$326 Million USD for Projects to End Shortage in Gharbiya Governorate

20 Aug 2007 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
CAIRO, Egypt

— The governorate of Gharbiya, 140 kilometers north of Cairo, has announced projects worth over $326 million USD to end drinking water shortages, especially in rural areas, according to Governor El-Shafei al Dakrouri. The governorate set aside $52.5 million USD to build six new compact water treatment plants and 20 artesian wells in the villages affiliated with the cities of Mahalla and Qutour in northern Gharbiya. Around $4.2 million USD of those funds will be spent to renovate and replace old drinking water networks in the villages throughout the governorate, according to Dakrouri. Dakrouri also unveiled another plan to build eight filtering plants in the cities of Mahalla, Tanta, El-Santa, Zefta, Samannoud, Kafr El-Zayyat and the village of Damro...

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