Kazakhstan Wants to Transfer Tikhaya River Water to Irtysh River

17 Dec 2008 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
ASTANA, Kazakhstan

Water engineers in Kazkhstan have prepared a feasibility study for a project to transfer water from the Tikhaya River to the Irtysh River, as well as to construct a hydroelectric plant to solve the problems of water and electricity shortages in the region. Construction of a pressure tunnel to the basin of the Bukhtarma River and the Belokatun hydroelectric plant had been publicly proposed by scientists from the East Kazakhstan province in late November. "The basis for the project is formed by the idea of transferring the Tikhaya River which flows ... in Kazakhstan's territory, in the territory of the Russian Federation and empties into the Katun River to the Irtysh basin," the East Kazakhstan province's governor said in a news release...

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