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China Maps Unregistered Yangtze Sewage Outlets


The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China's top environmental watchdog, has launched a campaign to comb the banks of the Yangtze River to map all sewage outlets and identify any that are unregistered. Water quality monitoring will be done at all sewage outlets, and environmental officers will trace any pollution they find to its source.


Philippines Government Urged To Secure Water Resources Ahead of El Nino


An alliance of business groups and civil society organizations called on the government to immediately ensure water security, after the state weather bureau warned that a "full-blown" El Niño will be hitting the Philippines this year. In a press conference on Thursday, February 21, the Movement for Water Security (MWS) presented its recommendations.


Cambodia Prepares For Water Shortages


As the dry season takes hold, the government is preparing to tackle a water shortage in six provinces, according to a senior official at the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology. “The six provinces affected, but as I have previously confirmed, the water shortage does not happen everywhere in those provinces, only in certain areas,” he said.


Jakarta's Citarum River At Risk From Housing Development


Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan voiced his concern and fear of the Meikarta housing project and its effect on the quality of Jakarta’s main water supply, Citarum River. According to Anies, the position of the housing project is within close vicinity to the west water passage that passes Kalimalang in East Java.


Guizhou Province Continues Investment In Safe Drinking Water


Southwest China's Guizhou Province will continue investment to guarantee safe drinking water for rural residents. The investment will reach 4.5 billion yuan (664 million U.S. dollars) this year, and authorities plan to make safe drinking water accessible to all rural population by the end of June.


Troubled Hyflux Files Reorganization Plan; Directors Will Contribute Personal Stakes And Entitlements

SINGAPORE, Singapore

Singapore environmental solutions company Hyflux has filed a proposed reorganization plan with the the country's High Court, following the posting of significant net losses in fiscal year 2017 and subsequent suspension of share trading. Deadlines set by principal creditor, Maybank, have been extended more than once while Hyflux has sought buyers for its key assets and/or partners in a continuing business.

Phnom Penh Municipality Will Construct Three New Water, Sewage Facilities


Phnom Penh Municipality is planning to construct two new underground water reservoirs and a new sewage line to help ease flooding as part of implementing the city’s development masterplan. According to a February 9 report, work on the three projects will start from this month (February) and is scheduled to be completed by November 2020.


Shanghai Offers Rewards For Turning In Water Polluters


Water pollution is everyone's problem, and city residents are soon to be incentivized to join the fight. From March 1, people who report on any of eight activities including illegal sewage discharge, damaging water facilities and sand mining will be rewarded with 500 yuan (US$75) to 50,000 yuan.


Sindh Farmers Blame National Water Authority For Leakages, Theft Problems


The Sindh Chamber of Agriculture (SCA) has claimed that 22,000 cusecs water, which is enough to irrigate over 43,000 acres of land per day, goes missing due to leakages and theft between Besham, a city in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and the Tarbela Dam.


Google To Build Its First Floating Solar Project In Asia


Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, recently became the first company to make a purchase under the 2017 Taiwan Electricity Act, which allows non-utility companies to purchase renewable energy. For the 10-megawatt solar array in Tainan City, Taiwan, Google will install poles, with solar panels at the top of them, above fishing ponds.


Malaysia Foreign Minister Will Lead Renegotiations With Singapore Over 1962 Water Sharing Treaty

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad announced January 17 that the country’s Foreign Minister, Saifuddin Abdullah, will lead a team in renegotiating prices of raw water sold to Singapore under the water agreement signed between the countries in 1962. No details about the timing of negotiations have been made public.

South Africa: Residents Protest Local Water Shortages


The Unemployed Peoples' Movement has slammed the Makana Municipality over water shortages in Makhanda, the town formally known as Grahamstown. Residents have taken to the streets in protest and have marched on the city hall this week to highlight their grievances. The province is currently facing the worst drought in years.


Japan: Cybersecurity Guidelines Aim To Protect Water Infrastructure Against Malicious Software


Japan will call on operators of critical infrastructure, such as water and electricity, to caution against procuring telecommunications equipment that have the risk of containing malicious software. The warning will appear in Japan's revised cybersecurity guidelines due out this spring, in what would be the first such mention of threats that telecommunications equipment pose.


Rampant Sand Mining Threatens Myanmar's Irrawaddy River


Since 2010, a construction boom in Myanmar has fuelled sharp growth in the extraction of sand from the Irrawaddy River that is then used in cement and asphalt. Environmental groups say this dredging is destabilising the river and placing stress on the Irrawaddy Delta, the country’s main rice producing region.


Proposed Tibet Dam Would Contain Sandstorms, Mitigate Downstream Floods, Protect Ecosystems


A consortium of Chinese environmental engineers and activists are proposing the construction of a dam to prevent loss of frozen soil in the Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve in an isolated region in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The nature reserve has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2017, is major breeding area for the Tibetan antelope and is near the headwaters of the Yangtze River.

Geospatial Tools Can Be Deployed To Mitigate India Water Crisis


India, which is in the midst of its development journey, may face a grave water crisis in the future. According to a government think tank report, based on data collected from 24 of the country’s 29 states, as many as 600 million people are currently facing acute water shortage.