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  • 8 Dec 2008- 19:59 by Local Press Report new yorK Market Watch Demand for large diameter pipe in China is expected to grow some 9 percent annually through 2012, reaching 87.7 million meters, according to a new report. The market will be fueled by increased spending on physical infrastructure for
  • 10 Nov 2008- 23:17 by Local Press Report YICHANG Xinhua (China) The Three Gorges Dam Project has completed trial water storage operations for the year, with the water level reaching 172 meters, according to project developer the China Three Gorges Corp. The water level had risen 27.3 meters between
  • 29 Sep 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report China, TIANJIN Xinhua (China) China and Singapore have launched a joint project to build an eco-city in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. It is the second joint project by the two governments. They also built an eco-city at Suihou Industrial Park in
  • 29 Sep 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report MACAU Macau Daily Times (China) Floods caused by Typhoon Hagupit have caused a "disruption in its chlorine dosing system" in Macau. Affected areas included llha Verde, Fai Chi Kei and Toi San, Macau Water said. In response, Macao Water suspended
  • 18 Aug 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report MACAU Macau Daily Times (China) Macau's current main storage reservoir can supply up to 330,000 cubic meters of water per day, against a demand of 270,000 cubic meters. However, to prepare for possible future demand, Macao Water has started phase 3 of
  • 4 Aug 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report China, IL, NORTHFIELD Xinhua (China) The worldwide market for industrial valves is projected to reach some $56 billion USD over the next five years, according to a new report by U.S.-based market research firm the Mcllvaine Company. That's a growth rate
  • 14 Jul 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report TAIPEI, Taiwan The China Post The Ministry of Economic Affairs at the end of the month will assess apian to supply water from China to the island of Kinmen. However, the Mainland Affairs Council will make the final decision on the project, according to Chen
  • 7 Jul 2008- 20:58 by Local Press Report BEIJING CCTV (China) Heavy rains throughout China this month have significantly raised water levels along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, causing the Three Gorges to start discharging water to lower reservoir water levels. Flooding from the rainstorms
  • 23 Jun 2008- 14:47 by Local Press Report ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Walta Info (Ethiopia) Ministers of Water Resources of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan discussed new studies of irrigation and hydropower projects on the Nile during a meeting in London last week, according to Ethiopian Water Resources
  • 3 Jun 2008- 10:43 by Local Press Report BEIJING, PUNE China Daily Construction is due to start within the next two months on the Sino-Singaporean Tianjin Eco-city demonstration project. The joint project by the governments of Singapore and China will be located on the Jiyun River in Hangu District
  • 19 May 2008- 23:16 by Local Press Report BEIJING, China China Economic Net — China's seawater utilization industry registered an added value of $58 million USD between 2001 and 2007, with an average growth rate for the added value of 18.6 percent, according to the 2007 Communique of the People
  • 12 May 2008- 22:20 by Local Press Report China, GUILIN Xinhua (China) — Guilin will build three new reservoirs at the upper reaches of the Lijiang River and its tributaries. The project will cost about $347 million USD, said Guilin Mayor Li Zhigang. The projects are part of a recently announced
  • 12 May 2008- 22:20 by Local Press Report BEIJING, China — The Beijing Bureau for Geology & Mineral has submitted a proposal to build several large underground reservoirs to store water transferred to the capital as part of the southto-north water diversion project. The proposal
  • 12 May 2008- 22:20 by Local Press Report united states, OH, CLEVELAND The Freedonia Group — The market for water treatment products in China will reach some $6 billion USD by 2012, according to a new study by market research firm the Freedonia Group. The report predicts that in that time China will
  • 28 Apr 2008- 21:38 by Local Press Report China, HONG KONG Macau Daily Times — Hong Kong's water mains will be rehabilitated and replaced by 2015, according to Hong Kong Secretary for Development Carrie Lam. Four hundred sixty kilometers of water mains have already been overhauled, and work is