Angola: Aker Kvaerner Funds Mobile Well Drilling Rig

25 Nov 2007 by Local Press Report

— International engineering and construction services form Aker Kvaerner provided funds for a mobile well drilling rig to supply safe water in Cabinda. Aker Kvaerner raised money for the project in partnership with oil company Total. The new rig can drill shallow wells (50 to 100 meters deep) cost effectively. It can dig 10 wells for the current cost of drilling one. The rig has been used to drill four boreholes since September, according to Aker Kvaerner Subsea Executive Vice President Raymond Carlsen. Carlsen said members of the local community had been trained to operate the rig. The Norwegian NGO Yme, which specializes in water and sanitation, shelter and agriculture, is handling the operation of the donated drill rig...

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