanitation institutions in 41 countries benefit; 4 million have access to water and sanitation for the first time

16 Nov 2021 THUWAL, Saudi Arabia

Low-cost, Nature-based Solar Desal System

Compressed, pulverized coal and cotton are combined and heated to produce water in a new low-cost, readily-available, nature-based solution to meet water shortages.

29 Sep 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

US Funding To Yemen In Midst Of Growing Tensions Over Water, Electricity Shortages

Support aims to help Yemen nationals have access to clean water, food, health, sanitation and education.

15 Nov 2021 Islamabad, Pakistan

UK Funds Pakistan Water Governance Programme

New funding for governance and tackling climate change

5 Dec 2021 NIAMEY, Niger

World Bank Support For Niger Water Services

Project will affect about 3 million people, is designed to strengthen management of water resources: increase access to services and improve resilience to climate-induced water var...

5 Dec 2021 INCHEON, South Korea

GCF Board Accelerates Climate Finance

Green Climate Fund (GCF) approves record- breaking 13 new projects for mitigation and adaptation action, with $1.2 Billion USD in GCF resources allocated for climate action.

22 Apr 2021 CHANDIGARH, India

World Bank And Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Support Punjab Drinking Water

Tube wells will be replaced with treated surface water, offeringcontinuous supply of potable water to growing cities of Amritsar and Ludhiana.

21 Nov 2021 URBANA IL, United States

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

Molecular forms of carbon monoxide and water are critical to life as we know it.A new discovery may yield information on structural formation and evolution of the Universe as we kn...

Watch / Listen

29 Apr 2021 video

Henk Ovink

Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs of the Netherlands discusses his work, the Netherlands' unique approach to valuing water and the need for global cooperati...

5 May 2021 video

Andrew Tyler, Stirling University

Professor Andrew Tyler is a man with a water mission. As newly appointed academic Chair, part of the Scotland Hydro Nation initiative, Andrew will bring together distinct water com...

26 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

On World Water Day 2021 (22 March), OOSKAnews hosted a live-streamed aquaNOW Audience panel show: "Exploring the Non-Market Value of Water to Society". Our occasion was part of Sco...

12 Mar 2021 video

aquaNOW Audience

OOSKAnews hosted a livestreamed "aquaNOW Audiences" panel show on Thursday 11 March, 2021 with the theme "Blue Thinking for a Green Economic Recovery". aquaNOW Audiences are pa...

12 Mar 2021 video

Alexis Morgan

David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews talks to Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, WWF about "Rising to Resilience: How Water Stewardship Can Help Business Build Climate Res...

Transnational Issues

7 Jan 2022 TOKYO, Japan

Radioactive Water Release Plans Announced

Plans to discharge treated but still contaminated water into sea submitted by Japan government to Nuclear Regulation Authority.

6 Jan 2022 CAIRO, Egypt

GERD: Gulf States Support Egypt

GCC minister acknowledges Egypt's pivotal role in regional stability; emphasizes need for legally binding agreement among Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

7 Jan 2022 YAOUNDE, Cameroon

Violence Escalates In Cameroon; 30,000 Flee To Chad

Cameroonian authorities have reported that the recent bout of violence broke out between fishermen of the Musgum community and ethnic Arab Choa cattlemen over water management and ...

21 Nov 2021 DAMASCUA, Syria

Turkey Blocks Khabur River: Millions Affected

Climate change-linked extreme drought, continued armed conflict in the region, and up-stream blockage aggravate water shortages in rural Syria.

5 Dec 2021 GENEVA, Switzerland

Midterm Review Of Water Decade Aims For Watershed Moment

Need for interaction between the formal and informal processes. Conference must be inclusive as well as build momentum to create broad ownership of outcomes.

6 Sep 2021 Almaty, Kazakhstan

Satellite images of Aral Sea side-by-side showing water depletion between1989 and2014

The water resources available to the 5 republics of Central Asia are below the stress threshold of 1,700 m3 per person per year and risk falling further towards scarcity by 2050 if...

