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  1. COVID Situation May Be "Concealing" Underlying Cholera Crisis In Yemen

    29 Jul 2020- 10:22 by OOSKAnews Correspondent Sana'a, Yemen Thousands of people in war-torn Yemen could be dying from undetected cases of cholera because COVID-19 has overwhelmed the country’s health facilities and people are too frightened to seek t ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 07/29/2020 - 10:22

  2. New Yemen Cholera Risk as Saudi Blockade Continues, Three Cities Stop Providing Clean Water

    17 Nov 2017- 11:09 by OOSKAnews Correspondent GENEVA, Switzerland Three cities in Yemen have stopped providing clean water in recent days, putting close to a million people at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak and other water-borne diseases. "The wa ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 11/17/2017 - 11:09