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  • 17 Jul 2019 - 10:03 - DUBLIN - Local Press Report

    A referendum to ensure the water system is kept in public ownership could be held in the first half of 2020, according to Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy.

  • 17 Jul 2019 - 10:06 - DURBAN - Local Press Report

    Residents used trees and stones to block several roads in the Engonyameni area near Umlazi, south of Durban, on Monday. The protest was in response to a lack of water.

  • 17 Jul 2019 - 05:40 - NAIROBI, Kenya - OOSKAnews Info

    A new policy brief from Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) examines population growth in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) and southeast Asia and posits some “myths” that will have to be de-bunked in order to cope with urban WASH access.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 15:23 - BEIJING, China - OOSKAnews Info

    China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has declared its 8-year moratorium on new golf courses a success.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 15:42 - LAUSANNE, Switzerland - OOSKAnews Info

    Research into Hepatitis E (HEV) disease indicates that population density and lack of clean water are factors that contribute to outbreaks.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 10:29 - WASHINGTON DC - Local Press Report

    A State Department intelligence official who was blocked by the White House from submitting written congressional testimony on climate change last month is resigning from his post.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 10:04 - Lima, Peru - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    A strike by farmers in Peru’s Islay Province continued into a second day July 16, as protests continue against Southern Copper’s $1.4 Billion USD Tia Maria mining project. Hundreds of farmers have blocked the Panamerican Highway, and local transport service has been suspended.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 09:14 - Thiruvananthapuram, India - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    The Country Director, World Bank, India, this week described the recently signed $250 Million USD loan for the Resilient Kerala Program (RKP) which aims to enhance the state’s resilience against natural disasters and climate change.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 08:31 - New Delhi, India - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    Monsoon rainfall has caused and mudslides across parts of Nepal, northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar in recent days causing more than 100 deaths, and mass evacuations. UN chief Antonio Guterres has expressed sadness at the loss of life, displacement of people and destruction of property due to the heavy monsoon rains and said the world body stands by to provide support if required. 

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 07:30 - DONETSK, Ukraine - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    Eastern Ukraine utility Voda Donbasa (VD) has informed the WASH Cluster in the country of two incidents of violence which affected the beleaguered Donetsk Filter Station (DFS) over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday July 13-14.

    There was small arms fire very close to DFS July 13, which started at 09:30 pm. One hour later shelling started at the same location (at 10.35 pm) lasting for one hour.

  • 16 Jul 2019 - 07:51 - SACRAMENTO, CA - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    California's Department of Conservation ordered oil giant Chevron July 13 to immediately "take all measures" to the stop the flow and "prevent any new surface expressions" near a well site that has spilled about 800,000 gallons of oil-water mixture in the last two months.

  • 13 Jul 2019 - 08:19 - LONDON, United Kingdom - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    The Water Services Regulation Authority of England and Wales (Ofwat) has announced new measures that impose requirements on water companies to strengthen their financial resilience.

  • 13 Jul 2019 - 07:46 - ROME, Italy - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    Variable climate conditions and persistent conflicts contine to cause high levels of food insecurity in 41 countries, with 31 of these in Africa, UNFAO has reported.

  • 13 Jul 2019 - 07:56 - SINGAPORE, Singapore - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    The June 27 deadline for financially stressed Singapore environmental services company Hyflux Ltd and its “white knight” Utico FZC (UAE) to reach an investment deal has passed, but a joint update filed with the Singapore Exchange July 11 indicates that “informal discussions” continue.

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  • 13 Jul 2019 - 06:35 - STOCKHOLM, Sweden - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    Historically, terrestrial, freshwater and marine specialists have worked more or less independently from one another and, so far, the linkages between source-to-sea have not been fully explored, according to a newly published "Guide".

  • 13 Jul 2019 - 06:27 - WASHINGTON DC, United States - OOSKAnews Correspondent

    US President Donald Trump's administration is considering a veto of defense spending legislation which seeks to address PFAS chemical contamination of water resources.

  • 12 Jul 2019 - 10:47 - WARRINGTON - Local Press Report

    A total of 100,000 listening devices are to be installed underground by United Utilities to detect leaks.

  • 12 Jul 2019 - 10:51 - BEIJING - Local Press Report

    About 1.63 million residents have been affected by heavy downpours and floods in South China, with about 77,000 resettled after the latest rainfalls, according to the Ministry of Emergency Manageme

  • 12 Jul 2019 - 10:56 - GUANGZHOU - Local Press Report

    Mussels, maritime creatures adhering to rocks and boat hulls, can inspire engineering innovations that help ensure blood transfusion safety, purify water and clean up oil spills, according to resea

  • 12 Jul 2019 - 10:58 - BULAWAYO - Local Press Report

    The Bulawayo City Council has announced that it will be indefinitely shutting down the water supply to the City until they are able to.


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