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Vietnam Ministry Clamps Down on River Pollution in Ha Nam


The population density has increased sharply along Nhue and Đáy rivers. As a result, the amount of rubbish discharged into these rivers has also increased.In addition, rapid urbanisation means more and more companies and factories have been set up there and pollute the water.


Singapore, Abu Dhabi to Pilot Smart Utilities Solutions in Emirate


Nine Singapore organisations, including the national water agency PUB, have signed agreements with the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DOE) to pilot innovative utilities solutions and build capabilities for both power and water in Abu Dhabi, IE Singapore and PUB said in a joint statement on Wednesday (Feb 21).


Alberta Oil Sands Water Use Report Shows Companies Are Using Less


An updated water use report shows that oil and gas companies are using less water and improving recycling to develop Alberta’s oil sands. In fact, mineable and in situ oil sands each recycled about 80 per cent of the water used in their operations in 2016. But for the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), recycling is just one measure of water use performance.


Saudi Fund to Finance Mansehra Water Supply Project


The Saudi Fund for Development has agreed to finance the gravity flow water supply scheme for Mansehra city and suburban areas. The development comes as the Japan Agency for International Cooperation withdraws from its commitment to provide money for the project designed to effectively address the area’s chronic drinking water issue.


Latin America and Caribbean "Test Grounds" For Disaster Preparedness


Disasters occur worldwide and are part of everyone’s life. Ever since they were first recorded, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes have marked the history of humanity and its evolution. Today, our efforts focus on preparing for and responding to the impacts of these events. This way we can reduce material damages and human suffering.


Nigeria: Power Outages, High Fuel Costs Push up Water Costs in Bayelsa


Prolonged power outage and high cost of petrol have worsened the acute water shortage in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital. Residents now spend more to buy water for domestic uses as they relied on water vendors who sell water in carts as pipe-borne water had dried up.


12,000 Children Forced Out of School Every Day Due to Conflict, Drought in East Africa


Save the Children report that 90,000 children in East Africa risk being forced to drop out of school each week in 2018 due to drought and conflict. This is the equivalent of 4.7 million children abandoning their studies in 2018 or 12,000 each day.


Two Water NGO Workers Killed in DRC Conflict


Two aid workers were killed and one kidnapped over the weekend in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Nations reported Monday. The three humanitarian workers were from the French nongovernmental organization Hydraulique Sans Frontières. The nongovernmental organization focuses on clean drinking water, irrigation, sanitation and electrical generation.


India Interstate Water Disputes Bill Expected to Pass This Parliamentary Session


The Centre expects to pass the Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Bill, 2017 during the second phase of the current Budget session of Parliament. Its passage will simplify inter-State river water disputes resolution mechanism and cut short litigation time.


Singapore Looks to "Biomimicry", Big Data For Water Efficiency


Earlier this month, PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, issued a grant call for three categories of projects worth a collective total of SG$30 million (US$22.6 million). The money will go to improving energy efficiency in water production, optimizing water efficiency in industrial processes, and using data analytics in water resource management.


Nestlé Accused of "Cashing in" on US Water Infrastructure Crisis


In its latest report on the impacts of the bottled water industry on people and the environment, "Take Back the Tap: The Big Business Hustle of Bottled Water", Food & Water Watch looks at the industry’s predatory marketing, the extraction of communities’ water resources, and the powerhouse lobbying that has helped bottled water corporations see sales soar since 2010.


Completion of Ghana's Tono Water Project Would Ensure Sufficiency


Mr Kenneth Ennin, the Upper East Regional Manager of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), has said the Region would soon enjoy water sufficiency when the Tono Water Project is completed.


Sharp Drop in Kurdistan Groundwater Reserves Alarms Authorities


The Kurdistan Region’s groundwater levels have dramatically dropped, alarming the government, which is requesting help from international agencies. Artesian wells where once water could be extracted without pumps no longer contain water, Mohammed Amin Fars, head of KRG’s directorate of water resources,Fars explained, warning that levels will not return to normal.


All Assam Households to be Provided with Piped Water, Sewerage Facilities by 2020: Governor


Assam governor Jagdish Mukhi on Monday said all households here would be provided piped drinking water supply and sewerage facilities by 2020. At present, less than 30 per cent of the city's 12 lakh people have access to piped drinking water. The rest depend on bore tubewells and other sources.


Cape Town's "Day Zero" Pushed Back "Dramatically", Now it's July 9

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

Cape Town's Day Zero, when the taps run dry in the city, has been moved back yet again, authorities announced 19 February. 

Previously, Day Zero had been moved back from early April to June 4.

"Day Zero, the day we may have to start queuing for water, has now moved to 9 July due to a weekly drop in dam levels of only 0.5% (as compared to a 1.9% drop in 2014)," Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said in a statement while warning that a slight increase in dam levels would be reversed if water consumption increased.


Malawi Reports 527 Cholera Cases, 8 Fatalities to Date


Officials in Malawi have announced that Cholera cases in the country have reached over 500 with the number of deaths now reaching 8. The spokesperson for Ministry of Health in Malawi Joshua Malango said on Monday that the number of cases had increased to 527 from 157 recorded in January.