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Malaysia Deputy PM Downplays Prospect Of Water Dispute With Singapore


Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has downplayed recent remarks by the country's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad which indicated an escalation of tensions with neighbouuring Singapore over a lonstanding water-sharing treaty.

The Deputy PM said August 18 that "..as neighbours, we (Malaysia and Singapore) should be cordial. The issue of water has been long-standing".

Drinking Water Despatched To Kerala After Worst Monsoon Flooding For 100 Years

PUNE, India

The government of India has pledged $71 Million USD for victims of what Kerala's Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan called "(India's) worst floods in 100 years".

Future Fracking Practices Will Require Far More Water Than Previously Estimated

DURHAM, United States

A dramatic increase in fracking's water footprint in the United States from 2011 to 2016 indicates that future hydraulic fracturing practices will require far more water than previously estimated. A new report from Duke University has found that the water use per fracking well increased up to 770 Percent over the period and, importantly, that the toxic wastewater produced in the first year of a well's production jumped to 1440 Percent.

If this rapid intensification continues, fracking’s water footprint could grow by up to 50-fold in some regions by the year 2030 -- raising concerns about its sustainability, particularly in arid or semi-arid regions in western states, or other areas where groundwater supplies are stressed or limited.

South Africa PM Launches Initiative To Eradicate Pit Toilets In Schools

PRETORIA, South Africa

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa launched a new initiative August 14 aiming to eradicate reliance on pit toilets in the country's schools. In South Africa it is estimated that more than 3,000 schools still use pit toilets or have no sanitation at all.


Sri Lanka PM Opens Integrated Supply, Sewerage Project


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe was in Kurunegala on August 13, where he vested in the public the integrated water supply system and sewerage project. The sanitation facility will cater to the needs of households, government, private sector, schools, hospitals, tourist hotels, institutions and all of the daily floating population exceeding 100,000.


Illinois Sues Trump Tower Over Wastewater Discharged Into The Chicago River


The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago has discharged millions of gallons of warm water into the city’s iconic river without a permit, putting fish and other aquatic life there at risk, the Illinois attorney general contended in a lawsuit filed this week.


French Polynesian Atoll Stops Water Desalination


A French Polynesian atoll has decided to turn off its desalination plant because people disliked the taste of the water. The mayor said it cost the atoll administration more than $US1 million to install the plant seven years ago. The atoll, which has only one fresh water source, wants to revert to collecting rain water.


Kuwait Sends Four Seawater Desal Units To Iraq


The State of Kuwait last week sent four seawater desalination units to Iraq. The production capacity of the four seawater desalination units amounts to one million imperial gallons. Kuwaiti aid would effectively contribute to the provision of potable water to the residents of southern Iraq.


South Australia Plans New Desal Plant


An $80 million desalination plant is being planned for Port Lincoln, with SA Water already purchasing land at the "preferred" site for the facility. SA Water bought 60 hectares of land at Sleaford Bay, 17km west of Port Lincoln in July.


Gujarat Committed To Tackle Scarcity By 2050: Chief Minister


Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani expressed his government's resolve today to make the state free of water scarcity by 2050. "Israel has shown us how we can grow more crops using very less water. We have to adopt those irrigation techniques to achieve our target. We have also planned to set up 10 desalination plants to convert sea water into fresh water," he said.


Tribunal Ends 50 Year India Water Dispute


The Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal ended a 50 year water dispute among the Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka August 14. According to the tribunal's final verdict, Goa will get the largest share of water followed by Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Cambodia Government Expands Rural Water Supply


During a visit to a water processing plant in Pursat province, Industry Minister Cham Prasidh said that providing clean water to rural areas is going to be the focus for the new government in September. “We do not only focus on the supply of water in central areas, but also in rural areas because water is life,” Mr Prasidh said.


Coastal Europe Must Adapt To Avoid "Catastrophic Flooding" This Century


Coastal Europe faces unprecedented flood risk unless timely adaptation measures are taken, according to new research. Coastal floods could impact up to 3.65 million people every year in Europe by 2100, compared to around 102,000 today. One in three EU citizens lives within 50 km of the coast.


Mexico: Manatee Deaths Mystery On Ramsar Convention Site


More than 25 dead manatees have been discovered in the wetlands of Tabasco, Mexico in the last three months, while fishermen have also reported fish deaths in the Bitzal River.

Officials and researchers have not been able to find a singular cause of the animal deaths. 

Mexico has been a signatory to the international Ramsar Treaty on wetlands conservation since 1986, with Tabasco's "Pantanos de Centla" wetlands, including the Bitzal river, listed as a wetlands area of international importance. 

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, named after Ramsar, Iran, where it was signed in 1971, describes its mission as “the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation, as a contribution towards achieving sustainable development throughout the world”.

Climate Change Responsible For China Glacial Lake Burst


Climate change is responsible for the August 10 burst of a glacial lake in China's wetern Xinjiang Uigur autonomous region, campaigners have said.

The burst released floodwater into the Yarkant River Basin and there has been local evacuation, but no casualties have been reported, according to Chinese state media.

Paris Pissoirs Piss Wars

PARIS, France

New eco-friendly urinals have been placed across the city center of Paris to reduce the incidence of public urination on the streets prompting mixed reaction from Parisians.

While some have welcomed the arrival of the bright red "uritrottoirs" (pavement urinals) as an innovation that might help rid the French capital of unpleasant sights and smells, others are calling for the new urinals to be removed and are planning to submit a petition.

Topped with plants, the dry, organic urinals do not use water but are filled with straw which can be easily composted, according to manufacturers Faltazi. For all intents and purposes, the boxes are odor-free urinals, disguised as flower pots.

The recent installation of one of the boxes on Ile Saint-Louis, not far from Notre-Dame cathedral, has prompted particular hostility from Parisians.

Local mayor, Ariel Weil, said: "If we don't do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets. If it is really bothering people, we will find another location".


US Grants Jordan $166 Million USD For Water Network Improvement

AMMAN, Jordan

The US and Jordan have signed grant agreements totaling $166 Million USD to rehabilitate Amman’s water resources and to install smart meters.

The grants, announced August 8, support Jordans’ 2016-2015 water strategy that seeks to generate additional water amounts and reduce Jordan’s water loss from the current 43 per cent to 25 per cent by the year 2025.

Tokyo Tests Water Sprinklers As Street Cooling Mechanism


Authorities in Tokyo conducted tests using water sprinklers on its streets on Monday (Aug 13) to see if it could effectively reduce high temperatures expected during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Games, which will take place from Jul 24 to Aug 9, will be held when temperatures can hit 37 degrees Celsius, with humidity climbing to more than 80 per cent.


South Africa Activists Highlight Magalies Water Board Mismanagement


The South African non-profit civil action group, Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), has written to Water and Sanitation Minister Gugile Nkwinti highlighting issues at the Magalies Water Board. Governance issues at a water utility responsible for the crucial service of water delivery cannot be ignored, says OUTA.