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Waterless Excrement Treatment Could Be A "Game-Changer" For South Africa, Other Developing Countries

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

Waterless technology that treats excrement on-site provides the health benefits of removal without the infrastructure costs of sewer and treatment plants and, at the same time, preserves valuable water resources, according to an official of South Africa's Department of Water and Sanitation

124 Hawaii Dams Have "High Hazard Potential"


The vast majority of Hawaii’s state-regulated dams are considered to have “high hazard potential,” according to a 2017 infrastructure report by the American Society of Civil Engineers. One of the 124 dams given that classification is one in Honolulu that prompted an evacuation warning Thursday amid heavy rains.


Berlin Rethinks Water Strategy In Climate Change Context


Berlin has had no significant rainfall since February and temperatures have been warmer than average since April. "The system that we have has never experienced what we're now experiencing. The system isn't meant for this," says Jens Feddern director of the supply division of Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB).


Dirty New Zealand Drinking Water Could Destroy The Country's Tourism Industry


An organization that keeps an eye on the state of New Zealand's water says the quality of its drinking water is so bad in places, it could lead to mass death. The latest drinking water statistics are pretty alarming; they show one in five people are drinking substandard water.


Wrangler To Eliminate Millions Of Liters Of Water From Supply Chain


Wrangler has signed an agreement for its denim fabric to be produced later this year with a new foam-dyeing process that will eliminate 99% of the water typically used in the indigo-dyeing. The company said it is the first brand to embrace the innovative technology, which is expected to transform the denim industry.


17 Maharashtra Districts Face Water Scarcity


The dark clouds of drought are looming large over Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra due to prolonged dry spell that threaten Kharif crops. According to the government officials, if the rains do not pick up over next few weeks, the region may be staring at another year of water scarcity in 2019. They said at least 17 districts are under the threat of drought-like situation.


A Child Dies Every 5 Seconds. Inadequate Water, Sanitation, Nutrition Are Largely To Blame


An estimated 6.3 million children under 15 years of age died in 2017, or 1 every 5 seconds, mostly of preventable causes, according to new mortality estimates released by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group.


Dry Sanitation Solutions Urged In South Africa


While the strategy of flush toilets has led to significant reduction of the outbreak of water-borne diseases, it is wasteful. On-site or dry sanitation systems are not popular among users, even though they remain the most prevalent technology choice in the developing world due to their waterless nature. These systems treat excrement at source.


Brazil: No New Pantanal Hydro Projects Until May 2020


The National Water Agency of Brazil (ANA) is suspending the granting of rights to use water resources for new hydro projects in the Pantanal region until May 2020. This decision will affect projects that did not begin commercial operations before July 2018. ANA said the goal is to prevent dams from affecting other economic activities in the region, such as fishing and tourism.


More Nigerians Have Access To Mobile Phones Than Toilets

Port Harcourt

More people have access to mobile phones than toilet facilities in Nigeria, UNICEF’s Chief of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Zaid Jurji, has said. Zaid said it is important for Nigeria triple her investment in water sanitation and hygiene to achieve the SDG water and sanitation target of 2030 and that Nigeria remains the number one country in Africa in the practise of Open Defecation, add


Pakistan: Sindh Growers Stage Hunger Strike Over Lack Of Water For Irrigation


Hundreds of growers on Monday (September 17) staged a hunger strike in front of the Dadu press club, Dadu, Sindh Province, in protest against the Irrigation Department officials over lack of water flow to many arteries of irrigation canal, particularly Pir Gunio, Khudabad, Phaka and Johi waterways. Reportedly, protesters were holding dried sugarcane while chanting slogans against the officials


China Energy Policies Should Balance Air, Carbon, Water Goals

PRINCETON NJ, United States

Researchers have warned that while China’s use of coal-based synthetic natural gas is, on one hand, favorable, on the other, will increase carbon emissions and water demand, especially in regions in China that already have high per capita carbon emissions and water scarcity.

ADB Finances Improvement Of Water Supply, Sanitation In Laos

MANILA, Philippines

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is to provide additional financing of $30.5 Million USD in grant funding to help the Laos government improve water supply and sanitation.

Michigan Senators Introduce Legislation To Curb PFAS

WASHINGTON, United States

Three US Senators from the State of Michigan have introduced bipartisan legislation September 17 to hold federal agencies accountable for addressing contamination from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at military bases across the country.

The chemicals, used in fire-fighting foam by the military and others, have been identified worldwide as emerging contaminants of soil and water. Some PFAS have been shown to be toxic to some animals, and because they don’t break down in the environment, have potential to bioaccumulate in plants and animals.

Scotland Deploys Education To Tackle Fatbergs


Scottish Water, the public utility that provides water and sewarage services across Scotland, is to pilot a new approach to tackle the phenomenon of "fatbergs" in sewage systems, which can cause major flooding and pollution.


Zimbabwe Fights To Contain Cholera Outbreak; Death Toll Hits 30; South Africa Issues Alert

HARARE, Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Government is set to begin administering cholera vaccines in selected suburbs in coming weeks, as the death toll from the current disease outbreak passed 30.

Japan Looks For Opportunities To Share Water Technology

TOKYO, Japan

Japan's role as host to this year's IWA International Water Congress (16-21 September) is designed, in part, to send a global message to highlight the country as a home to important technologies for general water management. 

Al Sharpton Rallies Support For Flint Civil Lawsuit

FLINT MI, United States

Reverend Al Sharpton urged people to be part of a civil lawsuit following the Flint water emergency. The Baptist minister wants those impacted by the water emergency, to hold the ones responsible, accountable. The civil rights activist was invited to the Vehicle City to help sign up more people to a civil lawsuit. The law firm Napoli Shkolnik already has close to 5,000 seeking justice.