Uganda: Government Is Cracking Down on Water Sellers

23 Apr 2007 by Local Press Report

— The government is cracking down on water sellers who charge exorbitant prices. State Minister for Water Jeniffer Namuyangu Byakatonda said the Water and Environment Ministry would take legal action or withdraw the operations permits of water sellers who charge more than 50 shillings (about $0.03 USD) perjerrycan. She pointed out that water sellers got water for 12 shillings (less than $0.01 USD) from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation. Byakatonda was responding to complaints from residents who said they were being charges as much as 200 shillings (about $0.12 USD) perjerrycan. She said the National Water and Sewerage Company had built the new Ggaba 3 water plant to complement the Ggaba 1 and Ggaba 2 plants...

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