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  • 3 Feb 2018- 08:58 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Arka News Agency Armenia’s grape production in 2018 will see a drop of 30,000 metric tons, the head of the National Wine Center Avag Harutyunyan said today. Speaking at a news conference he said the total production will hardly exceed 60,000 metric
  • 8 Jun 2016- 08:53 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Dozens of residents of a village in Armenia’s central Kotayk province again blocked a highway on Tuesday in protest against government plans to divert water from a nearby reservoir used for irrigating their agricultural land. Conflict
  • 26 Feb 2016- 09:06 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Armenpress The Government of the Republic of Armenia allocated 500 thousand Euros worth AMD to the State Committee of Water Management of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to continue the construction works of the "Vedi" reservoir. Food
  • 18 Dec 2015- 08:58 by Local Press Report YEREVAN The Government of Armenia on Thursday approved the signing of a €75-million loan agreement with the French Development Agency (AFD). The loan will be used for the construction of a large irrigation water reservoir in Vedi town, in the Ararat
  • 9 Dec 2015- 09:05 by Local Press Report YEREVAN PanArmenian.Net The Eurasian Stabilization Fund's board has approved the extension of a $300-million loan to Armenia, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told journalists on Tuesday, December 8, according to ARKA. Siluanov noted a number of
  • 30 Jan 2015- 10:29 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Panorama Armenia faces the threat of drought due to the scarcity of snow this winter, Haykakan Zhamanak writes. “The snow cover is 60 percent below the norm. This means that the big reservoirs will have insufficient water. According to specialists,
  • 19 Dec 2014- 10:31 by Local Press Report YEREVAN ARKA News Agency The Armenian government on Thursday gave its permission to signing a 50 million euro loan agreement with the German state-run KfW bank as well as a 2 million euro grant agreement. The money will be used to finance an irrigation
  • 12 Dec 2014- 10:58 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Armenpress The issue of restoration of the drinking water pipeline for 5 villages of Arpa community will be solved with the creation of the "Lake Arpa" National Park next year. There will also be a station for artificial insemination in
  • 5 Dec 2014- 10:07 by Local Press Report YEREVAN ARKA News Agency Armenia’s State Committee of Water Resources has been withdrawn from the Ministry of Territorial Administration and incorporated into the Ministry of Agriculture, Minister-Chief of government staff David Harutyunyan said today at a
  • 15 Aug 2014- 10:12 by Local Press Report YEREVAN ARKA News Armenia’s ministry of environment intends to make up for reduction in water level in Sevan after the irrigation season is over, by the end of the year, the minister Aramayis Grigoryan said. Demand for irrigation, hence withdrawal from Sevan
  • 30 Jul 2014- 10:34 by Local Press Report YEREVAN Armenia Now Armenian environmentalists warn that the Ararat valley, which is situated on a territory of 6,600 square kilometers and has a strategic importance for Armenia, is facing the threat of desertification and swamping in the near future. One
  • 23 May 2014- 10:25 by Local Press Report BAKU Azerbaijan Monitor U.S. diplomat James Warlick has been accused of siding with Aremenia after he voiced support for Yerevan's proposal to end the dispute over the imperilled Sarsang Reservoir. The dam, built by the Soviets in the 1970s, lies in
  • 29 Apr 2014- 09:33 by Local Press Report YEREVAN HETQ A water reservoir will be built in Vedi, located in Armenia’s Ararat Province with assistance from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD, or French Development Agency). An AFD delegation today met in Yerevan with RA Deputy Prime Minister
  • 29 Apr 2014- 10:09 by OOSKAnews Correspondent YEREVAN, Armenia Armenian environmentalists this week demonstrated outside the country’s parliament to protest proposed amendments to the Law on Lake Sevan. The draft amendment would raise the volume of water released from the lake for irrigation use to
  • 27 Mar 2014- 10:37 by OOSKAnews Correspondent YEREVAN, Armenia A group of environmental activists this week disrupted proceedings at a mining conference in the country’s capital, Yerevan, due to concerns about environmental damage associated with mining, including water quality issues. The