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  • 8 Nov 2018- 12:01 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BEIJING, China The Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing was the occasion chosen for the African Development Bank’s November 6 announcement of a new sanitation project for sub-Saharan Africa’s urban inhabitants. The Gates Foundation, in partnership with the
  • 20 May 2018- 11:19 by OOSKAnews Info BEIJING, China Chinese researchers have developed a nano material using waste cartons that can remove a toxic heavy metal from water. The breakthrough has provided a new means to control heavy metal contamination and recycling of waste cartons (Xinhua).
  • 2 Feb 2018- 10:58 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Warrenton, VA Senegal, Morocco and the Republic of Congo today declared new “Wetlands of International Importance” which will join the “Ramsar List” on the occasion of World Wetlands Day, February 2. The wetland sites include and incorporate exceptional
  • 22 Jan 2018- 09:29 by OOSKAnews Correspondent MOSCOW, Russia Russian State News Agency TASS reported last week that the water level in Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater body, has dropped six centimeters below the critical mark and that the outlook is negative. Head of Russia’s Federal
  • 10 Jul 2017- 11:49 by Local Press Report CHANGZHOU The New York Times Global sewage and water treatment firms are eyeing opportunities in an unsavoury place: a growing pile of waste in China, the world's most populous nation. The country has been for years battling contamination from
  • 12 Jun 2017- 10:43 by Local Press Report BEIJING Science Daily The pathogen, Vibrio cholerae can colonize the surfaces, as well as the intestines of soft shelled turtles. This finding is strong evidence that soft shelled turtles in China, where they are grown for human consumption, are spreading
  • 1 May 2017- 12:55 by Local Press Report HONG KONG CFO Innovation The risk of human rights tainted tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold (3TG) entering the supply chains of tech firms is extending well beyond the traditional home of ‘conflict minerals,’ DR Congo and the Great Lakes Region of Africa,
  • 21 Nov 2016- 13:12 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BEIJING, China Water quality in China improved during the first nine months of this year, due in part to implementation of the government’s action plan for combating water pollution, according to Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Zhao Yingmin.
  • 18 Nov 2016- 01:37 by OOSKAnews Correspondent TAIYUAN, China Twenty-nine percent of the surface water in Shanxi, China’s largest coal-producing province, is so polluted that it is unfit for human consumption, according to a report released this week by the Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau.
  • 19 Oct 2016- 11:32 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON DC, United States Human rights NGOs have intensified pressure on the government of Nicaragua to ditch plans for a controversial inter-oceanic canal, while speculation continues that the project’s investors may withdraw because of lack of
  • 4 Oct 2016- 10:27 by OOSKAnews Correspondent IRKUTSK, Russia Chinese technology firm Leshi Internet Information and Technology (LeEco) plans to start importing water from Lake Baikal for sale in China, according to Xu Xinquan, president of LeEco Russia and Eastern Europe. Xu said the exports were
  • 29 Aug 2016- 07:19 by OOSKAnews Correspondent CHANGZHOU, China The environment of Changzhou’s Foreign Language School is safe and there is no link between the location of the school and an increased incidence of thyroid nodules among students, an investigation concluded on August 26th. The city
  • 9 Aug 2016- 10:32 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BEIJING, China The Chinese government will invest some $64.6 billion USD for 4,800 projects aimed at improving the quality of the country’s water resources, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on August 8th. The funds will be used to
  • 20 Jul 2016- 10:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent HOHHOT, China Ethnic Mongolian herders squared off against police in China's Inner Mongolia region last week, demanding more compensation for loss of their traditional grazing land to make way for construction of a $71.4 million new reservoir.
  • 18 Jul 2016- 11:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent IRKUTSK, Russia Chinese technology firm LeEco is holding talks with the government of Russia’s Irkutsk region on a plan to export drinking water from Lake Baikal to China. LeEco officials and Irkutsk Governor Sergei Levchenko have not yet signed a