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Michigan Officials Defend Approval Of Controversial Nestle Water Extraction Permit


For the first time, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is commenting on why the controversial Nestle water permit was approved. Nestle is pumping out 400 gallons of water from the Great Lakes each minute, and the state is only charging $200 per year.


Imran Khan Adds His Voice To Calls For Expat Funding For Dam Construction

LAHORE, Pakistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has described the ongoing water crisis to be the biggest issue for the country.

In a televised address last week Imran said that he has been taking presentations in the last 2 weeks on issues faced by the country and said that a ministry would be formed which would work towards resolving the water crisis.

Ethiopia Police Declare GERD Dam Manager’s Death Was Suicide


The head of Ethiopia’s Federal Police Commission announced September 7 that the shooting death of Simegnew Bekele, who was found dead in his vehicle in Addis Ababa in July was a suicide. “The investigation (into the death of the project manager of the $4 Billion USD Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)) reveals that he used his own gun and killed himself", Zeynu Jamal said.

Water Sector Is "Starting Point" For EIB Sustainability Awareness Bond

LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg

The European Investment Bank (EIB) issued its first Sustainability Awareness Bond September 6. The $578 Million USD (EUR 500 Million) funding builds on the EIB’s pioneering role unlocking investment through green bonds, the development bank said.

Climate Change: "Far Too Many Leaders Have Refused To Listen", Says Guterres

New York, United States

United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres has called on global leaders to rein in climate change faster.

“If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change,” Guterres said at United Nations headquarters in New York September 10.

Don't Swim In The Jordan - US Issues Disease Warning

Tel Aviv, Israel

Following August's leptospirosis outbreak in the Jordan River system in the Golan Heights region of northern Israel, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued September 7 a "Watch - Level 1, Practice Usual Precautions" alert for visitors to the region.

Harvard Endowment Fund Accused Of Land Grabs Causing Denial Of Indigenous People's Water Access

WASHINGTON, United States

An investigative report has accused Harvard University’s endowment fund of using an opaque corporate structure to acquire control of farmland across five continents during the past 10 years.

This mmonth's report by two non-profits supporting agrarian and social movements highlights case studies in Brazil where the endowment fund’s land acquisitions have been concentrated in the northeast region of the country. The farmland in this area is described as being grabbed at an alarming rate by agribusiness companies for the large-scale production of commodity crops like soybeans and sugarcane.

Iraq: Basra Crisis Worsens As Iran Consulate Attacked, Power Outages Hit


The International Committee of the Red Cross said September 11 that drinking water could soon run even lower in the southern Iraq city of Basra.

The main Wafa al-Qaed water treatment plant on the northern edge of Basra has been out of action due to a power outage since Friday and although other plants were able to supply some 40 percent of usual needs, the quality of the water was poor, the Red Cross said.

"This is an emergency situation. We need to restore the full supply," said spokeswoman Nada Doumani. She said she did not know the reason for the power cut.

Hospitals in Basra have seen an influx of patients suffering from diarrhea and various intestinal infections, with some 6,280 people being admitted to hospitals for treatment in the last 2 weeks alone.

Last week Basra’s health department released a water quality report stating that there is 100 percent chemical contamination and 50 percent bacterial contamination. Chlorine is not being used in treatment plants.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met September 10 with officials and tribal leaders in the Basra where violence has erupted since July, culminating in an attack on the consulate of Iran last week when 15 protesters were killed and city institutions burned.

China-India Water Data Relationship Thaws


What a difference a year can make in China-India relations. Last year, China was blamed for a flood in northeastern India. This year, it is being praised for helping to minimise the damage. The early warning China issued to India in August on the rising waters of its Tsangpo river – which hit its highest level in 150 years – gave the Indian authorities enough time to prepare.


Foam Contamination Found In Streams Around New Zealand Airport


Contamination from banned chemicals in firefighting foam at levels above safe drinking water guidelines has been found in streams around Palmerston North airport. Streams around Palmerston North airport are contaminated with firefighting foam chemicals at between three and 12 times the safe drinking water guidelines. All 23 soil samples tested above public land safety guidelines.


World Bank Finances $350 Million USD For Tanzania Water, Sanitation


The government has signed loan agreements worth over $800 Million USD with the World Bank to finance water and electricity projects in the country. Through the financing agreements, the World Bank will extend to the government $455 Million USD for the Tanzania Zambia Power Transmission Interconnector Project and $350 Million USD for Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program.


Earthen Check Dams Built To Minimize Human-Elephant Conflict


In a bid to minimise man and elephant conflict and enrich flora and fauna in Surajpur Forest Division of Chhattisgarh, at least 12 earthen check dams have been constructed inside the forests within two years. “Water body is the most important component to counter the effect of climate change. So our top priority is to increase water areas in Surajpur forest division.


AIIB To Invest $270 Million USD In Bangladesh Clean Water, Sanitation Projects


The China-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) plans to invest $270 million in a Bangladesh clean water infrastructure project. The project aims to improve access to piped water and sanitation to municipalities with poor water quality.


Tanzania Prez Orders Investigation Into Acacia Mining Water Pollution


Tanzanian President John Magufuli on September 7 ordered the east African nation's environment watchdog to probe pollution allegations against Acacia Mining's North Mara Gold Mine, saying a previous report that cleared the mine was tampered with.


Kenya Survey Explores Connections Between Droughts, Migration And Violence


A nationwide survey of a sub-Saharan African country is being conducted to find connections between droughts, migration and violence. A team from the University of Utah, US in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the Institute of Nairobi had previously surveyed 1400 respondents in 175 locations across Kenya in 2014, asking if they had relocated either permanently or temporarily because of drought, if they had been victims of violence, and, using an indirect questioning method, whether they have latent support for the use of violence.

Google Launches Water, Energy Footprint Tool


In a new interactive online tool launched today by Google, you can find out how much energy and water you’re using (and wasting) when doing the things we all do: wash our clothes, take showers, throw out spoiled foods and more. This tool helps to make two of the most basic and yet also opaque necessities of life — energy and water — a little more tangible.


Water Supply Alert After 150 Pneumonia Cases in Brescia, Italy


Authorities have issued a health alert after 150 cases of pneumonia were recorded in a week in northern Italy. A pneumonia-causing virus is thought to be lurking in the water supply in Brescia, located in the region of Lombardy. Samples have been taken from the water supply network for analysis, but results are not expected for several days.


Michigan's Miss America Contender Calls Out Flint Water Crisis


Miss Michigan didn't shy away from politics at Sunday night's Miss America pageant. The Grass Lake resident introduced herself by saying, "From the state with 84% of the U.S. freshwater but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan Emily Sioma.” The moment lit up social media, with many supporting the clear dig at officials handling the Flint water crisis.