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  • 24 Jul 2015- 10:34 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru The Peruvian government this week lifted the state of emergency in Islay Province, ending restrictions on freedom of movement and right to assembly in the province, and unfreezing its bank accounts. The 60-day state of emergency had been
  • 21 Jul 2015- 10:22 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru Last week, Peru started work on the long-awaited Majes-Siguas II multipurpose water project in the Arequipa region. Majes Siguas II is considered one of the most important projects for Peru’s agricultural sector. It will make it possible to
  • 20 Jul 2015- 10:59 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru A European Union-funded study aimed at gauging popular perceptions of Southern Copper’s contentious Tia Maria mining project in Peru’s Arequipa region will be preseted on July 20th, according to Arequipa Governor Yamila Osorio. Speaking on
  • 5 Jun 2015- 10:25 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru Oscar González Rocha, CEO of miner Southern Copper, said this week that the company may extend the 60-day “pause” in its controversial Tia Maria mining project in Peru's Arequipa region, to allow more time to address residents’ concerns.
  • 26 May 2015- 10:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru Peruvian Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano on May 22nd declared a 60-day state of emergency in Islay province, in the country’s Arequipa region, in the wake of violent protests over Southern Copper’s Tia Maria mining project. The state of
  • 21 May 2015- 10:23 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru Southern Copper Corporation CEO Oscar Gonzalez Rocha last week announced a 60-day pause in the company's contentious Tia Maria mining project to allow all sides to "present their concerns and fears, identify solutions... and define
  • 11 May 2015- 10:13 by OOSKAnews Correspondent MOLLENDO, Peru Peruvian troops have been deployed to the country’s southern Islay Province to “ensure control, maintain internal order and prevent acts of violence” after more than a month of protests over the controversial Tia Maria copper mine in the
  • 4 Nov 2014- 10:33 by OOSKAnews Correspondent SANTIAGO, Chile Public-private sector cooperation and investment are key to protecting water resources in the face of climate change, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). ECLAC hosted a seminar
  • 20 Jun 2014- 10:32 by OOSKAnews Correspondent AREQUIPA, Peru Over 5,000 residents of the Peruvian city of Arequipa took to the streets last week to protest a proposed increase in water rates. The Federation of Workers of Arequipa also threatened an indefinite regional workers’ strike if the rate
  • 12 Sep 2013- 10:06 by OOSKAnews Correspondent LIMA, Peru Peru last week approved the water use license for US mining company Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold’s $3.5 billion USD Cerro Verde Mining Expansion Project in Arequipa. The Caplina-Ocoña Water Management Authority, based in Arequipa, will