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Pic of Rajasthan Health Minister Urinating in Public Goes Viral


The picture of Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf urinating on a wall in Jaipur comes as the Jaipur Municipal Corporation is working hard to bring the city on the top charts under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.


Filter Tech Will Make Sydney Harbor Water Drinkable


Sydney’s often-polluted harbour has played a starring role in the development of a new CSIRO water-filter coating that could save lives around the world. CSIRO scientist Dong Han Seo says the tiny membrane, named Graphair, supercharges water purification, making it simpler, more effective and quicker.


EU and EBRD Fund Wastewater and Sanitation in Egypt's Fayoum Governorate


The EBRD has received €38 million in grants from the European Union (EU) to blend with its own investment of €186 million in the extension and upgrade of wastewater services in the Egyptian governorate of Fayoum, where three million people live.


Maputo Rations Water as Drought Ravages Mozambique


On Wednesday, Mozambique authorities introduced water rationing to more than a million residents in the capital Maputo due to a severe drought. The city is cutting the water supply to consumers to just 40% of normal levels, Casimiro Abreu, deputy director of the country’s national emergency centre said in a statement.


Trump Infrastructure Plan Underinvests in Water


America’s water infrastructure is in bad shape, and President Trump’s new infrastructure plan would do little to fix that problem. Today’s post breaks down the plan’s financial approach to water infrastructure investment and identifies the ways in which it comes up short.


Govt Report Says NZ Needs More Water Storage


January 2018 was the hottest month ever recorded in NZ. And in 2017 shortages or surpluses of water caused huge problems: severe flooding in several regions in autumn and winter were followed by droughts in spring and summer.


Ghana Capital Faces Accute Water Shortage


The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has cautioned that Accra could face acute water shortage in the near future. The Chief Manager of Accra Production, Mr Charles Brobbey, said even with the operation at the highest capacity, the company still had a deficit of about 30 million gallons per day.


Canada Govt to Test Shit For Shit


The federal government is taking a somewhat noxious approach to studying just how much pot Canadians are consuming: researching our sewage. Statistics Canada will spend up to $600,000 a year for a contractor to regularly test waste water from 15 to 20 municipalities across the country for traces of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and other drugs.


Gujarat Farm Crisis Will Worsen as Dam Reserves Are Restricted to Drinking Water


Gujarat’s farm crisis is set to worsen as Narmada water in 5.5 lakh hectare areas in over a dozen districts in the Narmada command area will be stopped because the government has decided to reserve the water available in the dam only for drinking purpose.


Report Examines Comparison Of Pollution Into Water Catchments From Snowmelt-Runoff Vs Rainfall-Runoff


In this study, three factors relating to urban nonpoint source (NPS) pollutants, including surface dust, snowmelt, and rainfall-runoff processes, were analyzed comprehensively by both field sampling and laboratory experiments.


Mexicali Resiste Group Fights For Water Rights, Calls For Modelo Beer Boycott


In a Mexican region already plagued with drought, an international corporation is building a beer factory that would consume 20 million liters of drinking water every year: the same amount that would normally quench the thirst of some 750,000 people.


Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Launches Desal Plant


Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station launched its groundwater desalination plant on Wednesday. It will take care of the power station’s water needs and ease pressure on the City of Cape Town’s water supply.


Southern California Water Agency Eyes Possible Control of Delta Tunnels Project


In a dramatic twist on the Delta tunnels saga, Southern California’s powerful water agency is exploring the feasibility of owning the majority stake in the controversial project, a move that raises fears of a “water grab.”


Project For Better Use of Water of Rivers Flowing Into Pakistan


The Rajasthan Water Sector Restructuring Project will focus on effective utilisation of excess rain and flood water of major rivers flowing into Pakistan, according to an official. An MoU was signed with the New Development Bank (NDB) for a loan of Rs 1,000 crore for the Rs 3,300-crore project in Delhi today.


World Bank’s Commitment to Iraq Reaches $4.7 Billion USD


The World Bank Group and the Government of Iraq signed two projects today totaling US$510 million to help the Iraqi people by improving living conditions, enhancing water supplies, and creating jobs.


New Nanoporous Metal Foams Use Sunlight to Remove Micropollutants


A researcher from the University of Bath is leading the way in creating a new, more efficient way for the water industry to safely remove micropollutants from water without increasing their carbon footprint.


Kenya: New Twist to Human-Wildlife Conflict


Villagers in a remote part of Lpolei in Laikipia North are complaining about baboons and monkeys stealing water from their makeshift huts in the vast community ranch. The villagers are now afraid to leave their doors or windows open or to let their children go to school or to water points for fear that baboons might attack them.


Desalination, Water Treatment Are Egypt's Water Hedges


There is growing concern in Egypt over an impending water crisis as construction of Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam progresses and negotiations between the two countries have not so far resolved any of the technical disputes.


Satellites to Monitor Water Quality of Scottish Lochs


Researchers at the University of Stirling are working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to investigate the feasibility of introducing earth observation technology to its day-to-day operations in a bid to improve the quality and efficiency of water sampling.


Female Legislator Attacked In Brawl Over Yerevan Sewage Water


An Armenian opposition municipal legislator was attacked in a brawl that erupted at a city council meeting in the capital, Yerevan, as she attempted to give the mayor a container showing how dirty the water in the capital is.