10 Jul 2021 Tehran, Iran

Azerbaijan, Iran Transboundary Water Management Success Story

Recognition that fifty year-old transboundary water operation has largely served the socio-economic interests of both countries. Next stagesfor water and energy cooperation

4 Oct 2021 BRUSSELS, Belgium

EU Policies Unable To Reduce Agricultural Water Use

Mismatch of policy and practice has led to uncertainty about sustainability of water use in EU agriculture.

22 Oct 2021 TOKYO, Japan

Fukushima: Radioactive Water Release To Commence In Early 2023

New Prime Minister will implement plan to begin release of contaminated water into ocean; IAEA supports plan; local fishing industry and neighboring countries unconvinced.

7 Apr 2021 NEW DELHI, India

Dam on Chenab River

India maintains its position that construction activities on the Chenab River are treaty-compliant. Pakistan requests information share re planned projects.

23 Apr 2021 VIENTIANE, Laos

Mekong River: Chinese Dam Releases Threaten Downstream Ecosystems, Livelihoods

Unexpected changes in river levels and the clarity of the water have raised concerns about nesting fish and birds. Pattern of "unnatural" fluctuation observed.

1 Oct 2021 GENEVA, Switzerland


A new permanent mechanism to be established for cooperative management of the aquifer system, including both a legal and an institutional framework for cooperation.

Environment and Ecosystems

9 Jan 2022 KATHMANDU, Nepal

Himalayan Glacier Melt 10 Times Faster

Glacier melt in "third pole" will adversely affect livelihoods of an estimated 1.65 billion people living downstream. Faster change is likely to result in greater landscape instabi...

7 Jan 2022 HONOLULU HI, United States

Oahu Water Contaminated By Jet Fuel Leak

Despite multiple reports of fuel leaks from the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility over the past decade and growing concern from residents and government officials, the US Navy ma...

7 Jan 2022 COPENHAGEN, Denmark

Excessive Levels Of Pesticides Found In European Waters

European Environment Agency’s (EEA) new indicator aims to track Europe’s progress in reducing pesticides in waters. Excessive levels of pesticides in large share of freshwater bodi...

16 Jan 2022 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Toxic Forever Chemicals “Boomerang” From Ocean To Shore

Crashing ocean waves found to emit “forever chemicals” into the air. New evidence that sea spray aerosol can be an important source of PFAS in the atmosphere.

16 Jan 2022 TORONTO, Canada

Seasonal Gifting Campaigns Can Have Unintended Adverse Effects

Scientists urge charities to "stop animal gifting" asexcessive numbers of livestock in some developing countries has crippled communities affected by food and water insecurity.

12 Nov 2021 GLASGOW, United Kingdom

COP26: Declaration On Forests And Land Use

Donor countries have pledged to provide $12 Billion USD (£8.75 billion) of public climate finance from 2021 to 2025 to a new Global Forest Finance Pledge.

28 Sep 2021 COPENHAGEN, Denmark

Europe's Water Management Challenges

European Environment Agency report describes risk of water bodies not achieving environmental objectives.

2 Jul 2021 New York, United States

Before and after image of grassland restoration in Tanzania

UNEP's decade of ecosystem restoration is underway with a rallying cry to replant and protect forests, clean up rivers and seas and implement sweeping reformations of agriculture. ...

5 Dec 2021 PASADENA CA, United States

Melting Arctic May Release Nuclear Waste And Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria

Waste produced by nuclear tests as well as by decommissioned nuclear submarines, may have been trapped in permafrost until now.

25 Jul 2021 St Petersburg, Florida

Red Tide Returns To Florida’s Tampa Bay

The current crisis has led to over 600 tons of dead marine life since the end of June, with scientists now investigating the potential impact on dolphins in the area. Cause is d...

26 May 2021 Brussels, Belgium

The ZERO BRINE pilot operating at the Boleslaw Smialy Coal Mine in Laziska Gorne

Four-year $12.2 Million USD Innovation Action project aims to "close the loop"on saline wastewater by proving that extracting minerals from brine can eliminate disposal, slash poll...

