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UAE Private Sector Could Contribute Big Water, Energy Savings


Organizations in the UAE have a significant role to play in reducing the country's footprint and tackling climate change by saving energy and water since the private sector and industry contribute 30% to the UAE's high Ecological Footprint (based on the 2008 Ecological Footprint Initiative data). A m


Oman Minister to Discuss Wastewater Networks


Shaikh Ali bin Nasser al Mahrouqi, Secretary-General of Majlis Ash’Shura said this week that the Majlis will host Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, to discuss plans for expansion of wastewater networks in the wilyats and the conditions of their workers and the ministry’s efforts in restoring public services in areas affected by the rains and i


Only 26 Percent of Yemenis Have Access to Drinking Water


Only 26 percent of the people have access to drinking water and healthcare and 42% of the people have access to electricity, a minister said Wednesday at the meeting of Friends of Yemen in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Introducing the Friends to the 2012-2014 transitional program for stability and development, minister for planning and international cooperation, Muhammad Al-Sady, said the 2011 even


EBRD Invites Tenders for Moldovan Utilities Development Program


The European Band for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced this week the invitation of tenders to supply vehicles for six regional water companies in Moldova. Each of the six regional water companies intend to use part of the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank), a loan from European Investment Bank (EIB) and a grant from EU’s Neighb


Armenians Should Receive Free Irrigation Water


Irrigation water must be supplied to Armenia’s villagers free of charge, Union of Domestic Goods Producers Chairman and Progressive United Communist Party President Vazgen Safaryan said during a press conference this week. In his words, it is solely in this way that a 170,000-heactare non-cultivated land can be cultivated in the country.  


World Bank Concerned About Tajikistan Hydro Project


World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Philippe Le Houérou said all the outstanding issues related to the process and methodology for the Rogun hydropower plant assessment studies need to be resolved by the government of Tajikistan in a manner satisfactory to the bank. He noted the critical importance of Tajikistan's energy sector and the country's vast water resources. 


Sustainable Development Protests Not Affecting Xstrata Mine


A group of residents in the province of Espinar, located in Peru's Cuzco region, started protests this week to pressure Xstrata Copper, a division of Anglo-Swiss mining company Xstrata PLC (XTA.LN) to increase contributions to a fund for local sustainable development projects.


Chevron CEO Faces Anger Shareholders of Ecuador Amazon Pollution

An epic showdown between angry Chevron shareholders and notoriously short-tempered CEO John Watson over the company's $18 billion USD Ecuador liability is brewing just days before the company's annual meeting next week. Watson is facing a potential shareholder rebellion after two leading proxy advisory firms urged support for resolutions directly challenging Watson's authority, citing his poor


Israel's Water Authority Needs More Transparency


Due to the ever-growing demand for water resources, escalating costs and a decline in natural sources, Israel’s Water Authority will be facing increased challenges in meeting its responsibilities, a task that will require more transparency and public involvement, a new study has reported. The study by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel was conducted by Prof.


Nigerian Minister Calls on Government to Properly Treat Wastewater


The Ministry of Environment this week called on the Federal and State Governments to enforce the treatment of wastewater to ensure the consumption of safe water in the country. "The issue of fresh water in the country is becoming serious due to industrial waste pollution of water and with the drilling of boreholes, the water can be contaminated," he said. Alfa said that the drilling of borehole


Jain Irrigation Facing Huge Financial Issues; Still Makes Big African Committment


Jain Irrigation, a micro irrigation company, is facing slowing sales growth, increasing delay in release of government subsidy receivables and consequently high working capital and high interest cost and yet has committed an investment of $375 million USD in sub-African countries. Shares of Jain Irrigation have already been corrected by over 50% in the past one year on account of balance sheet


BRIC Nations Are Four of Top Five Global Water Consumers


China is the largest water consumer in the world followed by India and the United States. Brazil and Russia round out the top five global water consumers, according to a new report in Scientific American, with Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Japan and Nigeria (in sequential order) making the top ten.


No EU-Wide Efficiency Requirement Necessary


Huge water leakage differences between member states make an EU-wide water efficiency target “not necessary”, says an EU official working on the directive for the European Commission.The Commission is expected to publish in November a detailed plan for water policies needed by 2020, called the "Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water Resources".