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  • 8 Aug 2018- 06:56 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan Kinmen Island, Taiwan, has started importing water from Fujian province in mainland China. Ceremonies marking the development were conducted both in Kinmen and Fujian. Longhu Lake, Jinjiang, Fujian, the second largest in the province, will
  • 29 Sep 2016- 07:14 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan Taipei on September 27th halted water withdrawals from reservoirs supplying the city after heavy rains and mudslides brought by Typhoon Megi caused high turbidity levels. The storm has killed four people and injured 329 others. According
  • 27 Sep 2016- 10:56 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan The Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) on September 26th once again urged residents of the island to start storing water as a precautionary measure in case the approaching Typhoon Megi causes water supply disruptions due to power outages or
  • 22 Sep 2016- 08:39 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan The Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) announced this week that it has restored water service to 720,000 households in southern Taiwan that lost supply ias a result of Super Typhoon Meranti. As of September 16th, all pipeline reconnections
  • 19 Jul 2016- 10:15 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan The Taiwanese government is implementing a new policy that will require industries that consume more than 3,000 metric tons of water per day to use up to 50 percent recycled water for industrial purposes and 10 percent recycled water for
  • 18 Jul 2016- 09:38 by Local Press Report TAIPEI Focus Taiwan Some 350,000 households in southern Taoyuan were without water Friday after a major pipeline broke during a maintenance operation, Taiwan Water Corp. (TWC) said. A new pump fell while it was being hoisted by a crane and smashed onto an
  • 17 Jun 2016- 11:26 by OOSKAnews Correspondent HA TINH, Vietnam Taiwan-based Formosa Plastics Group is postponing the opening of its steel mill in Vietnam’s Ha Tinh province, in the wake of a national scandal over the role of industrial pollution in a series of recent mass fish deaths. The Taipei
  • 15 Jun 2016- 10:26 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan Thanks to recent rains that have filled its reservoirs, Taiwan now has a stable supply of water to last until August, the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs said on June 14 th. “According to our assessments of the reservoirs, there
  • 11 Apr 2016- 08:33 by Local Press Report TAIPEI Taipei Times Importing water from China’s Fujian Province would help solve the outlying island of Kinmen’s long-term water shortage and the over-pumping of its groundwater, Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Water Resources Agency Director-General Wang
  • 30 Mar 2016- 08:45 by Local Press Report TAIPEI China Post Pipelines and other equipment built in stage one of the Banqiao-Xindian Area Water Supply Improvement Plan enter trials in April, the state-run Taiwan Water Company announced this week. Innovation, Infrastructure & Technology Investment
  • 12 Jan 2016- 08:35 by Local Press Report TAIPEI China Post Underflow water collection pipes installed last year has successfully eased the water deficiency problem in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Water Corporation has announced. Per mandate given by the Executive Yuan, Taiwan Water Corporation carried out
  • 24 Nov 2015- 11:18 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIPEI, Taiwan About 100 protesters, most of them farmers from the Lujhu and Hunei districts of Kaohsiung, held protests this week against a plan to build a new wire and screw production facility in Hunei. The protesters, as well as some
  • 23 Oct 2015- 08:47 by Local Press Report TAIPEI China Post Concerns over the extent of lead-based water pipes providing water to island residents grew yesterday when water authorities in New Taipei confirmed the existence of lead pipes in the jurisdiction. Corporate Risk Health Reputational Risk
  • 15 Oct 2015- 09:35 by Local Press Report TAIPEI CCTV Construction of a 17 mile undersea water pipeline connecting the Chinese mainland with Taiwan began early this week. Access Innovation, Infrastructure & Technology Scarcity Taipei Taiwan
  • 6 Oct 2015- 07:58 by Local Press Report TAIPEI China Post Formosa Plastics Group revealed that it is in the process of selecting from several major international equipment suppliers, and it will be making its final decision in the coming days. The FPG has previously earmarked USD$45million for its