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Riots in Lusaka Over Cholera Control Measures

LUSAKA, Zambia

Some residents in a slum in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, are violently protesting over a regulation imposed to control the spread of a cholera epidemic. The epidemic which started since October 2017 is spreading at an alarming rate forcing the government to ban street vending in order to contain the situation. Trucks have been burned and and fires set in the middle of streets in some parts of the


IDB Approves $1 Billion USD for Colombia's largest Hydro Project

BOGOTA, Colombia

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a $1 billion loan package for Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) to build the largest hydropower project in Colombia. The 2400MW Ituango hydropower facility is located in the northern region of Antioquia and will represent approximately 18% of the country’s total installed power capacity will complete.


EU Confirms Will Fund Rehab of Mt Elgon Water Towers


The European Union has rejected calls by some communities living in forests to stop a multi-billion shilling rehabilitation project. The EU, in a partnership with the Kenyan Government, is funding a rehabilitation programme of the Cherangany and Mt Elgon water towers that cover 11 counties.


Worldwide Flood Adaptation Requirements Calculated

POTSDAM, Germany

Rainfall changes caused by global warming will increase river flood risks across the globe. Scientists have now calculated the required increase in flood protection until the 2040s worldwide, breaking it down to single regions and cities with  the need for adaptation greatest in the US, parts of India and Africa, Indonesia, and in Central Europe including Germany. Inaction would expose many millions of people to severe flooding.


New Water Collaborations Between Scotland and India


The Government of Scotland is to sign an MoU with partners in India underpinning Scotland’s commitment to collaborate with India on certain water challenges, particularly related to the Ganga River.

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced new collaborations on water challenges at the India Water Impact Summit 2017 which was hosted last week in New Delhi by the Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (CGanga), a Center of Excellence at the Indian Institute of Technology which acts as a think tank for the Government of India regarding its goals and objectives for the Ganga Basin.


World Vision "Ambassador" to Get Harried

Warrenton, VA

It is being reported that "lifestyle expert and actor" Meghan Markle is to marry. The "Global Ambassador" for World Vision traveled to Rwanda in 2016 with the NGO to see first-hand the importance of clean water. While visiting a school in the Gasabo region of the country she taught students to paint with watercolors, using water from a newly installed pipeline in their community.


Keystone Pipeline Leaks 5,000 Barrels of Oil, No Water Contamination Reported


About 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) of oil leaked 16 November from a section of the controversial Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota in the largest of three leaks from the pipeline in the state in the last two years.


“Freshwater” Should Be Unifying Policy Theme

Warrenton, VA

An alliance of experts has called for integration of UNFCCC and SDG policies for food and agriculture. “Freshwater” serves as a unifying theme to bridge policy frameworks promoting food security, sustainable agriculture, and climate change resilience. Silos “miss synergies and opportunities”.


COP23: Call for “Nature-Based Solutions” to Water Challenges

BONN, Germany

A number of representatives of the international water community co-signed a “nature based solution declaration” (full text here) on COP23’s Water Action Day, 10 November “to encourage the use of natural systems in managing healthy water supplies”.


COP23 Underway, Syria Signs Up, Fiji Presidency, Water Action Day, Calls for Investment in Climate Adaptation, COPS and Robbers, More…

BONN, Germany
  • COP23 Underway, Syria Says "We're in!", US Isolated
  • Action Day for Water
  • World Water Council Calls for Financing for New Water Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Oil Majors Named and Shamed for Water Abuse Again

Syria's "In"

Syria has announced 7 November that it will sign the Paris climate accord. The move, which comes on the heels of Nicaragua signing the accord last month, leaves the United States of America as the only country that has rejected the global pact (more to follow from OOSKAnews).

A Syrian delegate announced at a United Nations climate conference plenary session today that the country was poised to send its ratification of the Paris Agreement to the United Nations.


And Then There Were Two: Syria and US Are Lonelier Pariahs as Nicaragua Signs Climate Accord

Washington DC

Nicaragua has officially signed on to the Paris climate change agreement, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two countries not supporting the accord. President Daniel Ortega's  Nicaraguan government has presented the relevant documents for the agreement at the United Nations.


"Full Momentum" GERD; Water Ministers Meet

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Water ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt Wednesday discussed in Addis Ababa, ways to address the outstanding issues after a study done by consultancy firms over the Renaissance Dam filling period (Sudan Tribune).


REPORTS: Gunmen Threaten Sabotage Of Libya's Great Man-Made River, Issue Video From Inside Control Room


China’s state news agency Xinhua reported this week that gunmen have threatened attacks on Libya's Great Man-Made River pipeline system, as well as gas supply infrastructure in the country. The report has apparently been confirmed by the Libyan Observer, which described the activists as "armed group loyal to former dictator Gaddafi".

Gunmen in southern Libya have threatened the sabotage in video footage which showed an armed group led by Khalifa Ehneish, commander of the country’s self-styled “Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya” standing inside the main control room of the southern water pipeline system, demanding Tripoli's Special Deterrence Force to release his brother, Al-Mabruk Ehneish. 

****Subsquent to initial publication of this report, the attention of OOSKAnews has been drawn to this YouTube video clip, posted 17 October, which is labeled "Gunmen threaten to cut off the water from Tripoli"****


Trump Administration Announces US Withdrawal From UNESCO

New York

The United States' Trump administration announced today that it would withdraw from UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organization, after years of America distancing itself because of what it called the group’s “anti-Israel bias,” (New York Times and other media out


Puerto Rico: Saving the Dam; Fake News from FEMA; Trump Says Purification Icky


Dramatic Efforts to Save Guajataca Dam

The US National Weather Service (NWS) said as long ago as 23 September that the "imminent failure" of the Guajataca Dam was a "life-threatening situation" as signs of failure were detected in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. More than 70,000 people live in nearby areas south of the dam which is located at the northern end of Lake Guajataca in the north-west of Puerto Rico.