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  1. UK Initiatives Aim to Tackle Mideast Water Shortages

    22 Jul 2016- 09:28 by Local Press Report TEL AVIV Jerusalem Post Two efforts to deal with regional water shortages have been initiated by the British government in a “unique effort,” it was announced in Tel Aviv on Thursday. The two platforms for rare ...

    Local Press Report - 07/22/2016 - 09:28

  2. Israeli Water Recycling, Desalination Technologies Need Improvement

    29 Apr 2016- 09:04 by Local Press Report TEL AVIV Times of Israel Israel is known as a leading innovator in maximizing the use of water and an important developer of water desalination and recycling techniques. But two recent studies show that the ...

    Local Press Report - 04/29/2016 - 09:04

  3. Produce Irrigated With Reclaimed Wastewater Expose Consumers to Drug: Study

    19 Apr 2016- 07:05 by Local Press Report JERUSALEM Jerusalem Post Eating fresh produce grown in soil irrigated with reclaimed wastewater exposes people to tiny quantities of carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic drug commonly detected in wastewater effluents, ...

    Local Press Report - 04/19/2016 - 07:05

  4. Israeli Company Wins Gates Foundation Grant for Water-Free Toilet

    A fine for uncollected dog feces six years ago prompted the founders of Israeli company Paulee Cleantec to create a solution that is now being used to develop the world’s first water-free toilet. Paulee Cleantec just signed a deal with the Bill and ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 08/02/2012 - 10:44

  5. Israel's Water Authority Needs More Transparency

    23 May 2012- 09:14 by Local Press Report JERUSALEM The Jerusalem Post Due to the ever-growing demand for water resources, escalating costs and a decline in natural sources, Israel’s Water Authority will be facing increased challenges in meeting its ...

    Local Press Report - 05/16/2013 - 05:14

  6. Rapidly Changing Water Levels Normal for Dead Sea

    12 Apr 2012- 14:13 by Local Press Report DEAD SEA Tel Aviv University Full Story- A drilling project led by researchers from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University reveals that Dead Sea water levels have risen and fallen by hundreds of meters over the ...

    Local Press Report - 05/29/2013 - 16:15

  7. Water Management Integral to Peace Negotiations: NGO

    10 Oct 2011- 17:40 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Israel, BEIT JALA As Palestinians attempt to achieve statehood through a UN vote, regional environmental NGO Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) is promoting its Model Water Accord as an integral peace ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 05/15/2012 - 14:42

  8. Excavation Finds Largest Underground Water Sources in Israel


    Local Press Report - 05/15/2012 - 14:57

  9. Israeli Researcher Discovers How Algae Proliferates in Lake Kinneret

    23 Aug 2010- 14:47 by Local Press Report Israel, JERUSALEM The Jerusalem Post (Israel) A researcher from Hebrew University has discovered how toxic blue-green algae proliferate in Lake Kinneret. Doctoral student Yehonatan Bar-Yosef at the Hebrew ...

    Local Press Report - 01/14/2011 - 02:00