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  • 28 Dec 2010- 16:29 by Local Press Report BOGOTA, COLUMBIA Business World (Philippines) Coffee growers in Colombia, which have faced drought over the last year due to El Nino, could see torrential rainfall due to the onset of La Nina weather phenomenon in the second halfof20f0, according to the
  • 28 Dec 2010- 16:11 by Local Press Report KINGSTON Jamaica Observer The National Water Commission (NWC) is concerned by the levels of Jamaica's water reserves, particularly in the southeastern part of the country. ".. Frequent showers which normally begin in late-April and continue through
  • 28 Dec 2010- 16:00 by Local Press Report ASUNCION, Paraguay International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies The International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) is providing $84,500 USD to the Paraguayan Red Cross to provide food assistance to indigenous
  • 27 Dec 2010- 16:51 by Local Press Report ROSEAU Dominica News Online The Dominica Water and Sewage Company (DOWASCO) started work on the Delices Water Supply Project. "This system will include the construction of a new intake, 30,000 imperial gallons storage tank, pump house and new supply and
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent nairoBi, Kenya R apid melting of glaciers in the world's largest mountain ecosystems, accelerated by global warming, presents new challenges to attainment of water security for millions of people around the world. Scientists say glaciers are
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands I ndependent member of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly Ezzard Miller opposed the government's move to set up a privately run wastewater system on part of Grand Cayman. The MLA said that the government had to
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Brazil, SAO PAULO For the first time, Sao Paulo State officials have admitted that water reserves in the metropolitan region are "exhausted." "There is no way to increase supply for a population that keeps growing. We've exhausted
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent PARIS, France Some 96 percent of the world's available freshwater is located in approximately 273 underground aquifers, which are often trans-boundary resources, according to the United Nation's Educational, Scientific and Cultural
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Mexico, CANCUN Nicaragua is responsible for environmental damages to the Isla Calero wetlands on the San Juan River along the border with Costa Rica, Costa Rican Vice President Alfio Piva said last week at the U.N. Climate Change conference in Cancun,
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Mexico, MEXICO CITY M exico's national water commission (Conagua) has opened its 13th water bank, located in the northern gulf basin. The banks, which now cover the entire country, are designed to regulate acquisition and transfer of water rights,
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador 1 Salvador is the most water-stressed nation in Central America, according to projections made by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). In the study, "The Economics of Climate Change in
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Mexico, BAHJA DE BANDERAS The municipal government of the Mexican municipality of Bahia de Banderas has approved construction of an approximately $40.1 million USD wastewater treatment plant, and plans to launch a tender for works once the Nayarit state
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by Local Press Report BAHAMAS, NASSAU Bahamas Tribune The Water and Sewerage Corporation is eying increased private sector involvement in its operations. Water and Sewerage's new General Manager Glen Laville told the Bahamas Society of Engineers 'first engineering and
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by Local Press Report GEORGETOWN Caribbean360 The government of Guyana last week signed deals with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for three projects aimed at enhancing the public financial management system, transforming the country's transportation
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:35 by Local Press Report PERU, LIMA The Financial (Georgia) The World Bank Board of Directors has approved $30 million USD in additional financing for the National Rural Water and Sanitation Program (PRONASAR), which aims to expand coverage and sustainability of water and sanitation