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  • 21 Dec 2012- 10:15 by Local Press Report KYIV Kyiv Post Ukraine's Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry plans to spend $1.5 billion USD of the Export-Import Bank of China's $3 billion USD loan on irrigation projects. "There are plans to funnel $1.5 billion of China's loan into the
  • The recently redeveloped Kharkiv International Airport, serving Ukraine's second largest city, has been accused of polluting local waterways and contaminating drinking water supplies for local residents.
  • Authorities in northern Crimea plan to drill as many as 67 new wells next year to help guarantee drinking water supply in the region, Pavel Burlakov, first deputy prime minister of the Crimean Council for Ministers, said last week.
  • Municipal authorities in the Ukrainian Black Sea city of Sevastopol warned last week that the city faced potential drinking water shortages due to the low water level in the Chernorechenskoye Reservoir, which is currently at 13.8 million cubic meters. At least 30 million cubic meters is needed to supply the city with drinking water.
  • The Saudi government is considering investing in agricultural projects in four other countries as part of its efforts to improve food security. Officials at the Ministry of Agriculture said the government is formulating cooperation framework agreements for agricultural programs in Ethiopia, Sudan, Vietnam and Ukraine.
  • The level of Ukrainian rivers has fallen sharply, and this is affecting the quality of water used for drinking and domestic needs, according to Igor Vildman, former deputy environment and natural resources minister and current honorary chair of NGO Ecologically Clean Future. 
  • In a new twist to the ongoing saga of Ukraine’s water crisis, a senior executive of one water utility company serving a provincial region has been prosecuted for illegally procuring clean water to provide to his customers.
  • Approximately 20,000 people in the Ukrainian city of Lviv were left without water last week after renovation work on a local freshwater treatment plant caused a catastrophic failure. Although repair crews rushed to the scene, the local vodokanal (water company) had no contingency plans for continuity of supply.
  • Ukraine and the European Union have successfully completed a "twinning" project in which water utilities in Paris and Ukrainian cities cooperated to improve management decisions in the water supply and wastewater sectors, Ukrainian First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utility ServicesOleksandr Alipov told journalists last week.
  • The ongoing economic crisis, and the very high price for scrap metal, have led to an increase in theft in Ukraine that is threatening the country’s infrastructure.
  • 25 Sep 2012- 08:40 by Local Press Report KIEV EU Neighborhood Info Center The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending $259 million USD to fund the ambitious UkrHydroEnergo program focused on modernising and upgrading electrical energy generation from hydropower. A press release said the program
  • Kyiv Vodokanal (water company) has been forced to issue yet another warning to residents in the Ukrainian capital not to drink the water supplied to their homes.
  • A sewage leak at a prison tuberculosis hospital in Ukraine has raised fears that the Donbass River and a reservoir serving local residents have been contaminated with the potentially fatal virus in addition to dangerous human waste.
  • A World Bank mission is in Belarus this week to discuss implementation of projects the bank is funding in the country, including development of water infrastructure.
  • The Ukrainian government has developed a plan to modernize the country’s water supply systems, Minister of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utility Services Anatoliy Bliznyuk told reporters on August 8.