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  1. Water Supply, Sanitation Inadequacies During South Africa COVID Lockdown

    19 Apr 2020- 09:21 by Staff- Water Diplomat JOHANNESBURG, South Africa Basic water and hygiene supplies have been described as lacking in parts of South Africa during the country's COVID-19 lockdown, which is currently planned to extend to 30 April. ...

    Staff - Water D... - 05/04/2020 - 07:02

  2. South Africa To Accelerate Congo River Dam Support

    11 Feb 2020- 06:51 by Local Press Report ADDIS ABABA MoneyWeb South Africa will fast-track four continent-wide infrastructure projects in which it’s involved, including a R210.88 billion dam on the Congo River, President Cyril Ramaphosa said as the countr ...

    Local Press Report - 02/11/2020 - 08:08

  3. Tripartite GERD Talks Underway In Washington In Effort To Break Impasse

    15 Jan 2020- 09:52 by OOSKAnews Correspondent WASHINGTON DC, United States Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Irrigation from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan met 14 January in Washington DC to discuss continuing differences around timing and technical regulations ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 01/15/2020 - 09:59

  4. South Africa Water Minister Urges Urgent Attention To Avoid Sector Collapse

    17 Jul 2019- 12:25 by Local Press Report JOHANNESBURG Times Live Lindiwe Sisulu, tasked by President Cyril Ramaphosa to clean up the department of human settlements, water and sanitation, says SA's water sector requires urgent attention and more reso ...

    Local Press Report - 07/17/2019 - 12:25

  5. South Africa President Urged To Give Higher Priority To Climate Change

    27 May 2019- 08:21 by OOSKAnews Correspondent CAPE TOWN, South Africa South Africa's Centre for Environmental Rights (CER), a group of activist lawyers, has written a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa urging him to select cabinet appointees with an ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 05/27/2019 - 08:21

  6. South Africa PM Launches Initiative To Eradicate Pit Toilets In Schools

    19 Aug 2018- 06:49 by OOSKAnews Correspondent PRETORIA, South Africa South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa launched a new initiative August 14 aiming to eradicate reliance on pit toilets in the country's schools. In South Africa it is estimated that ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 08/19/2018 - 06:49

  7. South Africa Province Threatens To Deploy Army In Water-starved Municipality

    9 Jun 2018- 11:26 by Local Press Report DURBAN Times Live The army could be deployed on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast where municipal workers have allegedly sabotaged the water system. Premier Willies Mchunu said his office had requested that Cyril Ramaph ...

    Local Press Report - 06/09/2018 - 11:26

  8. Poor Access to Sanitation Violates Basic Human Rights: Ramaphosa

    20 May 2015- 08:03 by OOSKAnews Correspondent DURBAN, South Africa When people are denied access to sanitation, they are also denied other basic human rights, since lack of sanitation obstructs the right to life and health and hampers the right to educati ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 05/20/2015 - 08:03