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Texas City Loses Water Supply "Indefinitely"


Beaumont, which has a population of over 100,000 people, lost both its main and secondary water supplies 30 August. Hurricane Harvey caused the Neches River to overflow, which damaged the city’s water pumps, according to city officials.


Fake Science from Tillerson, ExxonMobil


While company scientists and senior executive Tillerson largely accepted the scientific consensus that global warming is real and poses significant risks, it spent thousands of dollars on regular advertorials in The New York Times (NYT) and other newspapers, in which it sought to cast doubt on the science.


Circular Water Strategy Urged


There is a critical need to move from a linear model of water management to a circular one in which there is a feedback loop of integrating "waste" back into the system as a "resource." When applying this concept to water, examples include the reuse of wastewater for manufacturing opportunities and treating contaminated water and replenishing aquifers.


North Korea: Drought and Sanctions Create Food Shortage


While the country’s leadership continues to plough scarce resources into internationally condemned missile and nuclear programmes, North Koreans face incredible hardship as sanctions and the worst drought for almost two decades threaten to leave the already impoverished nation unable to feed its people.


Foxconn Water Use Would Not Require Approval of Eight Great Lakes States


At a legislative hearing on Wisconsin's incentive package for Foxconn Technology Group, a Department of Natural Resources DNR) official raised the possibility the company's massive water use might require approval by the other Great Lakes states. But later an attorney for the agency said no such approval is expected to be needed. 


Water Transfer Plans Will Help Remedy Drought


Transferring water from the Sea of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea through pipelines to dry and water-stressed regions is the most effective strategy for tackling water shortage in Iran, a member of the country's Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said.


Brazil: Human Rights Group Calls for Action on Zika

New York, NY

Research and Advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW) this week issued a report accusing Brazil of not addressing longstanding water and sanitatio problems that have allowed the Zika virus outbreak to escalate, leaving the population vulnerable to future outbreaks and other serious public health risks.