Research & Consultancy

In July 2009, OOSKAnews, Inc formed a strategic partnership with New York-based Ergo, a global primary research and consulting firm.

This partnership capitalizes on OOSKAnews’ reputation and reach as the leading provider of water-sector news from the developing world, and Ergo’s success in delivering customized, high-value, first-hand insights for its clients, particularly in emerging and frontier markets. Ergo harnesses a proprietary network of over 7,000 global experts and 60 in-country teams, all deeply embedded in their sectors ranging from finance to infrastructure to telecommunications to mining and beyond.

The OOSKAnews–Ergo partnership provides custom water-sector-related studies including: geopolitical analyses; economic risk assessments; market landscaping; opportunity mapping; country sector studies; deep dive research; scenario mapping; competitive intelligence; market entry strategies; partner and management due diligence; and negotiation intelligence.

Research and Consultancy clients are offered:

  • Direct Access – our experts are well-placed and highly connected
  • Surgical, Precise Answers – not pre-packaged or recycled material
  • Fully Customized Service – methodologies and deliverables tailored to client needs
  • Exceptional Speed – rapid turnaround enables quick client decision making

David Duncan, CEO and Founder of OOSKAnews commented, “This relationship with Ergo makes sense for OOSKAnews on a number of levels. We regularly field requests from our customers for customized water-related research on trends, projects, companies and specific geographies. Ergo’s privileged accesses and experience in delivering first-hand insights on the most challenging of questions anywhere in the world puts OOSKAnews in the best possible position to respond to our customers’ demands for targeted research and consulting services.”

RP Eddy, CEO and Founder of Ergo commented, “OOSKAnews is the leading news provider in its niche of water sector publishing from the developing world, and this partnership offers Ergo a significant opportunity to leverage our international expert base and experience in the infrastructure and environmental sectors to provide unique and needed insights on water-related services.”

For more information on OOSKAnews-Ergo research and consultancy services, please contact David Duncan.