Brazil’s Petrobras Invests $99 Million in Semi-Arid Zone


Under Brazil’s One Land-Two Waters P1+2 program, 20,000 water intake facilities and storage systems will be built in the country’s semi-arid regions. The government has called on companies and institutions to help with the effort to combat drought, and Brazilian energy multinational Petrobras has decided to invest $99 million USD for the program over the next year, the company said this week.

Sixty of the municipalities that will benefit from the P1+2 program are located within Petrobras’ ara of operation.

“The region is considered strategic for the company, which has continuously expanded its presence in the Northeast and the semi-arid [region],” according to the company.

“Despite being characterized by long periods of drought the region registers a medium of 750 millimeters of rain per year, which can guarantee the availability of water for the reservoirs,” the company stated.

According to the government, Petrobras will be working with the Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hungerto build the water facilities under the Brazil Without Misery Plan.

The program aims to install 64,000 water systems to meet the demand in 2014.

Petrobras sees a future in “simple low cost solutions” to water problems, and is looking to rainwater a potential source for livestock developers and subsistence consumption.

In February, the oil company announced total water savings of 23 billion liters, made possible through water reuse. The company said the amount of water saved could supply a city of 550,000 people for an entire year.

Its new water reuse projects in refineries will allow savings of 35 billion liters per year by 2015.