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  • 24 May 2016- 12:14 by OOSKAnews Correspondent NAIROBI, Kenya The increasing global trend toward urbanization could have significant implications for future energy consumption, politics, food security and human progress, which must be addressed by leaders, the United Nations Human Settlements
  • 13 Oct 2015- 10:13 by OOSKAnews Correspondent FALMOUTH, MA, United States The Amazon region will experience more hydrological extremes, including more frequent and severe droughts, by 2100 as a result of climate change, according to new research from independent research institute the Woods Hole
  • 18 Aug 2015- 10:06 by OOSKAnews Correspondent ZURICH, Switzerland Precipitation levels in the Central Andes region could decrease by nearly a third by the end of this century, a new study has found. In the study, “ Facing unprecedented drying of the Central Andes? Precipitation variability over the
  • 6 Nov 2014- 10:53 by OOSKAnews Correspondent QUITO, Ecuador Indigenous Ecuadorian groups this week called on US Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson, who is currently visiting the South American country, to demand that US oil giant Chevron pay the $9.5 billion USD judgment handed down
  • 10 Apr 2014- 09:44 by Local Press Report QUITO Bloomberg Businessweek Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is bringing his populist campaign against Chevron to the oil company’s home country, and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators has welcomed him by challenging Correa’s human rights and anti-free
  • 27 Mar 2014- 10:37 by Local Press Report LONDON The Guardian The Ecuadorian lawyer representing small farmers trying to force Chevron to pay damages for pollution in the Amazon rainforest says he has received death threats. "People are constantly following us in Ecuador," said lawyer Juan
  • 6 Feb 2014- 10:15 by OOSKAnews Correspondent CUENCA, Ecuador The Municipal Water, Sanitation and Telecommunications Company of Cuenca, Ecuador (ETAPA) reassured customers this week that the recent volcanic eruption in Azuay province had not affected local water supply. The Tungurahua Volcano
  • 15 Nov 2013- 10:10 by Local Press Report QUITO Daily Times In an unprecedented experiment, scientists using unmanned submarines in the waters off the Ecuadoran archipelago are probing whether global warming is related to El Nino. There is not yet conclusive evidence of a link. But experts are very
  • 15 Oct 2013- 09:58 by Local Press Report NEW YORK NY Amazon Watch Ecuadorian villagers from the Amazon rainforest region ravaged by Chevron's oil contamination will join supporters for a large rally in Foley Square across from the courthouse where a trial will open in the California-based oil
  • 4 Oct 2013- 10:06 by Local Press Report NEW YORK Gowen Group Chevron is now trying to bar any and all evidence of environmental contamination in Ecuador from its RICO case as part of a strategy to deny rainforest villagers and their New York attorney Steven Donziger a fair trial, according to
  • 12 Aug 2013- 10:01 by Local Press Report WASHINGTON DC World Bank Close to 85 thousand Ecuadorians will directly benefit from improvements to water, sanitation and transportation services in the coastal municipality of Manta, as a result of a new US$100 million loan approved today by the World Bank
  • 18 Jun 2013- 10:16 by Local Press Report QUITO Food and Water Watch Both Ecuador and Jakarta, Indonesia have taken big steps recently to ensure access to water for their citizens. As part of the Water Law under negotiation in the National Assembly, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced the
  • 12 Jun 2013- 09:55 by OOSKAnews Correspondent BUENOS AIRES, Argentina Nobel Prize-winning human rights leader Adolfo Pérez Esquivel on June 10 condemned the decision by Argentina’s Supreme Court to release the embargo on US oil giant Chevron. The embargo was put in place as part of an international
  • Ecuador will invest over $2 billion USD by 2016 for 16 large-scale water projects, most of them related to irrigation and flood control, according to the National Secretary of Water (SENAGUA).
  • The Russian government has ordered the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which reports to the US State Department, to stop all operations and shut the doors to its Moscow offices by October 1.