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Three Cape Town Desal Plants Will Come Online in May


The City of Cape Town says its three desalination plants are expected to deliver water into the system in May. The plants have been delayed since February. Mayoral committee member Xanthea Limberg says construction and water quality testing at the plants have been completed.


Pressure Groups Urge Europe to Tackle Pharmaceuticals in Water


Signatory groups to a joint petition urge European policymakers to ensure that Europe’s response to the threat posed by the presence of pharmaceuticals in the environment (PiE) is taken seriously, and that present and future European action will be timely, resolute and coordinated in all relevant policies.


Bangladesh: Dhaka Selects Veolia and Suez to Design, Operate Treatment Plant


The Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA), the authority in charge of drinking water and wastewater management for the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, has chosen Veolia, together with Suez, for the design, build and operate contract for the Gandharbpur drinking water treatment plant.


"Over 1,000 Bodies": Murder Victim Corpses Pollute Rivers in Colombia


Throwing bodies in the rivers has been a longlasting practice carried out by the country's various criminal groups since the beginning of the conflict —about 60 years ago. Over 1,080 bodies have been found in at least 190 Colombian rivers, according to the project “Rivers of Life and Death” run by several journalists from the Paths of Conflicts and Redaction Council released on Wednesday.


Souther Iran Farmers Protest Ban on Planting Rice


Rice farmers in a southern Iranian province are protesting a local government decision to ban rice planting because of water shortages. Iran’s state-run ILNA news agency said a group of rice farmers denounced the ban at a rally Wednesday outside the Khuzestan provincial governorate building in the city of Ahvaz. It said the farmers have staged several protests at the site in recent days.


Most US States Fail To Leverage Financing Opportunities To Address $1 Trillion USD Water Infrastructure Funding Gap


With American water infrastructure costs expected to exceed $1 Trillion USD, a new report shows that only a few of the country's states are adequately leveraging federal dollars to shrink the infrastructure funding gap.

The new report released May 15 by NGO the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “Going Back to the Well” highlights cutting-edge financing strategies for states to better fund the water infrastructure serving millions of Americans.


Yemen Cholera Outbreak: Oral Vaccination Campaign Implemented

ADEN, Yemen

The first-ever oral cholera vaccination campaign in Yemen was launched on May 6 and concluded on May 15, just before the start of Ramadan, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported.

Data shows an increase in cholera risk during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, possibly because people gather in large groups to share food, often obtained from street vendors.


Kenya Senators Call For Dam Owner's Prosecution After 48 Killed In Breach Catastrophe


The Senate Committee on National Security is calling for the immediate arrest of the Solai dam owner Mansukh Patel following the death of 48 people last week. The lawmakers have taken issue with security agencies for what they have described as tolerance in the manner in which they have handled the situation.


India: Leopard Killed As Water Conflict Strikes Animal Kingdom


The water conflict has seemingly spread from the domain of humans to the animal kingdom now. A one-yearold female leopard was found dead on Tuesday morning at the Aravalli hills in Gurgaon with wildlife officers suspecting that a territorial fight with another such big cat in the parched region led to the casualty.


Uganda Prez Invites Egypt Prez To Visit Source Of The Nile

CAIRO, Egypt

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has invited his Egyptian counterpart to visit the source of the Nile in the East African nation. Museveni who arrived in Egypt May 15 to hold bilateral talks, said he is happy that the North African nation now has progressive leaders who share the common interests of unity and development. Local media in Egypt reported that Sisi explained his country’s view ab


Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia GERD Mediation Meeting Produces Agreement

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the success of this week's mediation meeting regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiations in Adis Ababa. The ministers of irrigation and water resources as well as the chiefs of intelligence services of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia participated in the May 15 meeting.


Russian Company Pulls Out Of $180 Million USD Iran Desal Plant, Blaming US Sanctions

MOSCOW, Russia

Russian plans for construction of a $180 Million USD desalination project in Iran have been put on hold after the Russian construction company withdrew from the deal last week, citing the tightening of US sanctions against Iran.ComThe plant was planned to produce 200,000 cubic meters per day of purified water for use by Iranian government istitutions and agriculture.


USEPA Sought To Block "PR Disaster" Report On Chemical Contamination Of Drinking Water


A Freedom of Information Act filing by the US’s Union of Concerned Scientists has revealed that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) sought to block a federal government report on water contamination showing that chemicals endanger human health at a far lower level than USEPA has previously called safe.

Politico reported this week that USEPA and White House internal emails showed concern that publication of the study by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) study, produced by its Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) would be a “public relations nightmare” and “a disaster” for USEPA’s reputation as well as the Department of Defense which is responsible for much of the pollution in question, which is associated with chemical plants, US military installations and other sites.


India Government Submits Cauvery Management Scheme To Supreme Court


India's Supreme Court May 16 rejected arguments from the state of Karnataka that finalization of the new draft Cauvery management scheme should be put on hold as the process of formation of a new government in the state is underway. 


Poisoned Cambodian Villagers Return Home From Hospital After Contamination Incident That Killed 13

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

Cambodian villagers hospitalized after drinking water taken from a polluted river have begun to return home, with many openly concerned that clean water distributed by authorities may soon run out, leaving them again dependent on a contaminated source.


Santa Clara Valley Water District Approves $650 Million USD For California Water Tunnel Project

San Francisco, CA

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has voted to support State Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build two massive tunnels to transfer Northern California water to Southern California.

The district’s board voted 4-3 May 8 to support the $17 Billion USD project and to commit up to $650 Million USD to help pay for it.


EBRD Recognizes Morocco for Agricultural Sustainability


Morocco received the 2018 sustainability award of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for its project to protect the irrigated plain of Saiss. The project, funded by the EBRD, stood out amid 55 competing submissions vying for the prize.