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UN Touts Anti-Cholera Initiative in Haiti


Since 2010, the cholera epidemic in Haiti has directly affected 805,000 people and taken the lives of more than 9,480 [official figures as of 11 March 2017]. The UN-backed national and international efforts have led to a 90 per cent reduction in the number of suspected cases of cholera compared with the peak of the epidemic in 2011.

Trump Earth Day Speech - no Mention of Climate Change


Despite the fact the 47th global annual event urges people to “build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet”, the President ceased to make any explicit mention of global warming.

Egypt to Rejoin Nile Basin Initiative?


After seven years during which Egypt froze its membership in the Nile Basin Initiative in objection to the Entebbe Agreement — which does not recognize Egypt’s historical annual water quota from the Nile River and gives upstream countries the right to build dams without any prior notice — the Egyptian team handling the Nile water issue at the Foreign Ministry and Water Resources Ministry embark


6 Flint Residents Arrested at Water Crisis Town Hall


Six arrests for disorderly conduct at a Flint, Michigan town hall last week have been widely criticized as the city continues to battle its water crisis. "This is a people's movement and I don't think people are realizing that," Flint resident Abel Delgado announced at a protest following his arrest. "I'm still [in] awe just at what happened yesterday...


Water-Saving Plan Backfires


An Indian politician who attempted to cover a dam in sheets of polystyrene has been left red-faced after his bizarre water-­saving scheme backfired. Tamil Nadu state minister Sellur K. Raju waded into the dam with dozens of sheets of polystyrene, convinced they could help reduce water evaporation in the drought-­stricken state.

Damon Lobbies at World Bank Meeting


While Matt Damon and Gary White (co-founders of water.org) were in Washington last week lobbying finance ministers at the World Bank to support loans in water and sanitation – an estimated 565 million people could benefit – just a few blocks away the occupant of the White House seems less than enthusiastic about foreign aid.

Lake Malawi - Lilongwe Pipeline - No Feasibility Study Yet


Gold Coast Desal Plant Ramps Up Production


The Gold Coast Desalination Plant is ramping up its water production once again while the Mudgeeraba treatment plant is offline. The traditional water treatment facility will be temporarily offline while critical infrastructure maintenance is performed.


Non-Rainfall Water in Namib Desert Has Unexpected Origins


In a study conducted in one of the world's oldest and most biologically diverse deserts, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis scientists explore the origins of water other than rainfall and are identifying multiple origins.


Fighting Puts Syria IS-Held Dam at 'Risk of Collapse'


Fighting at a dam in Syria held by the Islamic State group has put the water barrier at risk of a catastrophic collapse, a technical source said. The ongoing clashes at Tabqa dam have damaged its power station, forcing a halt to operations on Sunday, risking dangerous rising water levels.


No Feasibility Study Yet for Lake Malawi to Lilongwe Pipeline


There has been no feasibility study yet for the construction of water pipeline from Salima to Lilongwe to tap water from Lake Malawi, Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) who owns the contract has confirmed.


New Zealand: Anger as Lakes Tapped for Bottled Water


A plan to extract millions of litres of water out of a Unesco world heritage site, send it by pipe to the coast and ship it to foreign markets for bottling has ignited a campaign over water resources in New Zealand.


IAEA Highlights Importance of Fresh Water Conservation


The theme of World Water Day 2017 —Why waste water? —highlights the importance of conserving our limited freshwater resources. As more of the world’s population moves to urban areas, water conservation and reuse are ever more critical as part of efforts to provide adequate water and sanitation for all.