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  • 21 Apr 2015- 08:55 by Local Press Report VILLAHERMOSA Yucatan Times Service was restored on April 21 to over 200,000 people in the surrounding areas of Villahermosa, capital city of the state of Tabasco, following a leak in an illegally-tapped Pemex oil pipeline on April 13th. Access Pollution
  • 15 Apr 2015- 10:19 by Local Press Report VILLAHERMOSA Mexico News Daily An illegal oil pipeline tap in Tabasco, discovered on Sunday, has caused five drinking water plants to be shut down, leaving 200,000 people without running water. Pollution VILLAHERMOSA Mexico
  • 5 May 2010- 16:02 by Local Press Report washington, dc, Mexico, MEXICO CITY Al Jazeera (Qatar) Two human rights activists were killed last week when a paramilitary group attacked an aid convoy carrying food and water to a blockaded breakaway region in southern Mexico's Oaxaca state. At least