China Lends $28.8 Million USD to Sierra Leone for Orugu Dam

15 Jun 2009 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone

The Chinese government has given a "concessional" loan of $28.8 million USD to Sierra Leone to start a vital dam project at Orugu in the east of the capital. According to Water Resources Minister Professor Ogunade Davidson, the Chinese commitment followed a seven-day state visit to Beijing by President Ernest Koroma during which the minister signed the agreement for work to start by December this year. The minister told OOSKAnews on June 5 that the Chinese have agreed to join other foreign investors to fund the second phase of a larger dam that will cost some $143 million USD to build. Chinese engineers will also construct three dams in the country (two in the country's interior and one west of the capital) that will be completed in two to three years to provide vital water supplies to water-starved communities...

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