9 Nov 2021 Washington DC, United States

Up to 42,000 Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Could Be Polluting US Water

New report quantifies toxic "forever chemicals" in US water as USEPA strengthens testing requirements.

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Water and Conflict

16 Jan 2022 IDLIB, Syria

Water Supply To 240,000 Civilians Cut By Russian Bombs

An attack on Al-Arshani water pumping stationby Russian jets in early January severelydamaged the main water supply pipeline, and damaged other essential equipment, cutting off wat...

5 Dec 2021 TEHRAN, Iran

Multiple Arrests Follow Violent Iran Water Protests

Protesters chanted "Plundered for 20 years" and "the water must return”.

25 Oct 2021 SYDNEY, Australia

Ecological Threat Report: 1.26 Billion Risk Conflict And Displacement

New reportconfirms cyclical relationship between ecological degradation and conflict, examining 3 ecological "hotspots"

21 Sep 2021 Geneva, Switzerland

Pillars That Connect Water Diplomacy’s Roof To Foundations

Three "pillars" to successful water diplomacy.

5 Dec 2021 DAMASCUS, Syria

Climate Change And Conflict: 5 Million Without Access To Safe Water In Syria

Crisis comes on the back of a decade-old conflict, an economic crisis and struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

21 Sep 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

Security Council Urges Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan To Resume GERD Talks

UN Security Council stresses need for Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to continue talks with African Union in order to agree water sharing of Nile River.

29 Sep 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

Guterres Warns Of Conflict Caused By Water Crisis

Secretary-General warns UN Security Council of the possibility of increasing climate-related conflict

21 Sep 2021 LONDON, United Kingdom

Another Record Year For Attacks On Environmental Rights Defenders

Activists who strive to protect and promote human rights relating to the environment including land, water and airremain highly vulnerable across the world, facing increasing attac...

21 Oct 2021 SANAA, Yemen

Worsening Yemen Water Crisis: Long-term Water Development Projects Halt

While local and international humanitarian groups have been working to improve water availability in Yemen, without sufficient funding millions of Yemeni lives remain at risk witho...

25 Oct 2021 PEMBA, Mozambique

Cabo Delgado: Water Shortage Adds Stress To Conflict In Mozambique Province

Lack of access to safe water, worsened by massive population displacements, has led to an increase in cases of cholera and diarrhoea.

26 May 2021 MOGADISHU, Somalia

Somalia In 2021: Conflict, Climate Change, Human Displacement

Drought-like weather patterns, locust infestation and continued armed conflict challenge Somalia in 2021. UN agency calls for renewed efforts to respond and prepare.

27 May 2021 New York, United States

Girl in Syria carries jerry cans

UNICEF publishes the third in its series of reports on the devastating impacts on children caused when water and sanitation infrastructure is compromised during conflict. Urges adh...

Water and Health

15 Jan 2022 ADEN, Yemen

Access To Improved WASH Services For 50,000 In Yemen

Japan's$1.2 million USD to the UNDP willhelp toimproveWASH services in five healthcare centres across two areas in the Hadramout region through the rehabilitation of sanitation fac...

7 Jan 2022 MOGADISHU, Somalia

Somalia WASH Cluster Calls For $53 Million USD Through May 2022

Rrgent funding required to tackle water scarcity, displacement and disease brought on by catastrophic drought affecting millions of people throughout the country. Seasonal rains ar...

21 Sep 2021 WINNIPEG, Canada

Canadian First Nation Community Obtains Water Supply After 24 Years

Development ends community’s boil water advisory in place since 1997 and reduces reliance on bottled water.

21 Nov 2021 NEW YORK NY, United States

Valuing Your Toilet On World Water Day

On World Toilet Day 2021, the UN reflects on the value of a toilet and calls for significant investment across the entire "sanitation chain" in order to achieve SDG6 by 2030.

