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  • 16 Oct 2018- 13:15 by Local Press Report NAROK The Standard Conflict between the local community and a wildlife conservancy near the world-famous Masai Mara Game Reserve over lease agreement took a new turn yesterday after unknown assailants attacked the conservancy manager with arrows. Among the
  • 11 Sep 2018- 06:40 by OOSKAnews Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya A nationwide survey of a sub-Saharan African country is being conducted to find connections between droughts, migration and violence. A team from the University of Utah, US in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at
  • 11 Jul 2018- 13:29 by OOSKAnews Info MANAMA, Kenya UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has added Kenya's Lake Turkana National Parks to its List of World Heritage in Danger, notably because of the impact of a dam on the site. The Parks site had been inscribed on the World Heritage List in
  • 9 Mar 2018- 06:52 by Local Press Report NAIROBI UN Environment UN Environment is taking a stand against the ongoing threats, intimidation, harassment, and murder of environmental defenders around the world, with the launch of the UN Environmental Rights Initiative in Geneva today. By helping people
  • 2 Mar 2018- 12:56 by Local Press Report NAIROBI The Nation The eight-hour blockade of the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway motorists had to endure on Monday over a dispute on a ban on charcoal burning some 200 kilometres away in Kitui County has brought to the fore heightened conflicts over resources
  • 16 Nov 2017- 14:15 by OOSKAnews Info Washington, DC The aid agency of the USA has released a strategy document regarding the country’s vision of a “more water-secure world…where people and nations have the water they need to be healthy, prosperous, and resilient”. Full text of the Global Water
  • 7 Nov 2016- 03:06 by OOSKAnews Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya Kenyan opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has accused the current government of forging documents to make it appear that it has support from local residents for the $332 million USD Itare Dam project in the Kuresoi
  • 18 Oct 2016- 09:31 by OOSKAnews Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya Kenya’s controversial $74 million USD Northern Water Collector Tunnel will proceed as planned, despite calls from the political opposition leader to cancel the project, Athi Water Services Board (AWSB) CEO Malaquen Milgo said on October
  • 23 Aug 2016- 11:46 by OOSKAnews Correspondent CAIRO, Egypt Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi emphasized the importance of fostering relations with fellow Nile Basin countries during a call with Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Mohamed Abdel Atty on August 20th. Al Sisi also stressed
  • 5 Aug 2016- 07:45 by OOSKAnews Correspondent ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Egypt has requested reinstatement of its membership in the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), which it suspended in 2010, Ethiopian Water, Irrigation and Energy Ato Motuma Mekassa said this week. The Ethiopian News Agency quoted Mekassa
  • 25 Jul 2016- 09:42 by Local Press Report MANDERA The Nation The Mandera County government has unveiled two main water projects in Takaba in a bid to end rampant human-wildlife conflicts over the resource. Access Climate Sanitation, Hygiene & Disease Scarcity Social Issues Mandera Takaba Kenya
  • 23 Jun 2016- 08:52 by Local Press Report NAIROBI The Star Former President Mwai Kibaki has formally been issued with a certificate as UNESCO special envoy for water in Africa. "Water has been a great source of numerous inter-community and trans-border conflict in Africa. It is, therefore,
  • 3 Jun 2016- 11:08 by OOSKAnews Correspondent ROME, Italy El Niño-induced droughts and conflict have raised the number of countries in need of external food assistance to 37 as of June 1st, according to the latest edition of the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report, put out this week by the Rome
  • 2 Jun 2016- 11:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya Counties that still have past-due bills must pay the Coast Water Services Board (CWSB) in order to continue receiving water supply, Kenya’s Water Permanent Secretary, Fred Sigor, reiterated this week. Sigor said the debt of more than $9.7
  • 26 May 2016- 08:48 by Local Press Report NAIROBI The Nation The The Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) has warned counties and communities against claiming ownership of rivers in their localities. WRMA said this was intended to ensure there are no conflicts over water resources in the