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How Flint Water Scandal Impacts COVID Vaccine Mindsets


In the weeks since the arrival of the first Covid-19 vaccines, the Rev. Dr. Sarah Bailey has been fielding calls from friends and neighbors in Flint. The people reaching out to Bailey aren't folks who will take a vaccine just because the federal government tells them it's safe and effective.


Star Architect's Plan For Los Angeles River


In the decades since engineers first blanketed the Los Angeles River with concrete, working-class communities along its armored banks have struggled with blight, poverty and crowding — unintended consequences perhaps of an epic bid to control Mother Nature.


China, Saudi Finance Burkina Faso Drinking Water Projects


The implementation of several drinking water projects in Burkina Faso is set to be financed by China and Saudi Arabia following the signing of two financing agreements worth a total of over US$ 58.19m by representatives from the three nations.


Snyder Charged Over Flint Water Crisis Neglect


Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and former Flint Public Works director Howard Croft were each charged Wednesday with two counts of willful neglect of duty as part of an investigation into the Flint water crisis, according to court documents.


Zambia Prez Encourages Water Harvesting Initiatives


President Edgar Lungu has directed newly appointed Minister of Water Development Raphael Nakachinda to ensure that water harvesting in the country is actualized. President Lungu said water harvesting has not been taken seriously in the country despite continuous heavy rains and floods.


Darfur: 15 Killed In Water-related Violence As UNAMID Withdrawal Commences

NYALA, Sudan

A dispute over water access in the tribal areas of South Darfur, Sudan left 15 people dead at the end of December, just as the UN was widing up its 13 year peacekeeping mission in the country.


China Government Approves Yangtze Conservation Legislation


The government of China has approved a new law on Yangtze River conservation, following a third review, which will take effect on March 1 2021. The new legislation is part of China’s efforts to protect the country’s “mother river” which stretches over 6,300km.

Water Security Key Priority In Asia's COVID-19 Recovery

MANILA, Philippines

A water development report published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) last month urges regions across Asia and the Pacific to prioritise water security as part of their COVID-19 recovery initiative to support economic growth and increase social well-being.


Lawsuit Seeks To Halt Canada-US Oil Pipeline Over Water Pollution Risk

St Paul MN, United States

Last month, opponents of Canadian pipeline company Enbridge’s new $2.6bn Line 3 Canada-US oil pipeline replacement project have filed a lawsuit to halt construction following concerns from environmentalists and indigenous tribes.

The case made by the environmental groups is that the project, which commenced construction in December, will not only worsen the effects of climate change, but it will also put a new region of clean water at risk of pollution from potential oil spills.


Human Depletion Of Groundwater Resources Exacerbates Climate Change Impacts


Large swathes of land in densely populated parts of the world are subsiding rapidly as a result of groundwater depletion. Paired with rising sea levels caused by global warming, this could place many coastal cities at risk of severe flooding by 2040.


Extreme Famine Concern For South Sudan

JUBA, South Sudan

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), is calling for international financial support to prevent famine across large swathes of South Sudan in the face of economic crisis, devastating floods, mass displacement and COVID-19.


Climate Change: Guilty! Genghis Khan Not Responsible For Demise Of River Civilizations

LINCOLN, United Kingdom

It was climate change, not the Mongol insurgency led by Genghis Khan that caused the demise of Central Asia’s river civilisations in the early 13th century, new research suggests.


Thailand Unhappy About China-Funded Laos Dam

BANGKOK, Thailand

The government of Thailand has expressed concern about plans by Laos to build another hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River, citing environmental concerns.

Thailand has called for a more comprehensive scientific study into the impact of the proposed Sanakham dam on the river’s already fragile ecosystems and has threatened to veto the project using its rights as a member of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) if it concludes that the construction will harm the environment.


GERD Negotiations Stall Again


The latest round of tripartite (Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan) talks around the contentious Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) have broken down, following a long-standing diplomatic pattern.

Background: The GERD Saga (90 news articles)

Negotiations were scheduled to commence 10 January to agree upon filling and operation of the reservoir behind the dam, but “failed to reach an acceptable agreement to resume negotiations” according to Sudan state media.


EC Will Fine Lithuania For Wastewater Treatment Failures


Lithuania is facing sanctions of "several hundred millions euros" for its failure to comply with the EU directive on waste water treatment, the country's Environment Minister Simonas Gentvilas says. According to Gentvilas, 38,500 residents living in areas that must be connected to centralized waste networks were not connected in July, 2020.



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