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  • 1 Oct 2012- 09:02 by Local Press Report BEIJING Space Flight Now China launched Venezuela's second satellite on Saturday, delivering the spacecraft into a 400-mile-high orbit to monitor the country's territory, survey crops and natural resources, and aid Venezuela's security services
  • 1 Feb 2012- 10:05 by Local Press Report MEXICO CITY Latin American Herald Tribune Peasants from the states of Chihuahua, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi traveled to Mexico City to demand more assistance from the federal government for those affected by the severe ongoing drought, the worst in decades
  • 5 May 2010- 16:02 by Local Press Report washington, dc, Mexico, MEXICO CITY Al Jazeera (Qatar) Two human rights activists were killed last week when a paramilitary group attacked an aid convoy carrying food and water to a blockaded breakaway region in southern Mexico's Oaxaca state. At least