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  • 27 May 2019- 06:48 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY MENAFN With the increasing of tension in the region and the high probability of war between the United States and Iran there is increasing talk about the preparations of the ministries of state to meet any emergency. The situation imposes an
  • 19 Aug 2018- 05:35 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY Arab Times The State of Kuwait last week sent four seawater desalination units to Iraq. The production capacity of the four seawater desalination units amounts to one million imperial gallons. Kuwaiti aid would effectively contribute to the
  • 6 Aug 2018- 09:01 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY The National At the turn of the last century, merchants in the nascent port city of Kuwait began retrofitting their dhows to carry cargo far more precious than the pearls they took to the east or the spices they brought back: water. Today, the
  • 24 Apr 2018- 10:28 by OOSKAnews Correspondent KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait An earthquake of at least 5.5 magnitude struck southern Iran last week, just 60 miles from the country’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. Iran media has reported that the plant was not damaged by the quake which occurred at around 11am
  • 1 Jun 2016- 08:28 by Local Press Report CAIRO Kuwait News Agency Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development signed an agreement with Egypt on Tuesday to lend USD 98 million to finance establishment of five water desalination stations in Southern Sinai. Access Development Aid Innovation,
  • 18 Dec 2015- 10:15 by OOSKAnews Correspondent HAVANA, Cuba Cuba’s National Hydraulic Resources Institute (INRH) expects to complete $11.4 million USD worth of water infrastructure investments by the end of the year, according to the agency’s director of investments, Rose Maire Ricardo. Ricardo said
  • 1 Sep 2015- 10:17 by OOSKAnews Correspondent CAIRO, Egypt A consortium consisting of FCC Aqualia subsidiary Aqualia New Europe, Orascom Construction Industries, Veolia, and Egyptian firm I–Cat has won the $2.7 billion USD contract for Cairo’s Abu Rawash wastewater treatment plant, the Egyptian
  • 19 Jun 2015- 10:14 by OOSKAnews Correspondent ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) is lending the Ethiopian government $22 million USD to finance a drinking water project in northern Ethiopia. The project will provide clean, sustainable water supply from the
  • 8 Apr 2015- 09:46 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait Kuwait News Agency The National Assembly turned over to the government a proposal for amending the 2010 law regarding the establishment of shareholding Kuwaiti companies specializing in the construction of power plants and water
  • 4 Feb 2015- 09:18 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY International Desalination & Water Reuse Quarterly French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Sabah Al- Khaled Al- Hamad Al-Sabah have signed a memo of understanding for implementing a project for water
  • 24 Sep 2014- 10:45 by OOSKAnews Correspondent KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait The Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water last week announced a plan to build a new $200 million USD water treatment plant in Kabad. “The plant is one of the biggest water projects in the country, and it includes a pumping
  • 14 Aug 2014- 09:29 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY Arab Times With the completion of five cast concrete water reservoirs in the West Fenaitees area, each with a storage capacity of 80 million imperial gallons, Kuwait’s total national water reservoirs can hold up to 4.3 billion imperial gallons,
  • 11 Aug 2014- 10:07 by OOSKAnews Correspondent AMMAN, Jordan The Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation announced last week that German development bank KfW would provide $28 million USD to fund wastewater projects in the kingdom. “The ministry has succeeded in securing $28 million USD in
  • 7 Aug 2014- 11:04 by OOSKAnews Correspondent KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait The Kuwaiti government this week referred a draft law to the parliament that would allow private companies listed on the stock exchange to build and implement desalination and power plants. “There is a growing need for creation of
  • 17 Jul 2014- 10:26 by Local Press Report KUWAIT CITY Arab Times Kheitan residents have been expressing displeasure and disgust over the incessant water shortage which government officials and lawmakers have not resolved, coupled with skyrocketing prices of tanker of water reaching KD 14 per tanker