26 Oct 2021 BAGHDAD, Iraq

Iraq Drought And Crop Reduction Consequences

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO),,the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) call for urgent fooda...

7 Jul 2021 New York, United States

Henrietta Fore

Agency Director Henrietta Fore highlights work done to supply 106 million with WASH services across 153 countries during pandemic response. Stresses importance of innovation in bid...

4 Oct 2021 CAMBRIDGE MA, United States

New Method For Removal Of Lead From Drinking Water

Feasibility of selectively removing lead from contaminated water while only partly removing sodium.

26 May 2021 Delhi, India

COVID-19 In India: Scores Of Bodies Risk Contaminating Ganges

A shortage of firewood and rising funeral costs are forcing grieving families to abandon traditional Hindu cremations. Alarmed by the risk to water quality, the national government...

17 May 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

Matt Damon

First tranche of $100 Million USD loan aims at increasing access to safe water and sanitation, especially for women and marginalised populations. WaterEquity Fund has secured $125 ...

20 May 2021 London, United Kingdom

Leaked UK Government Memo Describes "Savage" Cuts To International WASH Support

UK spending on water and sanitation aidcould be slashed.Charity WaterAid condemns plans with stark rebuke, claiming "the cost will be measured not just in pounds but in lives and l...

21 Apr 2021 WASHINGTON DC, United States

United States: Thousands Of Lives Could Have Been Saved By Nationwide Suspension Of Water Cutoffs During COVID Crisis

A nationwide moratorium on water shut-offs during COVID crisis would have saved lives and prevented infections. Minorities disproportionately effected. Calls for Biden admini...

20 Apr 2021 BALTIMORE MD,United States

How Road Salts Contaminate Freshwater Resources, Threaten Human Health

Environmental risks associated with using salts on our roads is just as significant as other major issues such as acid rain and lead, and requires the same level of regulation from...

Special Report

11 May 2021 EDINBURGH, Scotland

Forever Chemicals In Firefighting Foam Are Causing a Forever Problem

Special Report: American authorities are battling to identify and address PFAS contamination of water from civilian and military sites around the world caused by legacy and current...

More Water News - From The World's Media

3 Jan 2022 TANGA

Tanzania Commissioner Awards Tenders For Rural Supply Project

Investment in rural water supply system will greatly expand access

9 Jan 2022 ABUJA

Schoolchildren Successfully Rescued

Violence in Zamfara and Kaduna states in continuation of long-standing water access dispute.

9 Jan 2022 ABEOKUTA

Water Kiosk Immediate Solution For Ogun State

Community-based scheme designed to offer access to water for all

9 Jan 2022 BEIJING

Soil, Underground-water Pollution Key In New Five-year Plan

Details to tackle key issues in the fight against the pollution of soil and underground water, and to enhance environmental governance in agriculture and rural areas issued.

9 Jan 2022 KONYA

Konya Technical University Research May Alleviate Impact On Central Belt Drought

New research in application of wastewater reveals different responses from different crops.

7 Jan 2022 MUSCAT, Oman

Omani Young Researchers Awards Announced

Awards on undergraduate and post-graduate levels mark academic excellence and commitment to environmental sustainability.


Cross-border Flood Warning Downstream Of Maguga Dam

Government of South Africa warns of possible flooding along Komati River downstream of Maguga dam in eSwatini.

3 Jan 2022 DHAKA

Ganges And Padma Water Level Measurement Commences On Time

Every year, Bangladesh and India record water level at different points of the river from January 1 to May 31 as agreed in the 1996 treaty.

3 Jan 2022 IMLIDOL

Modi Presses On With Tap Water Project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has slashed through India’s notorious red tape and pushed aside thorny political divisions to see his tap water project through despite shrinking suppl...

3 Jan 2022 ROME

Rome Submits Bid For World Water Forum 10

Rome, Florence and Assisi to participate

3 Jan 2022 OMUTHIYA

District Hospital Without Water For A Week

Town-wide water pressure issues at heart of hospital shortage. Additional tanks and desal considered.