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  1. World Bank Supports Kosovo Project

    31 Jan 2017- 13:01 by Local Press Report PRISTINA Energy Live News The World Bank is supporting a project that will bring water benefits to around 500,000 people in Kosovo. The Kosovo Water Security and Canal Protection Project aims to restore the main wa ...

    Local Press Report - 01/31/2017 - 13:01

  2. Kosovo: Post-War Challenges for Political/Technical Balance

    2 Sep 2016- 06:15 by Local Press Report WASHINGTON, DC Security Beat Rivers have shaped the Western Balkan Peninsula’s characteristic landscape and played an important role in its history. Following the violence of the Yugoslav secession wars in the 1990s ...

    Local Press Report - 09/02/2016 - 09:53

  3. Turkey Takes No Steps to Protect Water Sources Following IS Poisoning Plot Reports

    25 Jan 2016- 10:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent ISTANBUL, Turkey Turkish authorities have not taken appropriate steps to protect the country’s water sources after a recent intelligence report revealed plans by militant group Islamic State to poison Turkey&# ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 01/25/2016 - 10:03

  4. Pristina Shuts Down Water Supply Due to Potential Terrorist Plot

    13 Jul 2015- 10:53 by OOSKAnews Correspondent PRISTINA, Kosovo Water supply in the Kosovar capital, Pristina, was briefly suspended over the weekend after three people suspected of involvement with the Islamic State (IS) group were arrested near Lake Bado ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 07/13/2015 - 10:54

  5. Bacterial Outbreak in Kosovo Could Be Caused by Contaminated Water

    13 Feb 2015- 10:49 by Local Press Report PRISTINA Outbreak News Today Health authorities in Kosovo have declared an outbreak of the bacterial disease, tularemia, after recording 206 human cases since the first of the year. In a Health Ministry statement, ...

    Local Press Report - 02/13/2015 - 10:49

  6. Kosovo Starts Water Rationing

    11 Feb 2014- 09:56 by Local Press Report PRISTINA Bloomberg Kosovo started rationing water in the capital Pristina and other cities in the Balkan nation as a dearth of rain and snow reduced reservoir supply levels. Supply shortages in recent months prompt ...

    Local Press Report - 02/11/2014 - 09:56

  7. Half a Million in Kosovo Face Water Shortages

    10 Jan 2014- 10:17 by Local Press Report PRISTINA Deutsche Welle An unusually dry winter has left water reservoirs in Kosovo perilously low. If rain or snow does not come soon almost half a million people will face severe water shortages, but experts say ...

    Local Press Report - 01/10/2014 - 10:17

  8. World Bank Water Partnership Program Releases Progress Report

    27 Aug 2013- 10:22 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON, DC, United States The World Bank last week released a progress report on the first phase of its Water Partnership Program (WPP), a trust fund supported by the governments of the Netherlands, the Un ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 08/30/2013 - 11:40

  9. Serbia Looks to Chinese Expertise for Construction of Waterway


    Local Press Report - 01/28/2013 - 09:54

  10. Serbian Health Facility Accuse Kosovo Water Company of Cutting Off Supply

    23 Jul 2012- 09:08 by Local Press Report KOSOVO, GRAČANICA b92.net (Serbia) Kosovo regional water company has cut off water supply to a Čaglavica infirmary which is now unable to treat its patients. The Gračanica Health Center called on the World Health O ...

    Local Press Report - 07/23/2012 - 10:14

  11. Kosovo Court Fines Company for Pollution

    19 Oct 2011- 09:00 by Local Press Report PRISTINA AFP A Kosovo court for the first time has fined a company for failing to record emissions that endanger the ecosystem in the area. “The magistrate court in Drenas has fined Ferronikeli $54,000 USD, while i ...

    Local Press Report - 05/15/2012 - 14:40

  12. Red Cross Providing Assistance to Flood Victims in Kosovo

    15 Dec 2010- 13:23 by Local Press Report KOSOVO, PRISTINA International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies The Red Cross ofKosova is providing assistance for approximately 600 families with basic food, water and nonfood items. Recent heavy ...

    Local Press Report - 01/13/2011 - 22:00

  13. Switzerland Provides $15.5 Million USD for Infrastructure, Institutions in Kosovo

    13 Oct 2010- 14:48 by Local Press Report KOSOVO, PRISTINA Swissinfo.ch Switzerland is providing a $15.5 million USD annual aid package to help Kosovo develop stronger institutions and infrastructure. At the top of the priority list is an improved water su ...

    Local Press Report - 01/13/2011 - 21:00

  14. Germany to Provide $45 Million USD in Investment for Kosovo

    6 Oct 2010- 14:48 by Local Press Report KOSOVO, PRISTINA Emportal (Serbia) The German government is providing $45 million USD in development investments for Kosovo this year, under an agreement signed recently in Pristina. The funding will support energy, ...

    Local Press Report - 01/13/2011 - 20:00

  15. EC, German Government Improve Water Supply in Pristina

    15 Sep 2010- 14:48 by Local Press Report KOSOVO, PRISTINA Emportal (Serbia) The European Commission and the German government are working on a project to improve the water supply system in Pristina. The project will be funded with a $14 million USD grant ...

    Local Press Report - 01/13/2011 - 20:00


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