Omar Bik Wastewater Course Causes Pollution in Damietta Subsidiary

2 Jun 2008 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
CAIRO, Egypt

he water in the Damietta subsidiary of the Nile is currently registering higher levels of pollution, making it difficult for potable water treatment plants in the governorates of Daqahliya and Damietta to produce water according to established Egyptian quality standards. Academic research centers were blamed for high rates of kidney and liver disease in those two governorates. Official sources said that in the past few years the quality of water has deteriorated. Therefore, a panel of experts from the Daqahliya Potable Water Company and the Environmental Affairs Agency was created. The panel determined that the excessive amount of wastewater poured into it via Omar Bik wastewater course was the reason behind the high pollution levels in the Damietta Subsidiary...

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