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Board of Directors

David Duncan

David Duncan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OOSKAnews. David founded the company in May 2006, after 14 years in publishing, mostly in business-to-business news. 

OOSKAnews has produced the world's first Daily Water Intelligence Briefing, and five weekly email newsletters geared to the information needs of senior strategic decision-makers in all the disparate “constituencies” in the world of water. OOSKAnews delivers market-leading, timely, reliable news coverage of water relating to government and policy developments; climate change; transnational issues; infrastructure and the water industry; environment; risk; food security and energy security.

Before founding OOSKAnews in 2006, he was Chief Executive Officer of NewsBase Ltd, in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) and Warrenton (Virginia, USA). 

David Duncan holds a law degree (LLB) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

"OOSKA" is a phonetic spelling of the Scottish Gaelic word "uisge," which means "water."

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Kathleen Morris

Kathleen Morris has been involved in OOSKAnews from its start-up, having worked with David Duncan to develop the company. Her continuing advisory role brings a wealth of experience garnered over a career in the renewable power sector and banking.

Ms Morris was previously CFO of a UK-based independent power company engaged in development of a project designed to produce power from an offshore wind farm and an adjacent field of gas reserves.

Prior to her involvement in the renewables sector, Ms. Morris worked in operations of a global independent power producer, responsible for and financing.

Ms Morris’ experience includes over 25 years in banking in New York, USA. In project finance, she managed a loan portfolio of very large construction projects originated by independent power producers and corporate banking.