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Iraq Delegation to Visit Turkey Over Water Dispute


An Iraqi government delegation will visit Turkey to discuss the country’s water share amid environmental concerns over Turkey’s Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River. Last December, Iraqi Water Resources Minister Hassan al-Janabi warned that farmers in swathes of southern Iraq had too little water to plant and that some areas may face drinking water shortage in the summer.


Linkage Between Migration and Water Security Should Concern Trump


In his State of the Union address, the President once again called for stronger responses to global security crises and significant new investments in security along our southern border. And yet, one of the drivers behind both of these issues – namely, water security – has received little attention to date.


Turkish Foundation Opens New Water Stations in Chad


A foundation linked to Turkey’s top religious authority has opened a water station near capital N'djamena. The new station is part of the “Drop of Life” project initiated by Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV), which is connected to the Turkish state's Religious Affairs Directorate.


Cleaner Porcelain for China


Clean, comfortable and even a bit luxurious, visitors in need of relief are greeted with soothing music, greenery and toilet bowls awash with soapy suds. One almost wants to linger. Public toilets in China still need a good scrubbing, but a countrywide campaign to make them sparkle is improving the user experience.


Philippines: Kaliwa Dam Construction Will Finally Commence


In just a matter of months, the government will finally start the construction of the Kaliwa Dam project, a portion of the administration’s flagship New Centennial Water Source Project (NCWSP) that would cost nearly P19 billion to build.


More Hydro Development in Morocco's in Middle Atlas Region


French renewable energy producer, Voltalia has obtained permits for the development of two hydropower plants with a capacity of 9.8MW and 7.2MW, respectively in middle-Atlas region in Morocco. Last month, another French company, VINCI Construction, was awarded a $346 million contract to build a pumped storage hydroelectric plant, near Agadir.


Pakistan Will Announce Water Policy in Ten Days


The Senate was informed on Thursday that the government will announce a water policy within the next ten days. Water Resources Minister, Syed Javed Ali Shah apprised that the policy is being finalized in consultation with the relevant provincial authorities and pointed out that during the forthcoming Rabi season, the country may face a water shortage of twenty per cent.


Sindh Province Demands Implementation of 1991 Water Accord


Sindh has reiterated its stance that the province has no objection to building new dams if they were constructed with consensus. The province has also rejected the distribution of water under historical or three tier formula and demanded the implementation of Water Accord 1991 so the provinces should get their due share of water,


Rwanda Gets New Technology To Prevent Water Loss


Rwanda’s Water and Sanitation Corporation (Wasac) has launched a new technology that will help to regulate water levels and flow to serve its clientele effectively and prevent losses. The Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) a new software the company has acquired will first be used in monitoring water levels at water reservoirs in Kigali, then to countryside reservoirs.


No Immediate Water Implications as US Moves Nukes to Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany

ANKARA, Turkey

A third of the B61 bombs in Europe under joint US and Nato control are thought to be kept at Incirlik base in Turkey, 70 miles from the Syrian border, which has been the subject of serious concerns. The threat to the base posed by Islamic State militants was considered serious enough in March 2016 to evacuate the families of military officers.


Filter Tech Will Make Sydney Harbor Water Drinkable


Sydney’s often-polluted harbour has played a starring role in the development of a new CSIRO water-filter coating that could save lives around the world. CSIRO scientist Dong Han Seo says the tiny membrane, named Graphair, supercharges water purification, making it simpler, more effective and quicker.


EU and EBRD Fund Wastewater and Sanitation in Egypt's Fayoum Governorate


The EBRD has received €38 million in grants from the European Union (EU) to blend with its own investment of €186 million in the extension and upgrade of wastewater services in the Egyptian governorate of Fayoum, where three million people live.


Maputo Rations Water as Drought Ravages Mozambique


On Wednesday, Mozambique authorities introduced water rationing to more than a million residents in the capital Maputo due to a severe drought. The city is cutting the water supply to consumers to just 40% of normal levels, Casimiro Abreu, deputy director of the country’s national emergency centre said in a statement.