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Who Shat The Sheriff?


Police Chief Steve Conrad's office was flooded with raw sewage this month thanks to Louisville inmates who overflowed their latrines above the downtown headquarters. This deluge of wastewater is the latest catastrophe to hit a building that city leaders are looking to replace after years of officer complaints about code violations and other health risks.


Parts Of Kabul Uninhabitable Due To Groundwater Pollution


Residents of Afghanistan’s restive, teeming capital have struggled for years with terrorist attacks, a lack of services, a booming population, clogged traffic, and toxic air. A study by the nongovernmental organization Fikr earlier this year established that in many areas of Kabul groundwater is contaminated with pathogens that pose a serious risk to human health.


Karnataka Promises To Release Cauvery Water For Tamil Nadu


With a good monsoon in the offing, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has promised to release water from the Kabini dam to Tamil Nadu. The state government has been instructed to release 20,000 cusecs of water. The Kaveri Water Sharing Authority asked the Karnataka government to release 10 TMC in June, which Kumaraswamy said he is happy to do.


Sri Lanka Invests $1.2 Billion USD In Access, Leakage, Climate Adaptation Programs

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's National Water Supply and Drainage Board is investing $1.2 Billion USD to increase access to safe drinking water, but high borrowing costs, leaky pipes, and volatile weather may require more alternative financing, a finance ministry report said (Economic Time


Multisensing Device Maps Water Contamination In Rural Colombia


An electrochemical device developed at Bath University, UK, is being used in rural Colombia to detect water contamination and help map problem areas. The device measures four key physicochemical variables in water,  and monitors the presence of heavy metals in water, including mercury.


Polluted Land Sites Endanger Denmark Drinking Water


A recent survey carried out by the body governing the regions, Dansk Regioner, has revealed that over 5,000 polluted sites around the country pose a direct threat to the groundwater with an additional 8,000 under suspicion as being so polluted that the groundwater could be at risk. The polluted sites are usually old rubbish dumps, industrial areas and places connected with chemical spraying.


World Cup Kicks Off. Plane Accidentally Dumps 40 Tons Of Water On Moscow Police Patrol


A Russian plane accidentally missed its target during fire-fighting exercises and dumped tons of water over a group of policemen parked underneath. As the plane flew over the suburban area of Noginsk, it began spraying the liquid cargo over a nearby highway.


India Considers New Desal Plant For Tutuicorin Irrigation


India's water resources minister Nitin Gadkari has said the government is considering a proposal to set up a desalination plant in Tuticorin for using seawater for irrigation. He further commented that there is no scarcity of water in the country but “we have to improve upon the planning and management of water resources.


UK Environment Minister Calls For $6.6 Billion USD Investment By Water Companies To Benefit Natural Environment


The United Kingdom Environment Secretary Michael Gove has challenged water companies to increase investment and improve environmental outcomes by 2025.

Measures set out by the Environment Agency in the Water Industry National Environment Program (WINEP) call for up to £5 billion of investment by water companies in the natural environment through 2020 to 2025.


India Suffering Worst Ever Water Crisis; Situation Will Only Get Worse


India is suffering from "the worst water crisis" in its history according to a new report by the country's National Institution for Transforming India (also called NITI Aayog), a government think tank.


Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration Push to Slash Protections for Waterways, Wetlands


A coalition of nine conservation groups filed a lawsuit on June 13 supporting US federal protections of US waterways and wetlands. 

The suit, file in the Northern District of California, is prompted by alleged failure of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) to comply with the country's Clean Water Act.


Mexico: Rio Tinto Mine Dam Burst Death Toll Rises


Rescue workers have recovered further bodies from a mine site operated by Rio Tinto in northern Mexico where a gold-silver dam filled with liquid waste collapsed June 4. Seven deaths have been reported so far.

The dam burst occurred at the company’s Cieneguita facility in the Urique municipality of Chihuahua state.


El Salvador Catholic Bishops Oppose Privatization


The Roman Catholic Episcopal Conference of El Salvador (CEDES) has urged lawmakers to discard plans for privatizing water in the Central American country.


World Bank Lends $565 Million USD For Pakistan Water, Energy Projects


Pakistan signed on June 13 signed two loan agreements worth $565 million with World Bank; $425 million for the National Transmission Modernisation (Phase-I) Project and $140 million for Sindh Barrages Improvement Project.


Does Coca Cola's Sustainability Program Hold Water?


Investigative reporting by “The Verge” in association with “The Nation Institute” examining Coca Cola’s water program, accuses the company of grossly exaggerating its water sustainability record with unscientific, "bad math" definitions of “water neutrality”, and suggests that Coca Cola’s new “World Without Waste” recycling plan should also be viewed with skepticism.


New Zealand Green Party Criticized For "Sell Out" To Chinese Water Bottler


Senior Green MP and Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage has approved the expansion of an existing Otakiri Springs water bottling plant near Whakatāne. Creswell NZ - which is owned by Chinese water bottler Nongfu Spring - lodged the application. Ms Sage said she thought long and hard about the decision, but her hands were tied by the law.