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  • 27 Dec 2019- 07:06 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Reuters Water downstream of a Rio Tinto mine in southern Madagascar contains high concentrations of uranium and lead, potentially endangering local residents who depend on a nearby lake and river for drinking water, a study released on Friday
  • 17 May 2019- 07:58 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Technology Josias van Zyl, managing director of Swissborough Diamond Mining, has filed a R29.9bn ($2.1bn) lawsuit against South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in the latest chapter in a dispute over lost diamond deposits in Lesotho
  • 16 Nov 2017- 08:51 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Weekly In the last decade, there have been over 40 mining waste failures, killing some 341 people, damaging hundreds of kilometres of waterways, and affecting drinking water sources and the livelihood of communities. A new report
  • 14 Sep 2017- 11:54 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining News Plans to mine coal by Australia’s Coal for Africa close to the Mapungubwe Unesco World Heritage site have been put on hold. This follows some concerns over the impact of coal mining and related activities on the environment,
  • 20 Oct 2016- 07:27 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Weekly Water-constrained Gauteng may see an acid mine drainage (AMD) quick fix in order to save the fresh water from the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) from being wasted on AMD dilution instead of being available to the economy,
  • 28 Jun 2016- 09:04 by Local Press Report SANA'A 7 Days A top Yemeni diplomat has described his country’s daily struggle with food, water and electricity shortages, as a result of fighting that has disrupted oil infrastructure and imports. Vice Consul General Rafat Hassan Mohammed spoke about
  • 19 May 2016- 09:10 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Bloomberg South Africa’s government said operating mines should pay two-thirds of the cost of cleaning up toxic water pollution caused by more than 100 years of mining in Gauteng, the country’s richest province that includes Johannesburg.
  • 29 Apr 2016- 09:06 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG The Ecologist Almost entirely unknown to the outside world, and even to most local residents, hundreds of square kilometres of South Africa's Karoo dryland have been bought up by uranium mining companies. With no strategic assessment of the
  • 20 Apr 2016- 07:55 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Weekly The Department of Water Affairs (DWS) has approved amendments to DRDGold’s integrated water-use licence to enable the capacity increase of Ergo Mining’s Brakpan tailings deposition facility (TDF). The amendments enable DRDGold to
  • 15 Jan 2016- 09:57 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Daily Maverick On Thursday, the DA called for the drought to be declared a national disaster, just hours after Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, stated that drought was an “absolute priority” for the Government. Dam levels are down in all
  • 26 Oct 2015- 09:23 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Business Day Live The long-term solution to attending to the problem of acid mine drainage will involve institutions in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch working with international partners, said Water Affairs and Sanitation Minister Nomvula
  • 26 Jun 2015- 09:31 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Weekly Carpathian Gold is preparing for a temporary reduction in the levels of mining and processing activities at the Riacho dos Machados (RDM) mine, in Brazil, for the next few months as a result of water shortages, announced yesterday.
  • 8 Apr 2015- 09:41 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Mining Weekly Wescoal has secured a water-use licence for its Elandspruit mine, near Middelburg, in Mpumalanga. The approval of the licence enabled the company to start work on the 40.17-million-ton project. Wescoal last year said it would need
  • 26 Mar 2015- 10:27 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Eye Witness News Minister Nomvula Mokonyane of the Department of Water and Sanitation says 56 mines are currently operating in South Africa without a valid water-use license and has warned that this is illegal and is placing the country's
  • 27 Oct 2014- 10:20 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Johannesburg Times Water supply to millions of South Africans could be under threat if the proposed development of a coal mine near a Rand Water pump station in the Vaal goes ahead. The Panfontein colliery will lie on the northern bank of the