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New Facebook Data Center Will Be "Incredibly Water Efficient"


Social media giant Facebook has announced it will build a nearly 1 million-square-foot data center at the foot of Eagle Mountain in Utah. Facebook will purchase its own water rights and construct the required water infrastructure.


China Says Progress Made on Water Pollution, But Battle Remains


China has been slowly cleaning up its water after years of indiscriminate dumping of industrial and household waste, overmining and the overuse of pesticides and fertilisers. With water scarcity seen as a potential growth bottleneck, the government is also desperate to make polluted rivers and lakes clean enough to support agriculture and manufacturing, but it still has a long way to go.


Mozambique Seeks $250 Million USD for Nationwide Water Supply


The Mozambican Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, João Machatine has said water and sanitation sector projections indicate that his country needs to invest around $250 million annually to ensure water supply throughout the country in the next two and half years.


California Legislates Water Conservation Measures


California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Thursday establishing new statewide standards to encourage water conservation. The two bills will set water-efficiency goals for water suppliers throughout the state. The governor said the measures will help California be better prepared for future droughts and the effects of climate change.


Russian World Cup Water Bottle Is A Fire Hazard


As Russian companies try to cash in on football-themed products ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, just about everyone is trying to capitalize on the tournament kicking off in 11 Russian cities. Bottled mineral water maker Svyatoi Istochnik is no exception, coming out with a new football-shaped commemorative bottle that was quickly discovered to have a potentially deadly design flaw.


Paper Industry Waste To Detoxify Aquaculture Facilities


The waste from the paper industry could be the solution to remove the remains of drugs used by producers from the waters of aquaculture facilities. At the University of Aveiro (UA), a team of chemists managed to convert the sludge resulting from this waste into a biochar that, like a magnet, is capable of attracting and retaining a wide range of toxic substances.


Police Protect Shimla Water As Crisis Looms, Protests Continue


Following an acute drinking water shortage in Shimla, the Municipal Corporation is distributing water under police protection, with over 70 police personnel specifically deployed to deal with the situation in the water-deprived hill-station. The tourism industry in Himachal Pradesh's Shimla has also been massively hit as tourists are cancelling their visits.


South Africa Gets First Solar Powered Desal Plant


A full-size demonstration plant that can desalinate water using solar power is to be built in Witsand, a town 250 km east of Cape Town. Construction is due to begin in July and operations are expected to commence in October.


South Korea Supports Rural Nigeria Water Supply Initiative


The national and county governments have entered into a deal with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for supply of clean water to locals. The agreement will be expanded with time. Mr Irungu said the water project would be constructed at a cost of Sh600 million.


Water Share to Tanzania GDP Halved in Nine Years


The share of water supply, sewerage and waste management sector to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has gone down by more than 50% over the last nine years. This means that despite implementation of several water projects  in Tanzania, the rate of water access still falls far below what the population demands.


Tajikistan Will Host "Water for Sustainable Development" Conference


Dushanbe will host the International High-level Conference on International Decade for Action 'Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028" to be held June 20-22 at the initiative of the Tajik government and in cooperation with the UN and other partners.


Indonesia: Sarawak Chief Minister Pledges Treated Water Increase


Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Abang Johari Openg said today the state government will spend RM2 billion this year to increase the supply of treated water, especially to households in remote areas. He said about 81 per cent coverage involving some 478,000 households have already been provided with treated water supply over the years.


Germany to Study Albanian Water and Sanitation Opportunities


Albania and Germany on Wednesday signed an agreement to conduct preliminary studies on water and sanitation investments in 11 municipalities in Albania. Albanian Minister of Economy and Finance Arben Ahmetaj and Director of KfW -- German Development Bank Bjorn Thies signed the agreement, which allocates 1.95 million euros (around 2.26 million U.S.


Oman Wastewater Company Signs $44 Million USD Service Agreements


Salalah Wastewater Services Company has signed three wastewater services agreements worth around $44mn. The first agreement, worth $7.5mn is related to expanding the sanitary drainage network to cover different parts in Salalah city. The second agreement, worth $2.85mn, is related to replacing and maintenance of the inspection room at the sanitary drainage network.


Israel Intelligence Minister Wants To Cut Off Gaza Water

TEL AVIV, Israel

A Minister of the government of Israel has called on the country to abrogate responsibility for supply of water and electricity to the Gaza Strip in the midst of a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave.

Media reported May 30 Yisrael Katz, the country's Minister of Transportation and Intelligence, as saying that "Israel should rid itself of responsibility for the Gaza Strip by cutting all of its ties to the Palestinian enclave, including ending water and electricity supplies" (multiple reports)


US Public Swimming Pools Sickened 27,000 in Four Years


The Unted States Center for Disease Control's (CDC) 2018 report on the health of public swimming pools has revealed that 27,000 people became ill from recreational water, including pools, hot tubs and splash pads, in the country from 2010-14.


Dam Those Deadlines: Afghanistan Prez Bans Water Ministry Travel Until Infrastructure Milestones Met

KABUL, Afghanistan

Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is reported to have "banned" international travel by the leadership of the country's Energy and Water Ministry until certain water infrastructure deadlines have been met.

"No one is allowed to travel until the three-year work plan of the $23 Million USD Machalgho dam and other projects of the Ministry is prepared and submitted to the Presidential Office", according to Ministry spokesperson Asif Ghafori. (MENA FN)