About Us

OOSKAnews informs senior executives who make policy and investment strategy decisions where timely water-related knowledge and insight are critical.

We are specialist, independent publishers of international water sector news and intelligence, producing five subscription-based email newsletters every week.

“OOSKA”?? - the word "OOSKA" is a phonetic spelling of the Scottish Gaelic “uisge” which means “water”!

Our coverage includes local, regional & global water government & policy developments; finance & funding; climate change adaptation; water industry news; food security; energy security; risk.

OOSKAnews offers international water sector research and consultancy services through a strategic partnership with Ergo (www.ergo.net), a global primary research and consultancy firm.

We supply an amount of international water sector, and water-realated news to Bloomberg, LP under a content sharing agreement.

OOSKAnews, Inc. was founded in May 2006, and is headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia, USA.

Our news

We deploy more than 150 correspondents, strategically located in Southern and Eastern Asia; the Middle East; Africa; Eastern Europe; the Former Soviet Union Republics; Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as government and financial centers in North America, Western Europe and Australasia.

OOSKAnews reporters include local and international business and political journalists; economists; academics; water sector, infrastructure and finance specialists. These men and women on-the-ground bring the most current water news and intelligence to our customers.

Our customers

OOKSAnews' users include:

  • Governments, international organizations and institutions, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, academic institutions
  • Water Industry: infrastructure, engineering, construction, desalination, pipelines/pipes, pumps, valves, tanks, testing equipment/services, water/wastewater treatment, filtration, purification, meters/detectors
  • Manufacturing corporates; food and beverage, power generation, extraction industries, agriculture, & agriculture-related companies; other water-using entities
  • Financial: commercial, investment & development banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, venture capital
  • Services: international law firms, consultancies and advisory service providers, accountancies

Our news archive database

The OOSKAnews archive database amounts to more than 40,000 published news stories. We believe that it's the world's most substantive archive of international water news. Comprehensive archive database access is made available to certain institutional subscription license holders. Please contact us if you have specific research needs we can assist with. We like to help!

Our editorial policy

OOSKAnews holds an editorial policy of strict objectivity and independence in its reporting. Experienced writing and editing personnel value independence as an asset to a sophisticated readership which appreciates the company's rigorous standards. The company's business model - subscriptions to reliable, independent news content - keeps OOSKAnews focused on accuracy and objectivity.