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Honduras: Seven Convicted Of Murder Of Respected Anti-Dam Activist Berta Caceres

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

A court in Honduras has found seven men guilty of the murder of renowned environmental activist Berta Caceres who was shot dead in her home by gunmen in 2016 after receiving death threats for her opposition to the Aqua Zarca hydro-electric dam.

Judges at the court in Tegucigalpa November 29 said two officials from the construction firm Desa - Sergio Rodríguez and Douglas Bustillo - had helped organize the killing along with former soldier Mariano Díaz. Desa has strongly denied any involvement in the murder.


Environment Secretary Assures Lawmakers UK Will Have Safe Drinking Water In Event Of No-deal Brexit

LONDON, United Kingdom

The UK Environment Secretary was forced last week to reassure a parliamentary committee that the country’s drinking water would be safe in the event of a “no-deal Brexit”, whereby the UK leaves the European Union without an agreed exit deal.

PPP Improves Urban Water Supply In Self-declared State Of Somaliland

TOG WAJAALE, Somaliland

An EU-funded UNICEF project to address water scarcity issues in four towns, affecting 800,000 people in Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia, was inaugurated December 2.

New UN Initiative To Save The Aral Sea

NEW YORK NY, United States

The UN Human Security Unit (HSU), in cooperation with Uzbekistan, Japan, Nigeria and Norway, has launched a "Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund" (MPHSTF) for the Aral Sea Region. The initiative marks a “new chapter for communities in the region,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said November 27.

Increased World Bank Commitment Gives Equal Emphasis To Climate Adaptation, Mitigation

Washington DC, United States

As the world’s governments meet in Katowice, Poland for COP24, The World Bank Group has announced a new set of climate targets for 2021-2025 with a key priority described by the Bank as boosting support for climate adaptation, recognizing that millions of people across the world are already facing the severe consequences of more extreme weather events.

$614 Million USD WIFIA Loan For San Diego Water Purification

WASHINGTON DC, United States

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a $614 Million USD loan to San Diego, California, about one-half the cost of the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Project. The loan was approved under the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA), a federal loan and guarantee program established in 2014 to accelerate investment in US water infrastructure by providing long-term, low-cost supplemental loans for regionally and nationally significant projects.

Nairobi Citizens Offered Reward To Turn In Water Cartels


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Saturday offered city dwellers rewards for arresting water cartels and rogue Nairobi City County officials. Residents were promised a Ksh300,000 (approx. $2,900 USD) reward for apprehending cartels known to divert water to private vendors in various estates. A reward of Ksh10,000 (approx.


Ecuador: OHCHR Calls For Prioritization Of Indigenous People's Rights Over Resource Extraction


A UN human rights expert has called for urgent action by the Government of Ecuador to protect the rights of indigenous peoples as a surge in demand for extractive resources and new development projects puts additional pressure on the indigenous population.


Salinity And Alkalinity Hit US Drinking Water, Eco-systems


The increasing saltiness and alkalinity of streams and rivers is creating a toxic brew including metals and nitrogen-containing compounds, and threatens drinking water supplies and ecosystem health nationwide, new University of Maryland-led research has found.


Brazil Hydro Company Completes Floating Solar Project


Brazilian hydroelectric power producer Companhia Hidroelétrica do São Francisco (Chesf), which serves several cities in the northeast of the country, has completed a 1 MW floating PV plant at the Sobradinho dam, a 175 MW hydroelectric facility on the São Francisco river in Sobradinho, in the state of Bahia. The project, planned to be expanded to 5 MW, was launched by the company in 2016.


Two Million Gallon Balochistan Desal Plant Lies Idle


The Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms here on Thursday expressed its annoyance over the non-functioning of two million gallons desalination plant at Karwat in Gwadar and asked the department concerned of the provincial government of Balochistan to submit a detailed report.


El Paso Will Be First Large US City To Drink Treated Sewage Water


One of the city of El Paso's prime sources of water is the Rio Grande. Typically the river can supply as much as half of the city's water needs. But climate change is making that increasingly difficult and is pushing the city to look for new sources of water.


Green Climate Fund Supports $42 Million USD Grenada Water Resiliency Project


The Climate Resilience in Grenada's Water Sector (G-Crews) project, whose US$42- million budget will be mostly met by the US$35-million grant from the Green Climate Fund, is designed to tackle water issues brought about by climate change.


Illinois Coal Ash Dumps Contaminating Ground Water


Analysis based on testing mostly conducted by energy companies shows that water near all but two coal plants in Illinois is contaminated with toxic waste. A compilation of industry-supplied data from 24 Illinois coal plants shows harmful levels of arsenic, chromium, lead, and other heavy metals in nearby groundwater.


NASA Enlists Private Companies For Moon Water Hunt


The US space agency is kicking off a $2.6 Billion USD push to hire private companies to ferry scientific instruments to the Moon. NASA did not explain why the companies were selected, or how funding will be allotted between them for flights that could begin as soon as the end of 2019.