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  1. WHO Warns of Cholera Threat Around the Globe, Calls for Use of Oral Vaccines

    7 Jul 2015- 10:37 by OOSKAnews Correspondent GENEVA, Switzerland Cholera is a major public health threat throughout the world, and the oral cholera vaccine is an effective tool for controlling outbreaks of the water-borne disease, the World Health Organiz ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 07/07/2015 - 10:38

  2. Drought Affects 200,000 Haitian Families

    6 Jul 2015- 10:28 by Local Press Report PORT-AU-PRINCE Haiti Libre According to the National Coordination for Food Security (CNSA), food insecurity is expected to deteriorate until the end of the year, with an expected increase in the number of cases of s ...

    Local Press Report - 07/06/2015 - 10:28

  3. Haiti Inaugurates Major Irrigation Infrastructure

    2 Jul 2015- 10:17 by Local Press Report PORT-AU-PRINCE Haiti Libre Tuesday, as part of their involvement in the watershed Onde Verte of the commune of Belladère, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), European Union ...

    Local Press Report - 07/02/2015 - 10:17

  4. Cholera Won’t Be Eradicated From Haiti Until Water, Sanitation Issues Are Addressed: UN Official

    2 Jul 2015- 10:28 by OOSKAnews Correspondent PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti The cholera outbreak in Haiti is currently under control, but the disease will not be eradicated from the country until the government and international donors give a higher priority to im ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 07/02/2015 - 10:28

  5. IADB Opens Country Office in Haiti

    26 Jun 2015- 09:33 by Local Press Report PORT-AU-PRINCE Jamaica Observer Five years after a powerful earthquake caused widespread damage and death in Haiti, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has inaugurated a new country office building in the Fre ...

    Local Press Report - 06/26/2015 - 09:33

  6. EU Provided $16 Million for Humanitarian Assistance in Haiti Through ECHO II

    15 Jun 2015- 09:23 by Local Press Report PORT AU PRINCE Haiti Libre The service of the European Commission to the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) ll provide $16 million of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable Haitians by the end of ...

    Local Press Report - 06/15/2015 - 09:23

  7. American Red Cross Responds to Criticism of Its Work in Haiti

    8 Jun 2015- 10:38 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON, DC, United States The American Red Cross this week responded to a recent report that questioned its use of the $500 million USD in donations it raised to help rebuild Haiti in the wake of the devast ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 06/08/2015 - 10:39

  8. American Red Cross Under Scutiny Over Fate of $500 Million in Donations for Haiti

    4 Jun 2015- 11:54 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON, DC, United States The American Red Cross raised almost $500 million USD to help rebuild Haiti in the wake of the devastating January 2010 earthquake, yet little of that money has actually gone towar ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 06/04/2015 - 11:54

  9. Lack of Rain Could Lead to Food Crisis in Four of Haiti's Departments

    2 Jun 2015- 09:09 by Local Press Report PORT-AU-PRINCE Haiti Libre The delay and the instability of rains in many areas, coupled with the probability of the influence of El Nino for April-June, could cause a food crisis in the Southeast, Artibonite, North ...

    Local Press Report - 06/02/2015 - 09:09

  10. World Bank Provides $50 Million to Fight Cholera in Haiti

    29 May 2015- 10:16 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON, DC, United States The World Bank on May 27th approved $50 million USD, in the form of an International Development Association (IDA) grant, to improve access to clean water and sanitation for some ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 05/29/2015 - 10:16

  11. UN Official Warns That Haiti Cholera Outbreak Is Falling Off the International Radar

    15 May 2015- 10:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent VIENNA, Austria The cholera outbreak in Haiti has fallen off the international agenda, but the epidemic remains “a humanitarian emergency” that should not be forgotten, a UN official said this week. In an edit ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 05/20/2015 - 05:32

  12. Cholera on the Rise in Haiti: UN

    8 May 2015- 09:09 by Local Press Report NEW YORK, NY AFP A deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti that experts say was introduced by UN peacekeepers from Nepal is on the rise, with hundreds of new cases registered weekly, a UN official said Thursday. Developmen ...

    Local Press Report - 05/08/2015 - 09:10

  13. Haitian Cholera Cases Three Times Higher in 2015

    22 Apr 2015- 10:04 by OOSKAnews Correspondent PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti Haiti has recorded three times as many cholera cases in the first quarter of 2015-- 11,414, with 105 deaths-- than it did in the same period in 2014, according to new statistics from the ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 04/22/2015 - 10:04

  14. Haiti Floods Kill Six, Displace Hundreds

    8 Apr 2015- 10:05 by Local Press Report PORT AU PRINCE Jamaica Gleaner At least six people have died and several thousand homes flooded as Haiti’s rainy season continues to bring suffering on the people of this French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM ...

    Local Press Report - 04/08/2015 - 10:05

  15. Without Better Water, Sanitation Access, Cholera Will Continue in Haiti

    27 Mar 2015- 09:59 by Local Press Report BOGOTA Thomson Reuters Foundation Cholera will continue to kill and infect Haitians as long as they lack access to clean water and sanitation, with a thousand new cases reported each week, health experts say. Acces ...

    Local Press Report - 03/27/2015 - 09:59