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WBCSD Author

How Businesses And Investors Assess Water Risk

11 Apr 2021 video

Businesses and investors around the world want to understand physical, reputational and regulatory risks driven by water, which will only increase with climate change.

A number of tools are available to business and investment decision-makers OOSKAnews talked to WWF and WBCSD co-authors of a new report that describes these tools, and clarify possible confusion / overlap among them.

aquaNOW Audience

The Non-market Value of Water to Society

26 Mar 2021 video

On World Water Day 2021 (22 March), OOSKAnews hosted a live-streamed aquaNOW Audience panel show: "Exploring the Non-Market Value of Water to Society". Our occasion was part of Scotland, the Hydro Nation's World Water Day celebrations.

Alexis Morgan

Water Stewardship Helping Business Build Climate Resilience

12 Mar 2021 video

David Duncan, Publisher, OOSKAnews talks to Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, WWF about "Rising to Resilience: How Water Stewardship Can Help Business Build Climate Resilience", a new guide that provides tools that can help businesses prepare for and respond to climate change’s effects on water resources—the primary medium through which climate change impacts are felt.

aquaNOW Audience

Blue Thinking For A Green Economic Recovery

12 Mar 2021 video

OOSKAnews hosted a livestreamed "aquaNOW Audiences" panel show on Thursday 11 March, 2021 with the theme "Blue Thinking for a Green Economic Recovery".

aquaNOW Audiences are panel discussions engaging international water experts and Scottish expertise in global water-related challenges and solutions, produced by OOSKAnews and supported by Scotland, the Hydro Nation.