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China's CGGC Acquires Sao Paul Water Supply Company

Sao Paulo, Brazil

China Gezhouba Group Co (CGGC) announced May 29 that its subsidiary in Brazil has purchased a 100 percent stake of a water supply company in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a latest move to improve the Chinese state-owned construction giant's presence in South America. (Xinhua)


Iraq Water Crisis Won't Hit Kurdistan Region


Iraq’s minister of water resources has warned of an impending water crisis because of low levels in the reservoir of Mosul Dam. A Kurdish official, however, said the Kurdistan Region is not facing a similar risk according to Kurdish media agency Rudaw.


The Nature Conservancy Launches Water Sustainability Project For Beef Supply Chain

Lincoln, NE

Cargill Corp has partnered with The Nature Conservancy and Nestlé Purina to launch a three-year water sustainability programme, which aims to reduce water waste in the beef supply chain. Launching in Nebraska, the project will see farmers install weather sensors in crop fields which will help determine how regularly crops need to be irrigated, and the partnership claims the project could save u


Concern Over Lack Of Water After Music Festival Deaths


Following the deaths of two people at the Mutiny Festival of music in Portsmouth, UK, concerns have been raised over the festival’s lack of access to drinking water. The festival cancelled its final day May 27 after an 18-year-old woman and and a 20-year-old man died in separate incidents at the festival’s site. The deaths are believed to be the result of high-strength ecstasy.


14,000 Damaged Lead Pipes Remain Buried in Flint


The city of Flint, Michigan, estimates 14,000 damaged lead and galvanized water service lines remain buried, about 15 percent more than past projections. Director of Public Works Robert Bincsik provided the update in a May 16 letter to the U.S.


Pakistan Airforce Hijacks Karachi Water At Gunpoint

KARACHI, Pakistan

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director Khalid Sheikh alleged that "certain state departments" force the KWSB officials to supply extra water to "cantonment areas by taking the staff hostage at gunpoint". During a 28 May hearing of the Supreme Court-mandated water commission Sheikh said, "The hydrant at Shah Faisal Colony is shut down in order to supply extra water to Pakistan


Researchers "Separate" Two Forms Of Water

Basel, Switzerland

Water molecules exist in two different forms with almost identical physical properties. Researchers have succeeded in separating the two forms for the first time to show that they can exhibit different chemical reactivities.

The new research has been reported by researchers from the University of Basel, Switzerland and their colleagues in Hamburg in the scientific journal Nature.


EU Commission Seeks To Stimulate Water Reuse For Irrigation


The European Commission has proposed new rules to stimulate and facilitate water reuse in the EU for agricultural irrigation. The new rules are designed to help farmers “make the best use of non-potable wastewater, alleviating water scarcity whilst protecting the environment and consumers”.


Bulgarian Lawmaker Apologizes For Sofia Water Contamination Allegation


Tasko Ermenkov, a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, has apologized for a post on his personal Facebook profile. During the weekend he caused a public scare by writing that he had received water pollution signals in Sofia. The majority party GERB deputies have not accepted the apology, and demanded that Ermenkov resign.


England Faces Severe Water Shortages By 2050


The Environment Agency of England has urged rapid action to avert severe water shortages by 2050.

A new report says enough water to meet the needs of 20 million people is lost through leakage every day, with population growth and the impact of climate change expected to add to supply pressures.


Myanmar Hydro Environmental Assessment Recommends Preservation Of River Mainstems


The government of Myanmar and the International Finance Corporation have released a draft strategic environmental assessment (SEA) report around the sustainability of the country’s hydropower sector.


World Bank Will Not Support Pakistan Demands For Indus Treaty Arbitration

Washington, DC

The World Bank has denied Pakistan’s demands for a court of arbitration to resolve the country’s dispute over India’s upstream Kishanganga Hydroelectric Dam project.


Huge India Copper Plant Closes Permanently After Police Kill 13 Pollution Protesters


Indian officials have ordered permanent closure of the Sterlite copper smelting plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, after police killed 13 people in recent protests against water pollution caused by the smelter and ancillary activities.


New Mexico Files Rio Grande Counterclaims Against Texas


New Mexico filed its responses to Texas and the federal government on a U.S. Supreme Court lawsuit over the waters of the Rio Grande. On Tuesday night, New Mexico Attorney General and its contract attorneys filed the state’s counterclaims on Texas v. New Mexico & Colorado.


Human Migration In Afghanistan As Drought Intensifies

KABUL, Afghanistan

Drought is affecting two-thirds of provinces across Afghanistan with more than two million people expected to become severely food insecure and in need of humanitarian assistance, according to a report issued May 28 by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). Drought-related migration movements are commencing.


US Government Agency Bars Environment Reporters From Summit On Hazardous Substances

WAShington DC

Journalists from The Associated Press, Politico and other outlets said United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA) staff at the agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters blocked them from entering the National Leadership Summit on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) May 23.


Kyrgyzstan Wants UN Action On Uranium Tailings


The government of Kyrgizstan has demanded a new United Nations resolution on problems associated from uranium mining tailings.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Kubatbek Boronov has drawn attention to uranium tailing dumps, close to rivers, in Kyrgyzstan and other central Aisan countries.