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Hydropower Sector Should Consider Broader Consequences Of Dam-building

WASHINGTON DC, United States

Proceedings of the National Academy of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) has published research calling for the hydropower sector to pay more attention to social and environmental consequences of dam-building in the developing world.

African Development Bank Supports Morocco Drive For High-quality Drinking Water

RABAT, Morocco

The African Development Bank (AfDB) approved November 5 a $130 Million USD loan to support Morocco’s endeavor to invest in new treatment processes and drinking water supply networks.

Bangladesh: The Deeper The Well, The Less The Arsenic


Arsenic in well water accounts for one in 20 deaths in Bangladesh. The country's 10 million or more shallow, hand-pumped wells yield water that often exceeds the World Health Organization's (WHO) arsenic guidelines of 10 micrograms per liter. Drilling deeper wells yields significantly lower levels of the poisonous chemical, according to new research.

$500 Million USD For African Water Facility Urban Sanitation Program


The Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing was the occasion chosen for the African Development Bank’s November 6 announcement of a new sanitation project for sub-Saharan Africa’s urban inhabitants. The Gates Foundation, in partnership with the Government of China, has promised support for the initiative of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in conjunction with the African Water Facility to bring fast adoption of innovative, pro-poor sanitation technologies to the world’s developing regions.

Radioactive Water Dump Threatens Fukushima Fisheries

TOKYO, Japan

Last month’s announcement that the government of Japan will release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean has left Fukushima fisherman wondering how they will ensure the safety of their livelihoods and the safety of the fish they now catch.

South Arica: Alien Plants Suck

PRETORIA, South Africa

The government of South Africa has announced the launch of a “first comprehensive national-scale assessment of the status of biological invasions and their management” in response to "the real economic threat" posed by such invasions.

Delhi Dowses Trees With Water To Combat Air Pollution


The Delhi Fire Service (DFS) on Monday sprinkled water on trees in central Delhi as part of its measures to control pollution. Delhi's air quality deteriorated sharply on Monday to fall in the severe category for the second time within a week due to a change in wind direction and rampant stubble burning in neighbouring states, authorities said.


Zimbabwe To Supply Water For South Africa Special Economic Zone


South Africa is in talks with Zimbabwe for the supply of water to the parched Makhado region. The long-delayed multi-billion rand Makhado-Musina Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Limpopo is being hampered by a lack of reliable water supply.


Wabag Bags $133 Million USD Saudi Sewage Water plant Contract


Indian multinational group VA Tech Wabag (Wabag) has been awarded a major engineering, procurement and construction contract worth SR500 million ($133 million) for the development of a sewage water treatment plant in Jubail area of the kingdom.


Las Vegas "Headed For A Water Calamity"


Las Vegas is built on a desert. And the main source of water in our oasis, the Colorado River, is producing less water every year. Surely this alone is the writing on the wall that will provide an impetus to plan for and deal with the future looming problems regarding this priceless commodity. If we fail to address this now, it will undoubtedly cause immense problems here one day.


Unsafe Drinking Water Is "Crisis" in Rural US Communities


Rural communities call it their own, private Flint— a diffuse, creeping water crisis tied to industrial farms and slack regulations that for years has tainted thousands of residential wells across the Midwest and beyond.


World Bank Supports Manila Water Management Projects


The World Bank and the government are preparing a $17.3 Million USD project seeking to improve the latter’s capacity to implement water management projects. The national government will provide $9.90 million, while $7.40 million will come from the Global Environment Facility trust fund.


Basra Water Pollution Hits Carp Stocks


Iraqi fish farmers south of Baghdad have been left reeling after finding thousands of dead carp mysteriously floating in their cages or washed up on the banks of the Euphrates. Major water pollution has already kicked up a stink in Iraq once this year, as around 100,000 people were hospitalised this summer in the southern city of Basra.