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  • 22 Oct 2014- 10:31 by Local Press Report SOFIA Sofia News Agency Bulgaria's Environment Ministry warns of expected heavy rains and high waters in western and central Bulgaria, code red is issued for Varbitsa river in the Rhodope Mountains, reports bTV. The Meteorology Institute forecast
  • 24 Jun 2013- 09:58 by Local Press Report BUDAPEST The Budapest Times Budapest City Council has claimed HUF3 billion (EUR 10 million) from the central budget to cover the cost of dealing with the flood that hit various areas this month when the Danube rose to its highest recorded level, Mayor of
  • 8 Apr 2013- 08:56 by Local Press Report SOFIA novinite.com Code yellow has been declared Monday in Bulgaria due to heavy downpours, the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BAS, has announced. Code yellow is effective in the regions of Pleven,
  • 21 May 2012- 19:47 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Ukraine, MUKACHEVO The water supply and wastewater company in Mukachevo, a city located in the valley of the Latorica River in Ukraine’s Zakarpattia province, has caused a sewage leak into the river, The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office said earlier this
  • 13 Apr 2011- 09:30 by OOSKAnews Correspondent HUNGARY, BUDAPEST Areas severely damaged six months ago by a ruptured aluminum tailings dam near Ajka, Hungary have seen little of the cleanup and support promised by authorities, according to the international environmental NGO WWF. On October 4, 2010,
  • 15 Dec 2010- 13:23 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BRUSSELS, Belgium The European Commission, at the request of member states, on December 8 adopted a new EU Strategy for the Danube Region covering issues and policies currently facing the region including environmental threats like water pollution and
  • 13 Oct 2010- 14:48 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BRUSSELS, Belgium Bulgaria is firmly committed to playing an intricate role in forming the European Commission's Danube Strategy, Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Regional Development Lilyana Pavlova announced on October 7. The strategy, expected to be
  • 26 May 2010- 14:47 by Local Press Report HUNGARY, BUDAPEST Politics.hu (Hungary) The European Union's new Danube Strategy, currently being drafted, should take a stand opposing the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros water barrage between Hungary and Slovakia, according to Hungary's incoming
  • 17 Mar 2010- 14:47 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BUCHAREST, Romania Global environmental NGO WWF warned that key areas such as the Danube Delta are still at risk even though the Ukrainian government has recently decided to designate large swathes of land as protected areas. Over the past 10 months,
  • 27 Jan 2010- 13:46 by Local Press Report BRUSSELS, Belgium The Sofia Echo (Bulgaria) The European Parliament on January 21 passed a resolution calling on the European Commission to "start broad consultations as soon as possible with all countries along the Danube and to determine a &#039
  • 18 Mar 2009- 14:47 by Local Press Report BUCHAREST Financiarul (Romania) Romania's National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management has issued a Code Yellow alert for the Gruia-Bechet stretch of the Danube River, due to high flows recorded at the Danube's entry to Romania at Baziasand
  • 19 Nov 2008- 13:48 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Ukraine, ODESSA The Parliament of the Odessa region has asked the Ukrainian Cabinet to provide funds from the state budget to construct a canal from the Danube River to the Danube-Dniester irrigation system. In a letter to the Ukrainian government, the
  • 5 May 2008- 23:41 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BUCHAREST, Romania- Romania is the biggest producer of garbage among all the 27 member states of the European Union (EU), and authorities' failure to enact regulation and sanctions to protect the environment in the country does nothing to make