Low Water Threatens West Kazakhstan

5 May 2008 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
ASTANA, Kazakhstan

— A low-water period threatens to deteriorate water supply in the West Kazakhstan region, regional and water authorities warn. The situation is especially worsening in the region's southern districts, which use waterways flowing from the territory of neighboring Russia. Unfavorable prospects for the water situation were released during the meeting of the West-Kazakhstan regional administration, with participation of Anatoly Ryabtsev, chairman of the Committee of Water Resources at Kazakhstan's Agriculture Ministry, in late April. Before the meeting, Ryabtsev and Baktykozh Izmukhambetov, the region's governor, had examined the channels and water reservoirs of the Uralo-Kushum irrigation and water supply system and visited waterworks facilities in the Akzhaik, Zhanakala, Kaztal and Zelenov districts and the West-Kazakhstan capital of Oral...

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