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China Considers Massive Yangtze River, Pearl River Transfer Project


China is considering digging two mega canal systems to link the Yangtze River, which runs through central and eastern China, to the Pearl River in southern Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. Shipping, tourism, irrigation, water transfer and flood prevention were touted as major benefits from the project, which could dwarf the controversial Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangtze.


Kenya Launches Lake Victoria Water Hyacinth Removal Operations


Transport on Lake Victoria is set for a boost after the government started dredging the water body to ease vessel navigation. The project, which starts today, will also include eradication of water hyacinth and removal of sediments to open up the lakeside port.


Climate Change, Shrinking Glaciers Threaten Europe's Most Important River


After a prolonged summer drought, the bustling traffic at one of the shallowest points on the Rhine ground to a halt for nearly a month late last year, choking off a critical transport artery. The impact damped Germany’s industrial machine, slowing economic growth in the third and fourth quarters.


South Africa NGO's Urge Independent Water Regulator


Both the Organization for Outing Tax Abuse (OUTA) and the Water Shortage South Africa (WSSA) believe the failure by the Department of Water and Sanitation to establish a regulator could lead to a crisis. Outa’s Water and Environment Manager, Yamkela Ntola, says an independent monitor would ensure there is no political interference in the regulation of water.


Cambodia Government Warns Of El Nino Drought Consequences


The government on Thursday issued a statement raising concerns of a drought, as El Nino threatens to cast a prolonged dry spell when it hits the Kingdom in April and May. Temperatures are forecast to soar up to 42 degrees Celsius and with some thunderstorms, coupled with strong winds that will sweep through some parts of the country during the warm cycle.


Why Isn't Pakistan Recharging Its Aquifers?


Recharging our water aquifers is one way to help contend with our impending water crisis. Back in 2016, the Punjab government began a four-year project for recharging aquifers as part of its groundwater management and to develop the economical and sustainable technology for aquifer recharging. This project was meant to be implemented by the irrigation department.


Australia: Applications Sought For $360 Million USD Water Infrastructure Funding


State and territory governments are urged to apply for a share of 500 Million AUD ($360 Million USD) for new water infrastructure projects, which have the potential to transform regional communities and economies.


Villagers Insist That Vedanta Copper Mine Water Contamination Case Should Be Heard In UK Court Rather Than Zambia

LUSAKA, Zambia

Villagers's in Zambia's Copper Belt are still waiting to find out whether their water contamination claim against a mining subsidiary of Vedanta Resources will be held in the United Kingdom or Zambia. The claimants are alleging personal injury, damage to property, loss of income, and loss of amenities and enjoyment of land due to pollution and environmental damage caused by chemical contamination from 2005 onwards. Indian-owned Vedanta has de-listed in London, but maintains a UK legal presence.

Former Pepsi Chief To Lead World's Biggest Water Infrastructure Lender?

WASHINGTON, DC, United States

Former Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi is being tipped for the Presidency of the World Bank Group (WBG). Officials of the administration of US President Donald J Trump, including his daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump, will begin an interview process soon, according to reports.

Russian Energy Giant To Invest In Pakistan Dams

KARACHI, Pakistan

Giant state-run Russian energy company Inter RAO Group has offered to invest $2 Billion USD in Pakistan water and power sector projects, including the Mohmand dam on the Swat River.

South Africa: New Investment To Complete Abandoned Giyani Bulk Water Project


The South Africa government plans to invest a further $218 Million USD to complete the long-delayed Giyani Bulk Water (GBW) Project in Limpopo.

Water Stress, Not Temperature, Is Limiting Global Forest Growth As Climate Warms

ZURICH, Switzerland

New research comparing tree growth activity to climate variation has concluded that “across the vast majority of the land surface, trees are becoming more limited by water (stress)".

Alunorte Disaster: Norsk Hydro Can Resume Aluminum Operations In New Deal With Brazil Authorities


Norwegian aluminium smelter Norsk Hydro ASA announced January 16 that Pará State Secretary for Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS) has determined that operations at Alumina do Norte do Brasil S.A. (Alunorte) can now resume.

Some Progress, But More Action Needed On "Cocktail Effect" Chemicals In European Freshwater Bodies


A new report by the European Environment Agency examines which chemicals continue to pose significant risks to the environment, especially when present in water.

EBRD Finances Tirana Municipal Water Project


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has signed a loan of up to 15 million euro ($17.2 million) to finance a project of Albania’s Tirana Water Supply and Sewage company (UKT) for improving the municipal water services. UKT is a municipal utility company which provides water supply and sewage for the municipalities of Tirana, Vora and Kamza.


Water Shortages Ignite Political War Of Words In Western Cape


A water shortage affecting several Western Cape municipalities has culminated in a political squabble between the governing Democratic Alliance (DA) and the opposition ANC. This after the provincial ANC accused the DA of failing to manage the exigency which was compounded by wildfires in the Overstrand region last weekend.


Nigeria Water Projects "Abandoned Or Poorly Executed"


Billions of naira worth of water projects in Osun and Ogun states have failed to materialize or are in bad shape after being abandoned or poorly executed, according to investigation. The projects were awarded between 2012 and 2016 for over N5 billion as part of capital projects in the South West. Some started as state government projects but were expanded by the federal government.


Russian, Chinese Scientists To Cooperate On Lunar Water Search


Scientists of Altai State Technical University (AltSTU) have won a grant of the Russian Fundamental Research Fund and China’s National Natural Science Fund for 2019-2020, according toVladimir Khmelyov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Measuring Methods and Instruments and Automation Department at the Biysk Technological Institute (a branch of the AltSTU).