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  • 21 Oct 2019- 10:11 by Local Press Report SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO The Guardian The Colorado [River] originates in the Rocky mountains and traverses seven US states, watering cities and farmland, before reaching Mexico, where it is supposed to flow onwards to the Sea of Cortez. Instead, the river is
  • 15 Jul 2016- 10:45 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BUENOS AIRES, Argentina Ten months after a major cyanide spill at Barrick Gold’s Veladero mine in Argentina’s San Juan province, local residents are demanding that the government shut down the project. Residents in the town of Jachal say nearby rivers
  • 7 Mar 2016- 10:13 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BUENOS AIRES, Argentina Argentinian Federal Judge Sebastián Casanello last week asked the University of Buenos Aires and the National University of Cuyo (Uncuyo) to carry out testing of residents of San Juan province who were affected by last September’s